Cubes 2 Slot Overview

Hacksaw Gaming are back with a sequel to their popular game Cubes, with Cubes 2 Slot! Cubes was a great game and a very popular instalment for Hacksaw gaming, so it rightly deserves a sequel.

Sequels should be bigger and better than their predecessor, but this isn’t always the case, does Cubes 2 Slot offer more compelling gameplay and features than Cubes did?

One of the reasons Cubes was so popular was because of its different style of play, with a sort of Tetris style and mesmerising animations and gameplay.

When you first look at Cubes 2, it doesn’t really look that different from the original game. But Cubes 2 is different in a number of ways, especially the win potential, which is much higher than it was in the original game.

In this Cubes 2 Slot Review, we’ll be delving into the fascinating and hypnotising world of Cubes, to see what the gameplay and features have to offer, as well as looking closely at the key statistics of the game.

Cubes 2 Slot Theme

Cubes 2 has a minimalistic style, much like you saw in the original game.

In the background, you’ll simply see cube shapes in a 3d style animation, but nothing else really to speak of.

Centrally, you’ll see the Cubes grid, which is initially a 5×5 grid displaying multiple different colour symbols. That’s about it really, nothing really too stimulating in terms of visual aesthetics, and the music isn’t exactly that noteworthy either.

Cubes 2 is what Hacksaw Gaming call a ‘POCKETZ’ game, which is one in their series of pocket format mobile slots.

This could be the reason for Cubes 2 minimalist design, and its good news for Mobile users, who were at the forefront of Hacksaw Gaming’s mind when they created the game.

For what Cubes lacks in style and design, it certainly makes up for it in gameplay, and the initial impression of emptiness will vacate your mind when you get spinning and see what Cubes 2 Slot has to offer.

Cubes 2 Slot: Betting and Symbols

The betting options available to you in Cubes 2 Slot are pretty extensive, so there should be no complaints that the game doesn’t cater to every budget!

The lowest option available is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest available option is £/€100 per spin. With plenty of different options in between the two, you can be confident that Cubes 2 has a setting for you.

the symbols in Cubes 2 are all comprised of different coloured squares, with Yellow, Teal, Red, Green, Pink, and purple symbols.

There is no top symbol in the game, as all of the symbols are worth exactly the same amount.

Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,500x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 25/02/2021
RTP 96.33%
Mechanics Cluster Pays
Volatility Low
Reels 05-Nov
Minimum Bet 0.2

Cubes 2 Slot: The Base Game and Features

Cubes 2 is a Cluster Pays game, just like the last game was, but the potential is heighted massively.

In order to form a win, you’ll need to match 5 ore more connecting symbols of the same colour either horizontally or vertically. If you hit a winning combination, then the grid will grow by one in each direction, making the play area 7×7.

Symbols within the initial area will stay where they were if there is a winning combination, and the new added symbols may either add to the initial winning symbols, or create new ones with the expansion. If this winning cluster grows, or a new onw is created, then the grid will grow again up to 2 times, up to a maximum size of 11×11.

All wins will be calculated once there are no more winning combinations, paying out for any winning combinations accumulated thus far.

Cubes 2 is capable of big things in the Base Game thanks to its Corner Multiplier Feature.

Cubes 2 Slot Base Game

Corner Multipliers

In each corner of the initial 5×5 grid, there are multipliers.

If you form a winning cluster that contains one of the multipliers, then the multiplier will increase according to the number contained within the square.

The final win will be multiplied by that number.

Should a winning cluster connect with multiple multipliers, then the factors will be added together before multiplying the win.

Cubes 2 sounds exciting so far, but there’s much more excitement to be had with the implementation of not one, but two Free Spins features.

Cubes 2 Slot: Free Spins

Free Spins in Cubes 2 is activated by getting 5 or more winning clusters in different Colours.

The Cubes Logo at the top will show your progression towards the Free Spins game by lighting up when you get one of the colours.

5 Free Spins are awarded initially, but before you start the Free Spins, you’ll get a chance to get more.

Pick one of the mystery cubes available, until a colour is revealed. The colour chosen will be sticky for the duration of the Free Spins.

The maximum amount of Free Spins available is 12.

The size of the grid will not decrease between spins, meaning you’ll have a bigger chance at getting those winning combinations.

Any time your chosen colour forms a new or adds to a winning combination, then it will stick, with the overall potential to reach wins of up to 10,500x!

Extra wins can be achieved by hitting certain milestones, or cluster sizes with your chosen colour.

  • 50 – 500x
  • 70 – 2500x
  • 90 – 7000x

This mode is highly entertaining and rich in potential, so as far as we’re concerned, Cubes 2 Slot is a great game already, but Cubes 2 isn’t quite done yet, as another round exists called Multi-Colour Free Spins

Cubes 2 Slot: Multi Colour Free Spins

Multi Colour Free Spins is achieved differently to normal Free Spins.

To get this mode, you need to get all four of the corner multipliers in the same colour in an initial spin.

5-10 Spins are awarded here, which will be decided by mystery cubes picked before the commencement of the bonus.

This mode is slightly less potential rich than the normal Free Spins are, but you can still win up to 7500x which is nothing to scoff at.

Once again, the grid size does not decrease between Free Spins, and you’ll pick a colour once more to be sticky for the duration of the round.

This is essentially the same as the previous round, but without the instant rewards available for obtaining a certain number of Cluster symbols.

Maybe not quite as exciting, but having 2 different bonuses can’t really be complained about, even if one is less thrilling.

Cubes 2 Slot Free Spins

Cubes 2 Slot: Bonus Buy

Those within jurisdictions that allow it will be able to buy the bonus.

  • Free Spins – 129x
  • Multi-Colour Free Spins – 109x

Pretty strange costs, usually bonus buys are a round figure, but never mind.

Where to play Cubes 2 Slot?

Cubes 2 Slot is out now and available to play at most New Casinos!

Cubes 2 Slot: Our Verdict

Cubes 2 is an immensely playable game, and you’ll be more than glad that hacksaw gaming revived the series.

The first one as mentioned, was very similar, but Cubes 2 increases the potential massively, making it capable of wins that were previously far out of reach in the original game. Hacksaw gaming might be on to something with Cubes 2, and with the original game, Chaos Crew and Cubes 2 under their belt, the future is looking very bright for the developer.

Cubes 2 also has a decent RTP at 96.33%, which is slightly lower than the original game, but only by a negligible amount, and the volatility has been ramped up a bit in light of the new maximum win.

Overall, if you were a fan of the original game, then you will undoubtedly love the second twice as much.

The unique style of gameplay and the fond memories of Tetris that it invokes will make it worth a try just on that basis.