D-Day Slot Review 2024

Nolimit City’s latest creation D-Day Slot takes us back to 6th June 1944 in what may be their most historical slot to date.

D-Day was the beginning of the end of Nazi dominance in Europe. Allied forces launched a daring assault, and this day is now widely recognized as the turning point in the war. The bravery and tremendous sacrifice are taught and remembered around the world, and it stands out as perhaps the most infamous military mobilization to date.

The events of D-Day have spawned numerous movies, video games, books, and TV shows. Call of Duty, Saving Private Ryan, the Longest Day, D-Day, and more stand out as significant creations in the entertainment space, yet the world of slots remains devoid of depictions of this day.

Nolimit City are infamous for their innovation, and they’re equally famous for daring to be different. They explore themes that others wouldn’t, and often with an approach that others wouldn’t.

Is D-Day slot going to be a memorable installment in the formidable Nolimit City catalogue? We think so, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

D-Day Slot Gameplay and Design

D-Day Slot is brilliantly designed. It captures the very essence of this faithful day with music and graphics that convey the dramatic nature and seriousness of the event.

Its design is reminiscent in some ways of Nolimit City’s previous slot, Das xBoot. With a similar 3-4-5-4-3 reel configuration and relatable theme, it’s easy to think that the two are related.

D-Day Slot

D-Day Slot

D-Day Slot Symbols and Their Values

D-Day Slot features a range of symbols with Howizter, Stuka, Bomber and Panzer vehicles as the higher-paying symbols. Lower-paying symbols are the Fighter Pilot, Anti-Air, Foot Soldier and Commando symbols. Payouts from the lowest to highest symbol range from 0.10x the bet to 2x the bet, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but Nolimit City features do well to bolster the payouts significantly.

D-Day Slot Paylines – How to Get Them

D-Day Slot is a 5 reel slot with up to 720 win ways. Wins are calculated by multiplying the value of the symbol in the paytable and the number of the ways of the winning symbol. A winning combination of the same symbol pays from the leftmost to right on adjacent reels.

D-Day Slot RTP and Volatility – Hot or Not?

D-Day Slot comes with different RTP values, depending on which casino or market you’re playing in.

The RTP options are as follows:

  • 96.12%
  • 94.12%
  • 92.07%

MGA markets are likely to see 96.12%, whereas players in the UK will probably see the 94.12% variant. The higher RTP variant will see increased returns on extended gameplay, but there’s still a debate on whether this figure will be a significant indicator in the short term. Check out our High RTP slots for UK players

As for volatility, Nolimit City rates D-Day slot as ‘extreme‘ with a score of 10. Nolimit City Slots are renowned for their extreme volatility. This kind of gameplay is best suited to players who are seeking substantial wins, but who understand the risk of smaller wins in the short term. D-Day will be best suited to players with a bankroll that allows extended gameplay.

When Mark tested out D-Day for Fruity Slots, he concluded that D-Day would be best suited towards more ‘hardcore’ players. Casual slot players seeking more light-hearted gameplay or more frequent wins would be better matched with a lower volatility option. D-Day does have the potential to pay big at any given moment, but the likelihood of it paying big with short-term gameplay is lower than that of other slots. The likelihood of a 100x win on D-Day is 1 in 798 spins.

D-Day Slot Max Win

D-Day Slot has a significant Max Win that is far greater than many other slots out there. at 55,555x the Bet, D-Day makes itself known as an attractive option for players who prefer slots with tremendous potential. Those playing on the 96.12% version of D-Day Slot game would theoretically see a maximum win after 96 million spins.

D-Day Slot Special Features

Nolimit City has packed D-Day full of different features. Each of them diversifies the gameplay, bringing new experiences and big potential.

Bomber Feature

2-5 Bombers can randomly appear on different reels, with one Bomber per Reel.

All paying symbols on these reels are transformed into wilds from the top to bottom. If the Anti-Air symbol is present on the chosen reel, Wild transformation stops just above that Anti-Air Symbol. If a Wild symbol is present on the chosen reel, then the multiplier increases by +1 for that Wild Symbol.

Stuka Feature

The Stuka will appear diagonally either from left to right or right to left. It splits all paying symbols to double their size. A maximum of 7 Stukas may appear in one spin.

Stuka Feature

Stuka Feature

Panzer Feature

2-5 Panzers can randomly appear in different rows. One Panzer per row.

Every low-paying symbol on the chosen rows is transformed into Wild Symbols, but the Foot Soldier symbol is not.

If a Wild is present on the chosen row, then the multiplier increases by +1 for that Wild Symbol.

Panzer Feature

Panzer Feature

Howitzer Feature

The Howitzer feature randomly chooses 1-7 paying symbols and turns them into wild symbols. This does not affect Commando or Wild Symbols.

Howitzer Feature

D-Day Slot Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

D-Day Slot has 3 slot bonus rounds; Neptune Spins, Invasion Spins and Overlord Spins.

  • Neptune Spins – Neptune spins are triggered by landing 3 Scatter Symbols, awarding 8 Neptune Spins. Once triggered, players may choose a pick and reveal option which reveals 2 out of 5 Features. If a Scatter lands on reel 5 while triggering Neptune Spins then the Atomic Wild feature will become active, and you will get only 1 option to pick and reveal from the 4 remaining features. Each revealed feature will activate at least once during Neptune Spins.
  • Invasion Spins – Invasion Spins are triggered by landing 4 Scatter Symbols, awarding 8 Invasion Spins. Once triggered, players may choose a pick and reveal option which reveals 3 out of 5 features. If a Scatter lands on reel 5 while triggering Invasion Spins, Then the Atomic Wild feature will become active, and you will get only 2 options to pick and reveal from the remaining 4 features. Each revealed feature will activate at least once during Invasion Spins.
  • Overlord Spins – Overlord Spins are triggered by landing 5 Scatter Symbols, awarding 8 Overlord Spins. The Atomic Wild feature is guaranteed, so you will get a pick and reveal option to reveal 3 features out of the remaining 5 features. Each revealed feature will activate at least once during Overlord Spins.D-Day Slot – Real Money Play

D-Day slot by Nolimit City is a great options for players who love real money online slots.

Whether or not a casino accepts D-Day is the decision of the casino hosting the game, so you may need to check your chosen casino on release day to ensure that D-Day has been released there.

D-Day slot has a bonus buy option for players within jurisdictions that allow it. This is advantageous for real money players looking to hop straight into the action.

D-Day Slot – Strategy and Tips

If you’re a high roller, then D-Day Slot can be a new favourite for you. It has huge potential, and the wins can be extremely significant at any stake.

  • D-Day Slot has significant potential so higher stakes can lead to bigger rewards than those available at over slots.
  • Remember the volatility. While D-Day can pay significantly, it’s also extremely volatile, so the risk of losing money is higher than other slots.
  • Utilise the xBet feature. This feature increases your stake by 30%, but you’re 2 times more likely to activate Free Spins.

Similar Slots to D-Day

Slots from Nolimit City rarely relate to others. Each has a unique spin, and none are quite like D-Day. The closest relatives would be slots from NLC’s own portfolio, with Das xBoot and Pearl Harbor as thematically similar slot games.

D-Day Slot – Conclusion

D-Day Slot is a true Nolimit City work of art. If you’re looking for a diverse slot with longevity through its numerous features and huge potential then it’s a prime choice. Like many other titles from the NLC portfolio, it can be hard to understand at first. They do not do things by half measure, so working out the intricacies of the game can be difficult with so much to experience.

Though somewhat complex, each feature proves to be exceptionally effective and it feels dramatic and explosive at any given moment. The volatility of this one really is on the extreme side, so it’s an unfortunate reality that it may rip the balance fairly quickly, but a necessary reality to make the extreme wins possible.

There are once again numerous bonus rounds to experience, with each more capable than the last. Some of their lower-tiered bonus rounds can feel fairly abrupt and cruel at times, but they too have the potential to pay substantially. Of course, the highest bonus round is the one you want, and at this level it’s a real nail-biting experience.

Overall, we think D-Day is their best slot in a while. It’s as explosive as war itself, and a sight to behold when the exhilarating features ramp up.