Donuts fans rejoice, as Big Time Gaming are coming in clutch for you to get your sweets fix with their newest game Chocolates Slot.
Better book yourself a dentist appointment for when you’re finished gorging the sweet stuff, but this New Slot has so much potential that you might be able to afford a new set of pearly whites altogether…

Big Time Gaming have even given us a bit of a back story here, the tale says that the Bonanza mine is still pumping Gold, the Mexican Chilli stand is booming with business, and the 321 Donuts Diner is well and truly in orbit.

Our ‘hero of the Mega-Verse’ Jose has left nothing to chance in his next venture, and has made his way to the Swiss/German border to channel his entrepreneurial spirit into the finest chocolates known to man.

Big Time Gaming says that the man, the legend José Cavadoré is at the helm and some deliciously big wins are afoot. An interesting backstory to say the least, and an enticing one too. Let’s hope the Chocolates are indeed the most delicious known to man.

Indulge in Chocolates!

Chocolates Slot has a very nice thought out and well-designed theme. In the backdrop you’ll see beautiful, picturesque Swiss countryside with the sounds of birds chirping making for a relaxing and calming experience.

In the foreground is what looks to be the place where the magic takes place, and the chocolates that outclass any other ever made is created.

The audio for the gaming is really charming, every time you spin the reels you’ll hear a pleasing melody as the mini chocolate factory spins its cogs to churn out chocolate.

Overall the theme is really nice, and those who have played Donuts before will definitely sense the familiarity with how it plays.

Chocolates Slot Paytable

Betting and Symbols

There’re plenty enough options when it comes to the betting that will cater to every kind of player. The lowest available bet is £0.10 per spin, with the highest option being £25.

The top symbols in the game comprise of 4 various different Chocolates. The purple Chocolate is the top symbol, and the Red, Blue and Green are the other high paying symbols. A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9 comprise of the low paying symbols.

Wilds are also present in the game, and these can either be regular, or Golden Ticket Wilds. These Wilds substitute for all symbols except the boxes and the scatter symbol. Boxes reveal up to 4 Chocolate symbols.

Game Provider Big Time Gaming
Maximum Bet 25
Maximum Win 65,563x
Paylines Up To 65,536
Release Date 12/10/2020
RTP 96.60%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 4
Minimum Bet 0.1

The Base Game

When you Chocolates Slot, you’ll once again feel the familiarity that was Donuts come over you. Wins will pay from left to right, starting from the left most reel, and Chocolates employs the same mechanic that Donuts did.

You’ll need at least 3 chocolate symbols from left to right, or 4 regular symbols to form a win. Chocolate Boxes and Wilds are the key to getting those big wins in Chocolates.

As mentioned, Boxes can reveal up to 4 Chocolates which will add to the number of chocolates on the reel, upping the amount the symbols can pay exponentially.

Golden Ticket Wilds can reveal a x6 Multiplier that further enhances that potential, and will multiply winning combinations by 6 for every Golden Ticket Wild that connects, meaning that wins will multiply rather than add together for a total.

Even though the Base Game holds formidable potential, but not all is sweet in the land of Chocolates. Anyone that has played Donuts will know that quite often boxes can reveal Chocolates that exist nowhere else on the reel, giving it nothing to connect to.

It still feels quite strange even after playing Donuts that you need 4 connections with the low paying symbols rather than 3 to form a win, fortunately this isn’t a problem with the higher paying symbols, and you’d much rather have it this way round.

Chocolates Slot Gameplay

Free Spins

Scatter symbols are represented by a blue spinning wheel, and at least 3 are needed to trigger the Bonus. Scatter symbols pay as well, with 3 giving you 6x your current bet, and 4 giving you 20x.

During Free Spins, all boxes are sticky. One or more of the triggering Scatters will turn into a Sticky Box. Any further box that lands will also turn sticky, and each spin these will open to reveal 1-4 chocolates of the same type that can potentially connect for some absolutely huge hits.

If a reel is filled with boxes, then 3 extra spins will be added. The maximum win stated by BTG is a whopping 65,656x which is absolutely huge no matter you stake.

Granted you’d probably need exceptional, probably nearly impossible circumstances to actually reach this amount, but even so the wins that can materialise from this game is absolutely huge.

Our Verdict

Your experience with Chocolates Slot will depend entirely on what it does for you. The game is in some aspects, exactly like Donuts, with a couple of added extras.

The game is highly volatile, just like Donuts is, so go in with the mentality that while it can give you everything, it can also, and more likely so, give you nothing.

It’s hard to say which bonus is better, the sticky Chocolate boxes can be amazing if you land them, but in Donuts you go into the game with a potentially massive multiplier.

Sure, the bonus here has a lot more potential, with a 65,656x win compared to Donuts 20,000x, but there’s just something more exciting about the pre-game before the Donuts bonus starts where you find out your multiplier.

The Base Game definitely has some potential in Chocolates Slot. The x6 Wild as well as the chocolate boxes does mean that you can definitely get some really big wins, so it definitely isn’t boring.

Chocolates Slot is available to play across most Online Casinos now!