Cash Truck Slot Review 2024

Join the wasteland warriors in a post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce in Quickspin‘s latest instalment, Cash Truck.

Cash Truck puts us in a dystopian world where a group of bandits has caught wind of a ‘piggybank on wheels’. Their ultimate mission? Take every penny and become set for life, of course.

The Wasteland Warriors have armed themselves adequately with your usual rebellious armaments which include Molotov Cocktails and Dynamite; and they’ve even created a few DIY weapons in true dystopian style.

Post-Apocalyptic worlds are nothing new, but they continue to captivate large audiences in all sorts of entertainment, slots included. Only recently we’ve seen the likes of The Last Sundown by Play’n GO which tried its hand at creating a survival story, and now Quickspin join the fray with their own rendition

Money Train 2 Fans should pay close attention here too. Similarities are striking, but Quickspin aren’t ones to copy, so we’d bet every dollar in that truck that there’s a unique twist in here.

We’re far from above launching breakable bottles filled with flammable substances at innocent couriers, so let’s join the Wasteland Warriors and check out Cash Truck!

Cash Truck Slot Base

Cash Truck Theme

Cash Truck puts you in the drivers seat of the Wasteland Warrior vehicle and you’re right on the trucks tail! In Cash Truck you’re driving through the desert at speed as you follow the Truck that could set you up for life with music that is reflective of such a defining moment.

It’s tense, but you’re ready for it. The ‘Oversize Load’ numberplate should be enough to spur you on as a solid indicator of a truck full of cash.

The graphics for Cash Truck is brilliant, and the post-apocalyptic theme is very interesting. It almost feels a little bit like the Borderlands video game or Mad Max the movie with its punk feel and rogue attitude, which we love.

Cash Truck obviously gets some inspiration from the famous Money Train, so we can’t praise Quickspin for creating something completely innovative here. What’s next do you think? Wonga Honda? Coin Plane? Who knows, but we do know that we love the look of Cash Truck.

Cash Truck Betting and Symbols

There’s a lot of betting options in Cash Truck which cater to a wide array of players. The lowest betting option here is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin. There are lots of options in between the two, so there’s definitely something for everyone here.

The highest paying symbol in Cash Truck is the wasteland warrior with the orange background, followed by the bandits with the purple, green and blue background.

Low paying symbols are the Jerry Can, Stop Sign Saw, Nail Bat and your usual suit symbols, Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club. There’s also a Wild which substitutes for all symbols except for the scatter, and special symbols which perform exciting functions within the bonus rounds, more on them below.

Game Provider Quickspin
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 25,000x
Paylines 1024+ Ways to Win
Release Date 11/01/2022
RTP 96.00% - 94.00% - 90.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Cash Truck: The Base Game and Features

Cash Truck is a 5 reel slot with 1024 ways to win by default.

To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of the same symbol on consecutive reels from left to right, starting from the left-most reel. You’ll notice when you play Cash Truck that the top 3 reels are covered and inactive, but you can unlock these by forming winning combinations within the active reels, this is called the Expanding Play Area Feature.

Cash Truck Slot Base Game

Expanding Play Area

Every winning combination unlocks 3 random positions, which increases the ways to win as a result.

This can be an exciting features as more and more winning combinations materialise. Obviously more ways to win means a better chance at hitting, so as this feature progresses it can be sort of like a domino effect of hit after hit.

Tumbling Reels

Cash Truck also features a Tumbling Reels mechanic. This causes winning symbols to disappear, leaving space for symbols above to fill their spaces. Remaining spaces are filled with new symbols, which creates the potential for more than one winning combination per spin.

Tumbling Reels are obviously always a welcome addition to any slot, and Cash Truck is no exception!

Second Chance Feature

To trigger the bonus you’ll need at least 3 Scatter symbols, but not all hope is lost if you get only 2.

If you get 2 within the open area of Cash Truck then you’ll trigger the second chance feature. The Second Chance Feature clears the open play area of all symbols except for the Scatter symbols, before new symbols fall into place. The play area will also expand via the Expanding Play Area feature where 3 additional spaces will be unlocked.

Money Train didn’t have a ‘second chance’ feature, but it did do something else with 2 scatters, though it was more of a consolation prize than anything else. We think we prefer this way.

Truck Raider Bonus Game

The Truck Raider Bonus Game begins when there are 3 or more Bonus Scatters within the active area of the Base Game.

Should you land any more than 3 Scatters, then the bonus round will begin with an extra Expander Symbol for each Bonus Scatter.

The gist of Truck Raider is very recognisable in some ways, but Quickspin has done well to make it their own.

You’ll start with 3 Free Spins, and on each new spin you may land Cash Stack or Special Symbols. If a new symbol lands, then it will remain in its place for the remainder of the round.

Landing a new symbol will reset the spin counter back to 3, but if you reach 0 then the bonus will end. When the bonus concludes, the sum of all Cash Stack symbols are calculated for your total win.

Special Symbols will be paramount if you’re to successfully raid the truck. These serve the following functions

  • Expander – Unlocks 3 randomly chosen locations from the locked area
  • Booster – The Booster Symbol will add its value to all other symbols within the unlocked play area
  • Super Booster – The Super Booster symbol adds its value to all other symbols within the unlocked play area. This symbol is persistent and will continue to add its value on every spin
  • Grabber – The Grabber symbol adds the values of all other symbols within the unlocked play area to itself
  • Super Grabber – The Super Grabber adds the values of all other symbols within the unlocked play area to itself. This symbol is persistent and will continue to to collect the values of all other symbols on every spin
  • Doubler – The Doubler Symbol has its own value. This value doubles every time the spin counter resets back to 3

Cash Truck Free Spins

Cash Truck Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK can utilise a Bonus Buy feature for the reasonable price of 90x your bet, or 360x if you want a better version…

  • 90x – Starts the Truck Raider Bonus
  • 360x – Starts the Truck Raider Bonus with a guaranteed Doubler special symbol.

The theoretical RTP for the regular bonus and ‘Super Bonus’ is 96.56% and 96.83% respectively.

Cash Truck Bonus Buy

Cash Truck Slot Review: Our Verdict

Cash Truck is a shining example of how to excite players with a slot filled with potential. The idea of joining the Wasteland Warriors is a fun one, and from here on out we’ll probably feel the urge to blow the doors off of a wyevern cargo lorry when driving down the road on the off chance that it’s filled with cash, but we’ll refrain.

The question many may ask is, what about UK players? it’s well known that Money Train 2 become somewhat out of bounds due for UK players due to its big Bonus Buy focus…so much so in fact that Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels was born as a result.

In our opinion, we think Cash Truck is more realistic for UK players with its Tumbling Reels and Expanding Play Area features, but it’s not quite as potent as Money Train 2.

Money Train 2 is capable of 50,000x wins, and Cash Truck is capable of half of that with 25,000x wins. We’ve seen Money Train hit maximum wins before, so the potential here might be a blow for some hoping for bigger and better things. 25,000x is still significant though, so we’re not too worried in this regard.

One thing to look out for is the RTP variants. Quickspin has made a 96% RTP, a 94% RTP and a 90% RTP version of Cash Truck. The version you get will depend on market and Casino, so it’s probably worth a check before you play.

Overall, Cash Truck is an excellent production from Quickspin. The graphics, gameplay and the very idea of Cash Truck certainly won’t fail to impress.

Since the release of Cash Truck, Quickspin has gone on to release a Christmas sequal called Cash Truck Xmas Delivery. Be sure to read our full review here.