Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded Slot Review 2021

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded takes us back above the clouds to revisit a favourite that captivated players with its steampunk style and fierce gameplay.

The original Cazino Zeppelin Slot was released back in 2015 and it proved to be a very popular release, so it’s only justified that Yggdrasil deemed it fit for a re-release.

Is Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded just a reskin? or is it a re-imagining of a great fan favourite? We can tell you now that there are absolutely some new additions here, and the potential is significantly higher as a result. If Cazino Zeppelin was, or still is, your favourite slot, then make room in your heart for the new and improved Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded.

Cazino Zeppelin Base

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded Theme

It’s always fun to make comparisons between original games and re-releases because it’s great to see how far things have progressed graphically.

The original Cazino Zeppelin wasn’t an awful looking game by any means, but Cazino Zeppelin just looks so much better. Real time and effort have gone into making Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded the best it can be visually, and subtle but significant changes make all the difference.

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded has adopted a more golden mien when compared to the original, giving Cazino Zeppelin a much more chic and sophisticated feel. If anything, Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded feels a lot more exclusive when compared to the original, which we love.

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded retains its steampunk persona which has really proven to be a fan favourite. The retrofuturistic aesthetic of Steampunk was influenced by the fashion of Victorian Era England, as well as the Belle Epoque in France and the Civil War era of the USA. The apparel from these eras was then modernised with fantastical, magical and mechanical elements.

Many popular forms of entertainment have adopted the Steampunk aesthetic, and many continue to do so.

There’s a fair few steampunk style slots out there, but the volume is nowhere near as high as the Wild West genre which seems oversaturated.

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Cazino Zeppelin are broad, allowing for a wide variety of players to get involved with their ideal stake. The lowest option in Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest option is £/€20 per spin. With plenty in between the two, there should be an ideal setting for everyone here.

Yggdrasil Gaming has also included a Golden Bet option, which we’ve seen before in slots like Golden Fish Tank II Gigablox. This option allows you to increase your bet by 25%, which in turn doubles your chances of getting a bonus.

We’re never too sure on where we stand in regards to ‘features’ like this. On one hand, it’s an exciting prospect to double your chances at getting the bonus, but on the other, you sort of resent the extra money. It also doesn’t inspire much confidence about the slots ability to bonus without this option selected. You feel obligated in a sense and filled with ‘what ifs?’ if you suffer through a game round with no golden bet and no bonus.

Of course, it’s all psychological. Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded can of course bonus without the Golden Bet, but fear of missing out dictates your decision and more often than not, you’ll feel like you need to turn it on.

When it comes to symbols, the highest paying Symbols in the game are the Red Character Symbol, followed by the Green, Blue and White Symbols. Lower paying symbols are simply Spade, Heart, Diamond and Club.

There’s also a Wild Symbol, which substitutes for all except for the Scatter Symbol.

Game Provider Yggdrasil Gaming
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 41,572x
Paylines 20
Release Date 27/01/2022
RTP 96%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded: The Base Game and Features

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded is a 5 reel slot with 20 fixed pay lines.

To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of the same symbol from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded has been significantly improved like all good sequels or remakes should be. To see these improvements in full swing, you’ll want to land those extremely valuable Wild Symbols.

Cazino Zeppelin Base Game


Each Reel has its own Wild Symbol, and any may land with a random multiplier. The Multiplier values in the Base Game may be x2, x3 or x5, and the multiplier in the same pay line will add together for a total multiplier.

If any Wilds are on the reels when Free Spins are triggered, then they will transfer to the Free Spins session with their multiplier and remain sticky for the duration of the round.

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded Free Spins

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded Free Spins are obtained by landing at least 3 Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels, and Scatter Symbols Pay too.

  • 2 Scatters – 2x Bet
  • 3 Scatters – 2x Bet and 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatters – 2x Bet and 15 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatters – 2x Bet and 20 Free Spins

We feel like Yggdrasil could have upped the ante with better payouts for more Scatters, but we’ll reluctantly forgive considering how good the Free Spins round looks. Also we’re testing an early build of Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded, so Yggdrasil could yet decide to change the payout for Scatters.

Free Spins is played in much the same way as the Base Game, except Wilds now stick. As mentioned, any previous Wilds and their multiplier (if any) carries over from the Base Game, and New Wilds start with no multiplier.

Each Wild will increase its multiplier by 1 each time new Wild lands, and they’ll persist in their position for the duration of Free Spins. If each reel contains at least one Wild symbol, then 5 extra Free Spins are awarded.

If you’ve played the first one it’s probably no surprise to you, but Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded is very similar to Dead or Alive II.

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded Free Spins

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded: Bonus Buy

If you’re outside of the UK then you can utilise a Bonus Buy option. There are 3 choices to choose from here.

  • 100x Bet – 10 Free Spins
  • 300x Bet – 15 Free Spins
  • 700x Bet – 20 Free Spins

Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded: Our Verdict

Cazino Zeppelin is a real treat for fans of the original game, and it’s great to see that it’s not simply a reskin.

For it’s time, Cazino Zeppelin was a great game and the potential was unreal, but by today’s standards where volatility is headed in an upward trajectory, it kind of feels less appealing. That’s where Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded comes in. Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded has potential that exceeds the original many times over with maximum win capabilities of 41,572x your bet, which is much more like what the ‘volatile players of today’ are looking for.

Cazino Zeppelin is still very Dead or Alive II, and some may well find that they prefer it. However, the potential still isn’t quite as good as Dead or Alive II, and a nostalgic fondness for a game that did it best may well still see Dead or Alive II as the preferred option for many, even years after its release.

Overall, Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded is quite simply amazing. Players outside of the UK will be thrilled with the Bonus Buy options available to them, and fans of the original wherever they may be will just be happy to see the return of the illustrious Cazino Zeppelin.