Crazy Mix Slot Overview

Welcome to Australia in an upcoming Yggdrasil / True Lab instalment, Crazy Mix Slot!

In Crazy Mix Slot you’ll be basking in Australian Paradise with the Happy Surfer Chuck and his girlfriend Aneka as you gather up fruits in a quest to make the perfect cocktails. With Summer on it’s way, Crazy Mix is the perfect Slot to get you in the mood for that summer sunshine.

Part of of the YGS Masters Program, Crazy Mix Slot comes to us from True Lab gaming, who offer a portfolio of HTML5 games with engaging and entertaining gameplay.

Crazy Mix Slot is sure to quench your thirst with some delectable cocktails to cool you down in the intense Australian heat, but can it quench your thirst for big wins? The statistics certainly suggest so, with wins possible of up to 25000x!

In this Crazy Mix Slot  Review, we’ll be looking at the stats, features and gameplay to see if Crazy Mix is as Crazy as it says it is.

Crazy Mix Slot Theme

The Crazy Mix Slot Theme is a colourful and sun soaked game with Chuck stood cheerfully to the left of the reels.

The Theme in Crazy Mix Slot highlights the top graphical fidelity that True Lab quite rightly boast about. The visuals and animations are crisp and modern looking, and the soundtrack for the game is great.

A quick look at other Truelab games is all that’s needed to see that this professionalism through style is a reoccurring theme. They obviously put a lot of value in game design, and their game designers must be top notch.

Something some developers neglect all too often is the design of the game. Sometimes a first impression is the line between playing on and turning the game off and finding something else.

Thankfully Crazy Mix grabs your attention a bit.

With a thumbs up on the theme and design, let’s look to the betting options and symbols in Crazy Mix Slot!

Crazy Mix Slot: Betting and Symbols

The Betting options available in Crazy Mix are pretty much perfect for every kind of player, except those who maybe play exclusively at £/€0.10 perhaps.

The lowest option in the game is £/€0.15, and the highest option is £/€45. There’s plenty of different settings in between the two as well, so you can rest assured that there is an option for all here.

The highest paying symbols in the game is Chuck and his lady Aneka, who also behave as Wild Symbols. Following on from them is the Koala, Kangaroo, Turtle and Iguana.

Low Paying symbols are A, K, Q & J.

Crazy Mix Slot: The Base Game and Features

Crazy Mix Slot have 15 fixed paylines. In order to form a winning combination, you’ll need to connect at least 3 symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

Chuck and Aneka help to make them all important connections, which aren’t bad if you manage to connect a full line.

Chuck and Aneka both pay 90x your bet for a full line, and the next highest paying regular symbol pays 24x your bet for a full line.

All of the exotic animals of Australia are here, but an Australian game wouldn’t be Australian without a boomerang or two. Thankfully, Chuck has you covered with Boomerang ReSpins.

Crazy Mix Slot Base Game

Boomerang Respins

Whenever Chuck lands on the reels, he’ll throw his boomerang to the right of the reel, collecting whichever fruit is adjacent to the reel in the process, whilst also adding +1 to the progressive multiplier.

A re-spin will ensue, at which point the new multiplier will be applied to any subsequent wins.

If Chuck lands again on the Respin, then he’ll repeat the process to collect another fruit and add a multiplier.

Free Spins will be awarded once a cocktail of 4+ Fruits are collected.

Crazy Mix Slot Free Spins

Crazy Mix Slot Free Spins are triggered, and any of the Fruits that contributed towards the trigger of the bonus collected.

Each Fruit will represent a different feature.

  • Red Quandong – 1 Random Wild
  • Blue Quandong – Third of the Bet multiplied by the current multiplier
  • Finger Lime – +1 to the current multiplier
  • Jackfruit – +1 Free Spin

Every Fruit is triggered at the start of each Free Spin, except for the Jackfruit which will add spins to your starting Free Spins, which is 5 by default.

Your set up going into Crazy Mix will be everything. Ideally you’ll want to have collected a few of each of the Fruits for an optimal set up.

It was surprising how good Crazy Mix can actually be with a lot of Fruits. Your multiplier from the Re-spins are carried over into the Free Spins as well, so you’ll get a head start going into the round.

During Testing the game paid out 500x for a bonus with 2 Random Wilds, 2/3 of the bet, 1 +1 multiplier and 1 Jackfruit!

Crazy Mix Slot Free Spins

Where to Play Crazy Mix Slot

Crazy Mix is yet to be released, with a release date of 10.06.2021.

When it does release, you’ll be able to play Crazy Mix on most New Casinos!

Crazy Mix Slot: Our Verdict

Crazy Mix Slot is a surprisingly good game.

Among all of the games out today with tried and true mechanics, its easy to go into a game that you don’t recognise thinking that it might just be a gimmick slot with no real potential and no replay value, but Crazy Mix is actually the opposite.

The Free Spins can be insanely good, so good in fact that wins of up to a massive 25,000x are possible! Even the Respins have some potential with a progressive multiplier that increases with every respin.

The theme is great, the design is great, and the statistics are good with an RTP of 96.35% which puts it well within the range considered decent by a majority of players.

If you’re someone that usually sticks to a certain style of game, rarely venturing out of your comfort zone, then you may just be surprised if you decide to give Crazy Mix Slot a go.

Of course, not every bonus can be a success. Often you may find that you get a lack of variety of fruits, or just enough to trigger the bonus which may not help much in the Free Spins, but with Crazy Mix’s high volatility rating this is to be expected.

Overall, Crazy Mix looks like a dependable game with a lot of value. Hopefully we see more of this kind of different gameplay from Truelab going forward.