Cosmic Voyager Slot Overview

Thunderkick have taken us on many an adventure, whether it be a trip into a world of magic with Crystal Quest Arcane Tower, or into the lair of legendary beasts in the Beat the Beast series of games.

Their imagination seems to know no bounds, and this time we’re leaving the earthly world of magic and myth behind, as we head star bound for an ethereal adventure in the cosmos with their newest otherworldly game, Cosmic Voyager Slot.

Cosmic Voyager Slot will have you in awe as you open your mind to a world beyond your own as you voyage beyond the stars. But what awaits in the uncharted infinity?

Voyage to the Void

Cosmic Voyager Slot definitely doesn’t disappoint in terms of visuals. The Universe bursts with colour and life as you gaze upon the nebula of infinite space.

Above the reels you’ll also notice a mysterious cloaked figure wearing a golden mask. This man looks like he has reached full spiritual enlightenment.

He looks like he’s just found out the meaning of life, or the answer to some of life’s great mysteries, like if the chicken or the egg came first, or why headphones mysteriously tangle themselves up in your pocket.

Whoever he is, he’s definitely a surreal and omnipotent being, and he only further adds to the mystery of the game. 

Cosmic Voyager Slot Gameplay

Betting and Symbols for Cosmic Voyager Slot

Betting options cover a broad amount of different options. The lowest stake you can play with on Cosmic Voyager Slot is £/€0.10, and the highest option is £/€100.

There’s a lot in between, which means that everyone may find their ideal stake. 

The top symbol in the game is our mysterious masked friend, followed by the Blue Pyramid, Green Cube and Orange icosahedron.

Low paying symbols are represented by planets, and in order of highest to lowest paying, these are the Orange, Pink, Green, Blue and Purple.

There’s also an unmissable symbol which is simply known as the Cosmic Voyager symbol. This works as a Scatter and a Wild, and it also employs a Scatter Pays mechanic. 

Game Provider Thunderkick
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 5,000x
Paylines 10
Release Date 11/01/2021
RTP 96.14%
Mechanics Fixed Pay Lines
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

The Base Game and Features 

Cosmic Voyager Slot takes a more classic approach with its pay ways, opting for pay lines, of which there are 10.

To form a win, you’ll need 3 or more matching symbols across any of these set pay lines. A lot of people still have a lot of love for what could be considered a ‘retro’ style of play, and it definitely has its pros compared to a ways to win mechanic.

With ways to win, the pay outs are a little bit dumbed down to account for the fact that you can match them anywhere, but with pay line games you generally find that connecting these symbols can pay exponentially more.

Cosmic Voyager Slot definitely has some tools under its belt, and one of them is its Expanding Symbols Feature.

Expanding Symbols

If you get 3 stacked symbols on the first reel, then you’ll trigger the Expanding Symbols Feature.

Any symbol identical to the stacked symbols on reel 1 that is included in a winning combination on a subsequent reel will also grow into an expanding symbol, covering the entire reel. There’s some great potential here to potentially hit a full screen of one symbol.

Free Spins

You’ll need 3 or more Cosmic Voyager Slot symbols to land anywhere in view to trigger the Bonus, and 10 Free Spins are awarded. There’s also potential to re-trigger within the bonus, and to do this you’ll once again need 3 to gain an additional 10 spins. 

In this mode, one or more stacked mid or high symbols on reel one will grow to become 3 stacked symbols, which will trigger the Expanding Reels Feature which will be the key to hitting big here. 

Cosmic Voyager Slot Bonus

Our Verdict

Cosmic Voyager Slot is a simple game with simple features, yet it has charm that will give you a calming and chilled out vibe as you spin away in the celestial infinity. 

There isn’t loads in the way of features, so you could understand why some may get a little bit bored, but those who stick around may find themselves rewarded with the comprehension of the universe that our friend with the golden mask has…

The Expanding Reels feature can be incredibly rewarding if you manage to hit a full screen of them with one of the good symbols, and in the bonus round it’ll be a lot easier to trigger, potentially creating a maelstrom of other-worldly hits.

Wins of up to 5000x is available in Cosmic Voyager, which may not sit up there with some other games, but you can bet your bottom dollar that this won’t be as volatile.

Overall, Cosmic Voyager is a charming expedition into the unknown depths of space, and you may find some big wins along the way, but if you’re a big fan of Thunderkick slots in particular then you may find their Beat the Beast games a little more to your taste. 

Cosmic Voyager Slot will be available to play on selected desktop and Mobile Casinos on the 11th of January 2021.