CherryPop Deluxe Slot Demo Gameplay

CherryPop Deluxe Slot Review 2022

Here we are again, ladies and gentlemen, for another PopWins slot review. CherryPop Deluxe is the 12th PopWins instalment to grace our screens, and it’s safe to say that we’re excited about this one.

Why are we especially excited about this one, we hear you ask? The original CherryPop was one of the best in the series in our opinion and many that came after it failed to produce the same levels of excitement that CherryPop could.

We couldn’t think of a better PopWins game to bring back to life, and seemingly Avatar UX feels the same way, seeing as CherryPop Deluxe is the only one to draw inspiration from a previous release

The PopWins series has gained its notoriety for many reasons. The unique nature of the PopWins mechanic has turned many heads, but the brutal nature of the gamble feature has given the PopWins game another level of infamy, for better or worse.

First impressions of CherryPop Deluxe surprised us because it’s nothing like the original CherryPop. Avatar UX are very good at making each of their games visually pleasing, and CherryPop Deluxe especially so.

The smooth Jazz music and the almost comic style artistry really brings CherryPop Deluxe to life, but will gameplay?

Let’s have a look at the newest in the PopWins series to see how it compares to those before it.

CherryPop Deluxe Base

Game Provider AvatarUX
Maximum Bet 40
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines 243 - 118,098
Release Date 01/06/2022
RTP 95.96%
Mechanics PopWins
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

CherryPop Deluxe Slot – The Base Game and Features

CherryPop Deluxe is a 5 reel slot with 243 – 118,098 ways to win. To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right or right to left on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most or right-most reel.

Most are well acquainted with the PopWins mechanic and how it works now, but for those who aren’t, here’s how it works.


Each winning symbol pops and is replaced by 2 symbols, increasing the reel height.

The process repeats as long as more winning combinations. In the Base Game, the maximum height of the reel is 6 symbols tall, and in Free Spins, the reels can grow up to 9 symbols tall.

CherryPop Deluxe – Free Spins

Many of the PopWins games trigger differently. Some require a scatter system to trigger Free Spins, but many require you to grow the reel height to the maximum height in the Base Game.

In CherryPop Deluxe, you’ll need to grow each reel to 6 high to trigger Free Spins. Reels in Free Spins start at 6, 7 or 8 symbols tall, and can now increase up to 9 symbols tall.

The progress of unlocking the reels does not reset fully between spins. Instead, the reels will be reduced to the height of the shortest reel.

CherryPop Deluxe Free Spins

CherryPop Deluxe – Free Spins Multiplier

CherryPop Deluxe starts with an x2 Multiplier, and each winning pop increases the multiplier by +1.

Once the reels are fully unlocked, CherryPop Deluxe awards an immediate +4 Multiplier for reaching the maximum height, and +4 on top of that for any subsequent win.

CherryPop Deluxe – Bonus Buy

CherryPop Deluxe has a bonus buy feature for those outside of the UK.

Here, you’re presented with 3 options, Bonus Buy, Gamble or Bonus Buy max.

  • Bonus Buy – 75x your bet
  • Bonus Buy Max – 300x your bet.

CherryPop Deluxe Gamble Wheel

If you fancy your chances, you can have a go at CherryPop Deluxe’s Gamble Wheel. The Gamble Wheel can be spun twice.

  • 1st Gamble
    • Spins: 8, 9 or 10
    • Reel Configuration
      • 6-6-7-6-6
      • 7-6-7-6-7
      • 7-7-7-7-7
      • 7-8-7-8-7
  • 2nd Gamble
    • Spins: 10, 11 or 12 Spins
    • Reel Configuration
      • 6-7-6-7-6
      • 7-7-7-7-7
      • 7-8-7-8-7
      • 8-8-8-8-8

The gamble wheel can also land on a special Golden Field, which gives you the opportunity to win 12 Free Spins on the First Gamble and up to 16 Free Spins on the Second Gamble.

CherryPop Deluxe Bonus Buy

CherryPop Deluxe – Our Verdict

CherryPop Deluxe is a fitting ode to the original CheryPop, but you might be wondering what exactly about it is ‘deluxe’.

Both the maximum win and the RTP are lower than that of the original, but was CherryPop being realistic anyway? CherryPop boasted of the highest potential of all PopWins games with a staggering maximum in cap of 99,846x which dwarfs CherryPop Deluxe’s 20,000x capabilities, but has CherryPop ever reached its max? We don’t think so, and we don’t think it will either.

We think it was more of a theoretical maximum than a realistic one, but the question still remains, what’s deluxe about CherryPop Deluxe?

CherryPop Deluxe is much more visually appealing than CherryPop, and there’s certainly more option here if you’re within Bonus Buy territory where you’ll have the ability to buy in at the maximum level. Other than that, CherryPop Deluxe is pretty much the same game, which isn’t a bad thing.

The way CherryPop did it with the incremental multiplier was simple but brilliant, and the ability to reach +4 increments really opened up the game for huge hits. We’re glad to see this back, but above else, we appreciate how Avatar UX has evolved.

If you look at CherryPop and CherryPop Deluxe side by side, you’d be astonished at the difference in quality. The visuals in this one are the very definition of the word ‘appealing’, and it just goes to show how Avatar UX excel when it comes to creative flair.

Overall, CherryPop Deluxe is by no means hugely different from the original CherryPop, but that’s certainly not a bad thing, and we can’t help but love it based on design alone.