Cluster Slide Slot Overview

Welcome to the Planet Jellyton and Cluster Slide Slot, a game sure to be out of this world with the return of Elk Studios new X-Iter mechanic, seen previously in Bompers Slot!

Monsters on Planet Jellyton are vastly different, with monsters of all shapes and sizes.

The monsters in Cluster Slide are said to be social creatures, but some have a cannibalistic nature…

Regardless of their kind, or otherwise aggressive attitude, we can’t wait to tangle with the creatures of Planet Jellyton in new upcoming Cluster Slide Slot!

Elk Studios have been behind some electrifying game in the past – most recently with Bompers. Miss Wildfire was a little bit hit and miss, becoming a game that failed to gain a lot of traction, but games like Nitropolis and their ever popular Gold series of games continue to impress.

Cluster Slide looks like something very different to previous releases, which highlights the kind of innovation that Elk Studios are capable of when they put their mind to it.

In This Cluster Slide Slot Review, we’ll be blasting off full speed to the Planet Jellyton to see what it’s all about, highlighting statistics, gameplay and features along the way!

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 06/04/2021
RTP 96%
Mechanics Sliding Reel
Volatility Low
Reels 7
Minimum Bet 0.2

Cluster Slide Slot: The Base Game and Features

Cluster Slide is a 7×8 slot with sliding symbols.

Symbols will slide from right to left, and if you get a cluster of 5 or more, then you’ll form a win.

You might feel a little disorientated when you first look at Cluster Slide, as you’ll see that the reels are slightly slanted.

This is to allow for the symbols to slide across the reels.

When symbols are part of a win, then they will disappear from view. Any spaces below the remaining symbols will cause them to fall down, and any spaces to the left of the symbols will cause them to slide across. Any remaining spaces will be filled by symbols that fall in from the top of the screen via a cascade.

Because of this, there is the possibility for multiple winning combinations on a single spin.

This is an important part of any Cluster Pays game, and subsequent winning combos will contribute towards the feature wilds of the game, and filling up the generator that spawns them.

Cluster Slide Slot Base Game

Cluster Slide Slot: Feature Wilds

Winning symbols will contribute towards filling up a generator.

Once this is full, a Feature Wild will be awarded.

There are 5 in total, with features like Multipliers, Removers, that may remove low paying symbols, Random Symbols and Big Wilds!

One feature is released every single time a Feature Wild is part of a winning cluster!

If you generate all of the 5 features in the same round, then a 5x multiplier will be added to the total multiplier!

  • Big Wild – The Big Wild will expand a random symbol into a 2×2 sized symbol
  • Random Wild – The Random Wild replaces 2-4 symbols with Wilds
  • Multiplier Wild – The Multiplier Wild increases the multiplier by 1.
  • Upgrading Wild – Upgrades all occurrences of a random symbol into a higher paying symbol.
  • Removing Wild – Removes all occurrences of a random symbol type from the grid entirely

When the generator fills up, the Feature wild is first collected within the Generator, ready to trigger when no more winning combinations are possible. This means that you can rack up a few if you’re lucky enough with the combinations.

If not, then one of the features themselves may help you get to the next one.

Cluster Pay games all seem to have these sort of features in common. We’ve seen it in Reactoonz, with the Incision, Wild, Demolition and Alteration feature, and we’ve seen it in games like Gems Bonanza with the Nuclear, Lucky Wilds, Squares, Colossal symbol and Wild Gem Feature.

Cluster Pay games just don’t work that well without these sort of features.

There’s a little barrier in your way in Cluster Slide in the sense that the Generator has to fill up, and then the Feature Wild has to be a part of a winning combination. Other games just require you to fill the meter to release the feature.

Nevertheless, some of the Wild Features at play here do sound exciting, and they’ll get even more compelling as you increase your multiplier.

Cluster Slide Free Spins

The Cluster Slide Free Spins is triggered when 3 bonus symbols drop anywhere into view.

This will trigger the Wild Drops.

The Wild Drops will start when no new winning clusters are present, and all of the feature wilds have been played.

  • Wild Drop 1 – The bonus symbols on the grid will turn into wilds, and three additional Wild symbols will be placed in random places on the grid.
  • Wild Drop 2 – Two 2×2 Wild Symbols are randomly placed on the grid.
  • Wild Drop 3 – One 3×3 Wild is randomly placed on the Grid

3 drops don’t sound like a lot, but between rounds you’ll also be collecting Feature Wilds if you net yourself enough wins to fill up the generator, and the generator progress is persistent in Free Spins, meaning that it does not reset between spins.

This will give you a much higher chance at triggering all of the features needed to hit the 5x multiplier that is available for generating all 5 of the feature Wilds

Cluster Slide Slot Free Spins

Cluster Slide Slot: X-Iter

The X-iter feature previously seen only in Bompers is back with a bang in Cluster Slide!

The X-iter feature allows people to dive straight in with 5 different game modes, which vary in cost and potential.

These can range from 15x your bet with 3 drops and a 5x multiplier, a regular bonus at 100x your stake or a big 300x Super Bonus!

Sadly, this won’t be a feature that you’ll see in the UK, as it’s effectively a bonus buy feature.

Cluster Slide Slot

Where to Play Cluster Slide?

Cluster Slide Slot is not yet available. The release date is 06.04.2021.

When it releases, Cluster Slide Slot will be available at most New Casinos!

Cluster Slide Slot Review: Our Verdict

Cluster Slide Slot is another weird and wacky instalment from Elk Studios that proves that their tenacious ambition to create something a little different is alive and well.

You’d be forgiven entirely if you play Cluster Slide and wonder what the hell is going on, but that’s only because there is so many features, which makes the game interesting and diverse. That being said, you can’t help but think that maybe Elk Studios drew a little bit of inspiration from the hit that was Reactoonz, but they do well enough in making it different that the similarities aren’t all you can see.

Elk Studios have been on a roll for a while now, and they’re always bringing out a little something that lives up to true Elk Studio Standards. The Gold series, IO, Cygnus and Bompers were one thing, but Nitropolis really broke the mould for being one of their games that makes your mind boggle on how they even dreamed up the math model.

Cluster Slide may not be as in depth as Nitropolis, but it’s solid nonetheless. The graphics are superb, and it really grips your attention leaving an overwhelmingly positive first impression, as well as making you want to give it a try.

As we look past the enticing theme and draw our attention to the statistics, things look just as good, with an RTP of 96%, and a maximum win of 10,000x

The high volatility that goes with the game will please those who get their kicks from games that can give you all or nothing, and Cluster Slide really does feel like one of them games.

Dare we say that Elk Studios have succeeded where Play’n Go did not? Reactoonz 2 received a less than enthusiastic reception from those looking for a gripping sequel to a legendary game. Was that Elk Studio’s intention? Who knows, the similarities between the two games in some senses are striking.

Similarities or not, you should think of Cluster Slide as a game in its own right, and deservedly so. Just as Planet Jellyton is lightyears away from earth, Cluster Slide is light years better than a lot of other Cluster Pays games out at the moment.