Dream Diver Slot Overview

Lay down in bed and rest your eyes for a while as you enter the sleepy world of Dream Diver Slot by Elk Studios.

Elk Studios have dubbed Dream Diver as a Dream within a dream, and they ask you the question – What if you could pick your dreams, and where would your imagination take you?

Dream Diver may not be the first timed you’ve imagined discovering riches within your slumber, but could Dream Diver make it reality?

In this Dream Diver Slot review, we’ll be look at all aspects of Elk Studio’s new game to see what they’ve dreamed up now, as well as exploring how they’ve implemented their X-iter feature into the game this time around.

Dream Diver Slot Theme

One of the best things that Elk Studios does best is their soundtrack, and Dream Diver certainly lives up to that high standard that we’ve come to expect.

The dreamy theme for Dream Diver is an adventurous and hopeful tune, and the sounds and songs become even more catchy as you trigger the features of the game.

Visually things are great too. To the left of the reels you’ll see an older gentleman sound asleep with his cat and an alarm clock that confirms that Dream Diver is set in the dead of night. The cartoon aesthetic they’ve gone for this time around really catches your attention. It certainly isn’t relatable to anything else Elk Studios has made.

Dream Diver Slot: Betting and Symbols

The betting options in Dream Diver are as extensive as any other slots by the studio, with options as low as £/€0.20 per spin and as high as £/€100 per spin.

There are lots of different options in between the two, meaning that the dream is alive for people of all budgets. One thing that you don’t seem to see anymore is Elk’s betting strategies function.

This allowed you to change stake between spin in a number of ways, but in all honestly it was too easy to activate by mistake and we doubt that many people utilised it much anyway, so it’s certainly not missed.

The symbols in Dream Diver take inspiration from a more classic era of gaming, with the top symbols as the Diamond, 7 and Bell. Lower paying symbols are the Apple, Plum, Orange and Cherry.

There is also a normal Wild and a Stacked Wild which may appear on any spin, while also triggering a feature.

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 2,500x
Paylines 178
Release Date 01/06/2021
RTP 95%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Dream Diver Slot: The Base Game and Features

Dream Diver Slot is a game with 178 pay lines in total.

In order to connect a win, you’ll need at least 3 matching symbols to connect from left to right, starting from the left most reel.

Decent wins are technically possible by connecting a line of the higher paying symbols, with a win amount of 25x awarded for a line of the Diamond Symbols, but it’s nothing spectacular.

The real potential is hidden within some of the features that Dream Diver has to offer, such as the Stacked Wild Respins.

Dream Diver Slot Gameplay

Stacked Wild Respins

In Dream Diver Slot, Stacked Wilds may land partially or fully in view on any spin and those that land partially in view will nudge to fill the entire reel.

A respin will ensue after this is fully in view, giving you the chance to connect wins with the new stacked Wild Reel. If another Wild Reel lands in view during the respin, then both will stick for another respin.

The Stacked Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The only downside to this is that win evaluations aren’t taken in to account on the initial nudge, so you’ll need to rely on the respin to connect those wins.

Pick Me Symbols

You’d be forgiven for thinking that landing 3 of the Dream Diver Slot Scatter Symbols awards you the bonus, and you’d be half right.

Once you land 3 Symbols, then the symbols will turn into ‘Pick Me’ symbols. Picking one will either award a monetary win, or progression into the bonus round.

We’re not sure why Elk Studios opted for this when all it will really do is disappoint players. Progression into the bonus round would be preferable every single time.

Pick n Click Bonus Game

if you’ve managed to avoid the instant Cash Prize and gain entry into the Bonus round, then get your clicker ready because there’s more picking to do yet.

In the Bonus Game, you’ll be taken to a dream world with floating symbols, and within them are cash prizes, lives multipliers, progression symbols and the dreaded Collect Symbol.

Collecting cash prizes will add to your total win amount, and uncovering multipliers will change the values of the multiplier of both the current level and subsequent levels at the top of the screen.

and ideal situation is to collect as much as you can, before progressing to the next round to repeat the process until you reach the sixth and final level.

On the sixth level, you’ll be taken to the dream wheel.

Both hands of the clock will spin, and each will land on a multiplier to be added to your total.

At the end of the round, the money you’ve collected via the cash symbols will be multiplied by your total amount for a total win.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get there unless you buy a super bonus though, which takes us to our X-Iter features for Dream Diver Slot

Dream Diver Slot Bonus-compressed


Like with other games before it, Dream Diver Slot makes use of Elk’s X-iter Feature.

Here are the options to choose from and what they cost.

  • Super Bonus: Guarantees a bonus round with entry to the final Dream Wheel – 500x
  • Big Bonus: Guarantees a bonus round with a higher entry win – 200x
  • Buy Bonus: Guarantees a bonus round – 100x
  • Stacked Wilk: Guarantees 3 Spins with at least one stacked Wild triggering the Stacked Wild respin feature on any spin – 25x
  • Guaranteed Win: Guarantees a Win on the next Spin – 5x

All features here available only to those within jurisdictions that allow players to bonus buy

Dream Diver Slot: Our Verdict

Is Dream Diver Slot a Dream, or a nightmare? A bit of both really.

Dream Diver Slot is a medium volatility game, so you can understand and respect the maximum 2,500x win capability, but the RTP of 95% is a little bit on the low side. The biggest gripe with Dream Diver is that its a bit boring.

Pick me features rarely excite as much as Free Spins do, and the potential Cash Prize instead of entry into the Bonus Game doesn’t make it exciting in the slightest.

The only exciting thing here is the Super Bonus function, which guarantees you entry to the Dream Wheel, but sadly this is not available to UK players. UK players will instead have to try to progress through 6 levels to get to the dream wheel without hitting the collect symbol, and without the Dream Wheel the potential extremely low. You’d also think that the price of the Super Bonus would be a bit lower considering the lower potential, but it’s still 500x.

We can’t bash Dream Diver for being a low potential game too much though, as the medium volatility and subsequent lower win capability was how it was designed. What we can say though, is that Dream Diver is a far cry away from what Elk Studio Games can do in terms of excitement.