Easter Island 2 Slot Review

Our Monolithic pals are back in a sequel from Yggdrasil, and they’re kicking back on holiday in Easter Island 2 Slot!

The original Easter Island Slot was a great game that released in 2018. We followed two moai statues on their expeditions in a peaceful pacific setting, with features like Sticky Wilds to keep us entertained.

We welcome the moai statues back with open arms and anticipation on what could possibly be next?

One thing is for sure, first impressions tell us that Easter Island 2 is new and improved, and we can’t wait to see what antics the moai’s get up to on their holidays.

In this Easter Island 2 Slot Review, we’ll be looking at all aspects of the game, and breaking it down by feature, as well as paying close attention to some key statistics of the game.

Easter Island 2 Slot: Theme

Easter Island 2 Slot Game is as light-hearted as it comes, with both of the moai statues and their bird companion chillin’ peacefully on a beach. In the background you’ll notice other beach goers, as well as deck chairs, umbrellas and the soothing and peaceful sounds of the ocean and some chilled music.

Comparable to Easter Island 1, Easter Island 2 is pretty serene and very much improved.

The visuals and graphics show that the quality of Yggdrasil games since 2018 is exponentially better.

Top marks overall for the graphical fidelity, sounds and theme.

Easter Island 2 Slot: Betting and Symbols

The betting options in Easter Island 2 slot are pretty expansive, covering a wide range of options that is sure to cater to all budgets. The lowest option available is £/€0.25, and the highest available option is £/€300.

The Owl symbol is the highest paying in the game, followed by the Fox, the Turtle, the Snake and the Fish.  Low paying symbols are represented by Heart, Diamond, Club & Spade.

Colossal Wilds are also present in the game via a feature called Colossal Wilds, more on that below!

Game Provider Yggdrasil Gaming
Maximum Bet 300
Maximum Win 2,500x
Paylines 55
Release Date 25/03/2021
RTP 96%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.25

Easter Island 2 Slot: The Base Game and Features

Easter Island 2 slot is a 6-reel slot with 25-55 active pay lines.

To form a win, you need to connect at least 3 matching symbols from left to right, starting from the left most reel.

There are some pretty decent wins on offer here by connecting symbols all the way across a line, with the top Owl symbol paying 40x for 6 of them.

Bigger and better hits are made even more possible through the in game features that Easter Island 2 Slot has.

Easter Island Slot Gameplay

Symbol Swap Re-spin

If you hit a 3 of a kind win in the Base Game, then you’ll trigger a re-spin.

During the Re-spin, any colossal blocks are not awarded, but the potential is increased by applying the following features

  • If the winning symbols that triggered the Symbol Swap were low paying symbols, all other low paying symbols will be replaced with the winning symbol for the re-spin
  • If the winning symbols that triggered the Symbol Swap were high paying symbols, then all other high paying symbols are replaced with the winning symbol for the re-spin

A decent feature to have included, especially if you trigger with one of the higher paying symbols and get a good connection with newly transformed symbols.

Colossal Block Re-spins and Expanding Reels

If you manage to get a win that is larger than 3 of a king, then a colossal block will trigger in place of the Symbol Swap Re-spin.

The colossal block will be added to reels 2, 3, 4 and/or 5.

  • If the winning symbols were low paying symbols, then all other low paying symbols will once again be replaced with the winning symbol for the re-spin, much like it did with the symbol swap re-spin
  • If the winning symbols were high paying symbols, then once again, all other high paying symbols will be replaced by the winning symbol for the re-spin.

The size of the Colossal Block will depend on the win that you got to trigger it.

  • 4 of a kind win – 2×2 Colossal Block
  • 5 of a kind win – 3×3 Colossal Block
  • 6 of a kind win – 4×4 Colossal Block. The reels will also expand to 8×6 With 55 Pay lines.

Wilds are also added during the Colossal Block Re-spins.

These will always land as Colossal Wilds on reels 2-5.

Easter Island Slot Gameplay 2

Easter Island 2 Slot Free Spins

Sadly, there isn’t any Free Spins in Easter Island 2, which is a real shame

It feels like Yggdrasil could have easily utilised some of the features and re-spins and turned it into a bonus round, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Because of this, you’ll just have to rely on the features of the game to keep you entertained, and roll in those big wins.

Easter Island 2 Slot: Our Verdict

Easter Island 2 Slot is full of fun and light-hearted gameplay, and the theme itself is light-hearted and fun with loveable characters and great graphics.

It’s a decent offering and a worthy sequel to the first game, but not a massive amount is different, so you’ll definitely recognise aspects of the original game in this slot.

The personality of the game is one thing, but the features are what you’re here for more than anything.

Symbol Swap, Colossal Re-Spins and Expanding Reels bring it all together in a package that you can enjoy, with wins capable of reaching up to 2,500x. The maximum win could have done with being a bit higher, but the game isn’t highly volatile like you might see from other Yggdrasil games.

Sadly, it’s all a bit let down by the fact that there isn’t any Free Spins on offer, which could have exponentially improved both the fun-factor, and the potential of the game.