Court of Hearts Slot Overview

Lose your head and retrace your steps in your return to Wonderland in Play’n Go‘s Court of Hearts Slot

Part of the Rabbit Hole Riches Trilogy, Court of Hearts will see the return of the weird and wacky world of Wonderland.

The plot of Court of Hearts Slot will have you attending court, where you’ll meet Jack of Hearts, who is on trial, charged with something he didn’t do.

Witnesses have come forward, and the White Rabbit has taken the case. Exonerate Jack of Hearts, and he’ll share a portion of his riches with you. But if you lose…then both of you will lose your heads.

Court of Hearts Slot Theme

Court of Heart introduces you to the wackiest Jury you’ve ever seen.

Set within the forest, you’ll see the stands that seat the jury that will deem you innocent…or guilty.

The world of Wonderland is supposed to be wacky, so it’s no surprise to see that Play’n GO have gone for an outlandish theme that perfectly conveys the strange fictional universe.

The music is pretty serious in Court of Hearts Slot. Maybe the crime that the Jack of Hearts supposedly committed is no small matter?

Overall, the art style for Court of Hearts lives up to the great standards that we’ve become so used to from their games.

Court of Hearts Slot: Betting and Symbols

The betting options in Court of Hearts Slot is extensive enough to allow every type of player their ideal option.

The lowest option here is £/€0.10 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100.

Play’n GO regularly cater to all players, so of all the surprises to see in the World of Wonderland, the betting options is not one of them.

The rather unsightly and mean looking Queen of Hearts is the highest paying symbol in the game, and she’s followed by the Jack of Hearts, Mad Hatter and The March Hare.

Low Paying Symbols are Spade, Heart, Diamond and Club.

There’s also a Cheshire Cat Wild, which appears stacked.

Game Provider Play N Go
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 8,500x
Paylines 10 Fixed
Release Date 29/04/2021
RTP 96.27%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

Court of Hearts Slot: The Base Game and Features

Court of Hearts is a slot with 10 fixed pay lines.

In order to form a win, you’ll need 3 or more matching symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

Winning Symbols will disappear, leaving room for new symbols to fall in via a cascade, which makes subsequent wins possible.

Rabbit Hole Bonus

Court of Hearts has a compelling Base Game Feature in the form of the Rabbit Hole Bonus.

This Symbol may land on any spin within both the Base Game and the Free Spins, awarding 1 of 3 Wild Features

  • Cheshire Cat Wild – The Cheshire Cat is a full Wild Reel. It will move positions on every winning cascade, stopping only when no more winning combinations are possible
  • Caterpillar Wild – The Caterpillar will place between 3 and 7 randomly placed Wilds on the Reels
  • Dormouse Wild. The Dormouse will award a growing Mega Wild. This Mega Wild may grow up to 4×3 in size

The Rabbit Hole Bonus certainly keeps the Base Game interesting, and it also makes it rich in potential with some great hits available when the Wild features work in your favour.

Court of Hearts Slot Gameplay

Rabbit Reward

The White Rabbit is here to help you prove your innocence, and his way of doing so will be with extra help in landing the Free Spins.

The White Rabbit may appear before any spin, adding 2 Scatters to the reels. With this feature you only need 1 more to land the Free Spins

Free Spins

As mentioned, 3 Scatters Trigger the bonus in Court of Hearts Slot.

Any subsequent Scatters will not award extra spins unfortunately, but every Scatter after the third will award 5x your bet.

9 Free Spins are awarded to start with.

With each Free Spin, the multiplier will increase by an increment of +1. In the Free Spins, the Queen top symbol also becomes Wild, and the Rabbit Hole Bonus Symbol may land triggering one of the Rabbit Hole Features with your multiplier in mind.

Each additional Scatter landed within the bonus will award +1 Free Spins.

The potential here comes from lots of extra Spins, which means higher multipliers, and Rabbit Hole Bonus Features.

This culmination of features and multipliers means that Court of Hearts Slot is capable of wins of up to 8500x!

Court of Hearts Slot Free Spins

Court of Hearts Slot: Our Verdict

Court of Hearts takes a world already renowned for being crazy and makes it much more strange in an alluring theme and gameplay features to match.

Simple in nature, Court of Hearts will appeal to those with an appreciate for simplicity and those who like the game to be a bit more dynamic, with different Wild Features to make things interesting.

The potential of Court of Hearts is great, with wins of up to 8,500x possible, and the RTP Statistic looks solid too at 96.27%

There’s nothing particularly ground breaking about Court of Hearts. It definitely won’t be one of Play’n GO’s more infamous games. The features here are definitely something that you’ve seen elsewhere – even their own Bull in a China Shop Slot featured different Wild features.

Despite this, if there’s one thing you can count on when playing a Play’n GO game, it’s fun factor and build quality.

Court of Hearts is deceivingly fun despite the fact that there aren’t tonnes of features. Even their Free Spins is very similar to the Base Game with the exception of a multiplier.

Sometimes that’s all that’s needed though, and Court of Hearts certainly has enough to carry itself as an interesting game to say the least.

All evidence considered, we find Court of Hearts Guilty…of being a good slot.