Brick Snake 2000 Slot Review 2024

Picture this, it’s the year 2000, you just got your Nokia 3310, and your Snake high score is unbeatable. Nostalgia is a powerful charm. It weaves together the threads of past joys and present longing to evoke emotion that connects us to a time when things were simpler, and in some cases, better.

Worry not, Brick Snake 2000 from Nolimit City is here and it’s just like you remember it…except it’s nothing like you remember and it’s slightly horrifying. Here to forever sully the memory of your favourite childhood game comes the provider who not only knows no limits but constantly pushes the benchmark on what is and isn’t doable, acceptable or conceivable in the world of slots.

Brick Snake 2000 - Base Game

Brick Snake 2000 – Base Game

Brick Snake 2000 Gameplay & Design

Nolimit City is taking us back to a time when mobile phones were indestructible, everything was pixelated, and the Nokia 3310 was all the rage. Mobile devices were in their infancy back in those days, when all you had to worry about was making sure your mobile was topped with credit and you were rocking the latest Playboy or Disney phone case.

Back then, the internet wasn’t as big as it is today, so after-school activities involved hanging out with mates and beating your high score on Snake, a game that every Nokia owner had access to. Nokia phones are still going strong, only not as durable, but Snake is yet to make its epic comeback.

Brick Snake is a 5-reel Video Slot, playable from £.€0.20 per spin, up to a maximum bet size of £.€280 per spin. Simply toggle through the multiple betting options until you find one that works for you and your budget.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 280
Maximum Win 8,110x - 16,220x
Paylines 3,125 Ways
Release Date 19/03/2024
RTP 96.03%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.20

Brick Snake 2000 – Slot Symbols and Their Values

Brick Snake 2000 has 4 High and Low-paying symbols available throughout gameplay, with the highest-paying symbol producing wins of up to 2x your bet for a full 5-line win.

Low-paying symbols fall to the Tamagotchi, CD, Drill, and SIM Card. While the SIM card pays between 0.1x and 0.25x your bet, the Tamagotchi can deliver wins of 0.25x, 0.3x, and 0.4x your bet for a 3, 4, and 5-line winning combination.

Brick Snake 2000 – Paylines and How to Get Them

Winning combinations are created when 3-5 matching symbols land from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel and across 3, 125 active win ways. 

Win ways are formed even if winning symbols are not directly adjacent to each other, however, the win needs to be on 3 or more adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

Brick Snake 2000 RTP, Volatility, & Max Win – Hot or Not?

Brick Snake 2000 has a theoretical RTP of 96.03% and an ‘extremely high’ Volatility level (10/10). This game also offers lower RTP levels of 94.03% and 92.06%. Be sure to check which RTP level is available at your chosen Casino before you make such commitments.

The extremely high Volatility level is a regular occurrence in Nolimit City titles and one we’ve become accustomed to. Slots such as this one are better suited to players in the market for substantial wins, although the risk of hitting smaller wins is far greater over a shorter period of time.

In a surprising turn of events, Nolimit City had dialled down the max win cap here. On a good day, Brick Snake 2000 can deliver a max win of up to 8,110x your bet, however, this figure can be doubled to 16,220x your bet via the Double or Nothing option.

Brick Snake 2000 Special Features

In this section of the review, we will be looking into all the nifty features Brick Snake 2000 has to offer. These include Nolimit City’s signature xWays mechanic, as well as the Moving Wild Snek feature, xBet, and Bonus Buy options.


During a game round, xWays can land on any reel to reveal the same type of paying symbol in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, or 8110. If more than one xWays symbol hits, all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol type.

Moving Wild Snek

Special Wild Snek symbols can land anywhere on the reels during the base game. When in view, it will move 1-5 Steps in any direction except backwards. As it moves across positions, it transforms them into Wilds. When a Wild Snek symbol moves onto a revealed xWays symbol, it reveals a Wild of the xWays size.


Before or after any game round, the xBet feature can be activated for an additional 5% of your current bet. Once active, a Scatter symbol is guaranteed to land on the second reel. Lastly, the bottom row is disabled in the base game which the Wild Snek is unable to enter.

Bonus Buy

  • 3 Scatter Snek Spins – 50x your bet.
  • 4 Scatter Snek Spins – 100x your bet.
  • Super Snek Spins – 360x your bet.
  • God Mode – 1,689x your bet. Try your luck by chasing the Max Win by landing a Max symbol on reel 1, and a Win symbol on reel 5 across the same row. One spin…max win or no win!
  • God Mode Deluxe – 8,360x your bet. Players can purchase the max win cap of 8,110x your bet in order to reach the Double or Nothing feature.
  • Lucky Draw – 96x your bet.

Brick Snake 2000 Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

Brick Snake 2000 has 2 Snek Spins rounds and 1 Super Snek Spins round available, triggered when 3, 4, or 5 Scatters land during the base game respectively. The 3rd and 4th Scatter (if applicable) will convert to Snek symbols.

The Snek Spins round is played on a special grid, minus all normal-paying symbols, with only Bonus Mode features in play.

  • Snek – The Snek can move in all directions, except backwards. Multiple sneks move one at a time, starting with the oldest snek. If a snek moves outside the reel set, it will return on the corresponding side. Sneks keep moving until they eat themselves or a Slayer symbol. Upon eating itself, the snek will begin one position before its killing point. If all sneks die, the round ends.
  • Coins – Coins appear with values between 1-5, 10, and 100. If a snek eats a coin, its value will be added to the win.
  • Multipliers – Appear with a random value between 1-5 and 10. If a snek consumes a Multiplier, the coin multiplier is increased and applied to default coin values.
  • Egg – If a snek eats an Egg, a new snek head will emerge, moving from the tail position of the snek that ate the egg. At most, 3 sneks can be on the grid at any time.
  • Slayer – Slayer symbols are sticky throughout the feature, with up to 4 present on the grid at a time. If a snek eats a Slayer symbol, it will die and not appear on the next spin.
  • Upgrade – If a snek eats an Upgrade symbol, the round will upgrade to Super Snek Spins.
  • MaxWin – If a snek eats a MaxWin symbol, the max win cap of 8,110x your bet is awarded. If uneaten, this symbol will remain in view for 4 snek moves.
Brick Snake 2000 - Snek Spins

Brick Snake 2000 – Snek Spins

Super Snek Spins

Landing 5 Scatters during the base game enters you into Super Snek Spins, where the 3rd and 4th Scatters transform into sneks. Unlike Snek Spins, this round has a Collector 2000 symbol in play. The Collector 2000 symbol adds the sum of all visible coins to its current value at the start of each spin.

If a snek symbol eats the Collector 2000 symbol, the total value of the symbol is added to the coin value counter. After the counter has been updated, the win multiplier at the time of consumption is multiplied to the value of the Collector 2000 symbol.

If a snek does not eat the Collector 2000 symbol within 4 movements, the Collector 2000 symbol will disappear for that spin, only to return again in the next spin.

Double or Nothing

When the max win cap of 8,110x is reached, you will have the option to ‘double or nothing’ the full amount by clicking Yes or No. A successful gamble will double the max win to 16,220x, however, there is a possibility of losing the gamble and walking away with nothing at all.

The Double or Nothing feature proves once again there are no boundaries to Nolimit City’s boldness, tasking players with the brutal decision to risk it all for double its worth. If you’re one of the lucky individuals to reach the max win cap, we advise you to take the time to consider your options and gamble responsibly.

Brick Snake 2000 - Double or Nothing Feature

Brick Snake 2000 – Double or Nothing Feature

Pros and Cons of Brick Snake 2000


  • Innovative Mechanics
  • Big Potential
  • Different bonus rounds.


  • Brutal Gamble Option
  • Bonus Buy now selectable as a bet and may accidentally be triggered by accident


Brick Snake 2000 is an imaginative and yet again funny, weird, wonderful and disturbing slot from the studio that always raises heads. We’d say it’s nostalgic, but we don’t remember having a version of Snake where the snake was a fleshy, hairy monster –  but we were Nokia users. Maybe the folks over at Motorola had a different version, or maybe Nolimit City are just nuts. It’s probably the latter, and Brick Snake 2000 can be as nuts as they come.

Here you’ll find staple features such as xWays, as well as other features that diversify the game into something that is much more than meets the eye. The moving Snek Symbol is particularly interesting, and the bonus round quite aptly models itself on the version of the game that many of us grew up with, but in an intensely more exciting way.

Brick Snake 2000 does have its flaws, but some of them can seem rather subjective. The ‘weirdness’ of it won’t appeal to the masses and the maximum win of 8,360x feels a little low for a Nolimit City slot.

The max win figure brings us conveniently onto our next point, the brutal gamble. Bonus Buys are a privilege of choice that has long since disappeared from the lives of UK players, but are Nolimit City taking it a little too far? The line between player choice and player protection is a fine one, and Brick Snake 2000 and other recent slots like it may well prompt discussions about autonomy in gambling and the role of regulatory bodies. With great power comes great responsibility, as the cliche and totally non-related proverb from Spiderman goes, and Nolimit City’s influence is quite vast. Are there ethical considerations to be had? or are Nolimit City merely staunch advocates for freedom that does not exist for UK players, and potentially others in the future too? Should Nolimit City’s buy options receive so much attention when Blackjack and Roulette limits go unchallenged? It can prove to be quite a divisive topic.

Overall, Brick Snake 2000 turned out to be quite the experience, but we fear that its talking point lies not with its features, but with the potential controversies that come with it.