Diamonds of the Realm Slot Overview

Play’n GO have decided to expand on their Arthurian Tale Series once more with another follow up to the hugely popular The Sword and the Grail Slot and The Green Knight

In Diamonds of the Realm, we follow the story of the Great Queen Arthur as him and Queen Guinevere battle their adversaries together once more. Morgan and Modred have taken the precious Diamonds of the Realm, and needless to say, King Arthur isn’t too happy about it. 

The King and Queen are to lead their armies on a dangerous mission to recover the gemstones and return them to Camelot, are you the hero that King Arthur needs? 

Diamonds of the Realm Slot Gameplay

Diamonds of the Realm Slot Theme

Play’n Go have always put a particular emphasis on bringing their Arthutrian series to life through artwork. The Sword and the Grail depicted the famous round table of King Arthur, and The Green Knight brought to life a timeless tale of Sir Gawain’s confrontation with the eponymous Green Knight.

Diamonds of The Realm looks to continue a trend of immersive story-telling visuals with the gloomy picture of a castle where an eerie and deadly battle is imminent. In terms of style, the design of the symbols have stayed very similar to the past 2 slots, so keen players will notice similarities between the previous games and recognise it as yet another to join the series.

Diamonds of the Realm: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in the Diamonds of the Realm are very much in line with other Play’n GO slots with options that range from £0.10 per spin to £100 per spin. With plenty of other increments in the middle, Diamonds of the Realm and pretty much any Play’n GO slot in general will always cater to every kind of player.

When it comes to the symbols, King Arthur once again takes his spot as the highest paying symbol. After King Arthur comes Guinevere, Morgan and Modred. Low paying symbols are A, K, Q, J, & 10, and there is also a Wild symbol which substitutes for all symbols except for the Diamond Scatter.

Game Provider Play N Go
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 12/08/2021
RTP 96.23
Mechanics Fixed Pay Lines
Volatility High
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.10

Diamonds of the Realm: The Base Game and Features

Diamonds of the Realm is very simple in terms of features within The Base Game, much like The Sword and the Grail and The Green Knight were.

With 20 fixed paylines, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right across any of the 20 lines to form a win. Above the reels you’ll see multipliers, which can be randomly triggered on any spin. The values of the Win Multipliers are x2, x5, x10 and x100.

The random Multiplier Feature is something that players will undoubtedly welcome back, although the x25 multiplier that we saw from The Green Knight seems to be missing in this one.

So far, Diamonds of the Realm seems to relate much more to the Sword and the Grail than it does The Green Knight. Will that change in the Free Spins? or will Diamonds of the Realm have it’s own unique take on things?

Diamonds of the Realm Slot Gameplay

Diamonds of the Realm: Free Spins

Free Spins are triggered when at least 3 Diamonds land on any reel, and 5 initial spins are awarded.

The Multiplier in this one starts at x2, and you’ll need to collect more diamonds to progress to the next Multiplier. 6 Diamonds will give you 5 more spins and a multiplier of x5, and 12 Diamons will give you 5 more spins with an x10 Multiplier. You’ll hit the top level when you collect 18 Diamonds at which point you’ll be given another 5 spins with a x100 multiplier.

Considering the Green Knight did it slightly different, it’s disappointing to see that Play’n GO didn’t try to implement something new here. The good thing about The Sword and the Grail at least was how easy it was to bonus compared to The Green Knight.

Diamonds of the Realm: Our Verdict

Although the 20,000x win potential of Diamonds of the Realm has doubled from what Sword and the Grail offered, the experience is very much the same here.

We’re of the opinion that The Green Knight did it better. In the Green Knight, you’d get 1 spin on each of the multipliers, guaranteeing you a go at the x100 multiplier. If you managed to land Green Knights on any given spin, then you’d be awarded more spins with the multiplier that you were on when you landed them.

This just seemed so much more exciting than The Sword and the Grail, and despite the great win potential here, it’s disappointing to see that Play’n Go didn’t try to do something unique here for the 3rd instalment in the series.

If you loved the Sword and the Grail then you’ll definitely love Diamonds of the Realm, especially considering the increased win capabilities, and the 96.23% RTP doesn’t look bad either. If you preferred the Green Knight then you might just want to stick with it, because Play’n GO definitely had The Sword and the Grail in mind when they made this new slot.