Cygnus 3 Slot Review 2024

Cygnus 3 from ELK Studios shows us the constellations once more in their latest slot to leave us star-struck.

Cygnus is a northern constellation famous for its distinctive cross-shaped pattern, and the name itself is derived from the Latinized Greek word for ‘Swan’. Now Cygnus isn’t exactly ELK’s flagship series, but it is memorable for its rather unique features, cascade mechanic and to some, potential.

Will Cygnus 3 dazzle? There’s only one way to find out. Join us once more as we look to the stars for an answer.

Cygnus 3 Base Game 1


Cygnus 3 Base Game and Features

Cygnus 3 is a 6 Column, 4 Row Video Slot with Dropping symbols and up to 262,144 ways to win. Winning combinations are formed when 3 or more of the same symbols fall from left to right, starting from the leftmost column.

The minimum bet available here is £.€0.20 per spin and the maximum bet available is £.€100 per spin, with sufficient betting options in between the two. Cygnus 3 has a theoretical RTP of 94.00% and a max win cap of 10,000x.

In terms of symbols, the highest-paying regular symbol here is the Wreath, followed by the Lion, Horse, and Eagle. Low-paying symbols fall to Red, Green, and Blue Gems. Wilds and Multiplier Wilds substitute for all symbols except the Cygnus Wheel, Multiplier symbols, and Multiplier Wild.

Each time a winning combination forms, all winning symbols will explode from the reels, and new symbols will drop from above via an Avalanche feature. Gravity determines which ways the remaining symbols will fall, which may lead to more winning combinations being formed.

In addition to this, winning combinations will add an additional row to the reel set, up to a maximum of 8 in total. The total number of ways to win will automatically increase, as follows.

  • 4 Rows – 4,096 Ways to win.
  • 5 Rows – 15,625 Ways to win.
  • 6 Rows – 46,656 Ways to win.
  • 7 Rows – 117,649 Ways to win.
  • 8 Rows – 262,144 Ways to win.
Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines Up to 262,144 Ways
Release Date 04/07/2023
RTP 94.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 6x4
Minimum Bet 0.20

Multiplier Wilds

During the base game, Multiplier Wilds can land across the reel set in random positions. Multiplier Wilds are both a Wild and Multiplier symbol in one.

Once the Multiplier Wild symbol has been used in a winning combination, the Wild feature will be deactivated, remaining as a regular Multiplier symbol thereafter.

The Multiplier aspect of this symbol is persistent, applying its Multiplier value to all wins that may form during this time. If more than one Multiplier symbol is present, all Multiplier values will be added together and applied to any wins that have formed.

When a Multiplier symbol reaches the bottom row, it will reactivate the Wild feature.

Cygnus Jackpot

Also during the base game, if a Cygnus Wheel symbol reaches the leftmost column, it will automatically trigger the Cygnus Wheel feature, awarding 1 Free Spin. The free spin will be awarded when the Avalanche feature has ended.

The Cygnus Wheel is equipped with a variety of Jackpot, Free Drops, and Instant Win Prizes. There are 3 Jackpot Prizes up for grabs. The chance of winning one of the following Jackpot Prizes increases the higher the Bet level is.

  • Sky – Worth £.€1,000.
  • Star – Worth £.€10,000.
  • Cygnus – Worth £.€100,000.

Cygnus 3 - Cygnus Wheel

Cygnus 3 Free Drops

Triggering the Free Drops round is only available via the Cygnus Wheel feature. Once awarded, the Free Drops round will begin with 4 Rows active.

During the Free Drops round, all present Multiplier Wild symbols will remain on the bottom row between drops, keeping the Multiplier level persistent throughout. Each Multiplier Wild that hits the bottom row will have its Wild feature reactivated.

In addition to this, if a Cygnus Wheel symbol reaches the leftmost column during this time will trigger 1 Free Spin on the Cygnus Wheel, as mentioned in the base game and features section of this review. The free spin on the Cygnus Wheel will be played at the end of the Free Drops round.

Cygnus 3 Free Drops

Cygnus 3 X-iter Feature

Those outside the UK will have access to ELK Studios’ X-iter Feature. ELK Studios has granted players access to a number of Bonus Buy options, as follows. (RTP 94.00%)

  • Bonus Hunt – 1 Drop with more than Double your chance of triggering the Cygnus Wheel feature for a total cost of 2x your bet.
  • Multiplier Wilds – 1 Drop with a guaranteed Multiplier Wild symbol with a multiplier value of at least x5 for a total cost of 10x your bet.
  • Rising Multiplier Wilds – 1 Drop where Multiplier Wild symbols increase their value after every win for a total cost of 25x your bet.
  • Cygnus Wheel – 1 Drop that awards a guaranteed spin on the Cygnus Wheel for a total cost of 100x your bet.
  • Super Cygnus Wheel – 1 Drop that awards a guaranteed spin on the Cygnus Wheel. If Free Drops are awarded, the Super Bonus round is triggered where Multiplier Wilds increase in value after every win for a total cost of 500x your bet.

Cygnus 3: Our Verdict

Cygnus 3 doesn’t change the game all that much. It’s very recognisable and in some ways indistinguishable from previous releases. The new features like the Cygnus Wheel is sure to interest players, but results can be underwhelming at times.

Perhaps the biggest change in Cygnus 3 is the Jackpots. Jackpot prizes feel very un-ELK, but it’s hard to argue with the appeal when the figures are so monstrously high. Would a higher non-jackpot win be better digested by players than a Jackpot prize? For some reason the two just feel very different, but the latter comes with the benefit of being dangled like a carrot to players at all times.

Overall, we think Cygnus 3 is sure to be popular, but will it be a smash hit for ELK? Time will tell.