Fat Drac from Push Gaming arrives just in time for Halloween giving you something to sink your teeth into! This particular instalment continues the ‘Fat Series’ legacy left by Fat Rabbit and Fat Santa, but this time as the title suggests, we’re focusing on the gothic legend that is Dracula
Dracula may not be looking as lean as he used to, but his legendary repute still exceeds him despite the extra timber. A few flights of stairs tuckers out chubby Drac these days, so let’s take the journey up the mountain roads and go to him in his mysterious castle. You may be able to outrun Dracula, but beware of his insatiable appetite and mischevious demenour.

Push Gaming have impressed us so far this year with knock out titles like Jammin’ Jars 2, and they’ve certainly evolved since the days of Fat Rabbit and Fat Samta, so we’re excited to see how their spooky twist on the series materialises.

Join us in this Fat Drac Slot Review and prepare to be horrified by Fat Drac’s ghastly table manners!

Fat Drac Base

Fat Drac Theme

We doubt that the release for Fat Drac coincidentally coincides with Halloween. The spooky vibes and the inspiration behind the theme certainly suggests that to be the case, and the fact that Fat Rabbit and Fat Santa were Easter and Christmas titles all but confirms our suspicions.

It’s always a bit special when the holiday releases start coming out, and we love it when big names like Push Gaming continue to embrace them. Push Gaming has done particularly well with Fat Dracula, which displays a well thought out and professionally styled spooky setting with dark and dreary scenery and spooky music. The standout part of the theme here is Dracula’s castle, which we can’t wait to explore.

Fat Rabbit and Fat Santa definitely weren’t bad when it came to design, but it feels like Fat Drac is a big step up.

Fat Drac: Betting and Symbols

Halloween is for everyone, which is why Push Gaming has many betting options to cater to all kinds of players. The lowest betting option here is £/€0.10 per spin, and the highest option is a massive £/€100 per spin. There are plenty of different options in between the two, so players should feel more than catered for in this regard.

When it comes to symbols, the highest paying symbol in the game is the Golden Wild, which substitutes for all other symbols except for the Goblet and Fat Drac Symbol. High paying regular symbols are the Man, Skeleton, Parchment and Teeth. Low paying symbols are Club, Heart, Diamond and Spade.

Game Provider Push Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 50,000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 14/10/2021
RTP 96.57% / 96.04% / 90.49%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

Fat Drac: The Base Game and Features

Fat Drac is a 5 reel slot with 20 fixed pay lines, and forming a win requires you to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right on adjacent reels along any of these lines.

Fat Drac is definitely capable of some balance boosters via full line connections, yet the Fat Series of slots has never had mine-baffling potential, but is that about to change? There was a few features here and there in previous games that kept things interesting while you waited for a bonus, and Fat Drac is no different.

In fact, Fat Drac actually has quite a lot more when compared to Fat Rabbit and Fat Santa.

When you first play you’ll undoubtedly notice the bubbles on the side of the screen, but what do they mean?

Bat Symbols and Bubbles

To the left of the screen are bubbles that hold numbers which represent a multiplier of your current bet, and the key to unlocking them is Bat Symbols. These prizes will shift downwards by one with every spin, which gets rid of the one at the bottom while introducing a new one at the top. This means that you have a few chances at getting the huge coin prizes, rather than losing them with the next spin.

Bat Symbols may appear via the Fat Drac Symbol. When Drac lands, he’ll briefly transform into another symbol. Sometimes he’ll transform into a Bat symbol, which causes it to fly off and pop a bubble.

Another way to unlock the Bat Feature is via the Coffin Symbol.

Coffin Feature

Coffin Symbols may land anywhere in view. When it does, a Pick Feature is triggered.

Choose between 4 tiles to reveal a maximum of 5 Bat Symbols, or a Goblet Symbol to trigger the bonus (if a Fat Drac Symbol is present on reel 1)

When Bats are revealed, they’ll randomly fly and pop bubbles, which awards the prize within them.

The Coffin Feature works slightly differently in Free Spins, where it can offer the following

  • +1 Free Spins
  • +2 Free Spins
  • +3 Free Spins
  • +4 Free Spins
  • +5 Free Spins
  • Goblet Symbol
  • Bats (up to 5)

Fat Drac Coffin Feature

Fat Bat

The Fat Bat Feature may trigger at random during the Base Game.

When this happens, the Fat Bat will collect all 7 prize bubbles displayed.

Bubble Instant Prize Values are 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, 5000x, 10,000x  or the top prize of 50,000x

Popped bubbles are instantly replaced with new ones, which will be important later on if you can get the maximum number of 25 bats in Free Spins.

This is a very exciting feature indeed, and an innovative way to make the newest in the Fat Series of slots different. We haven’t even touched on Free Spins yet, and it’s already evident that Fat Drac has a lot more action than others before it.

Fat Bat Feature

Fat Drac Free Spins

To trigger Free Spins, you’ll need a Fat Drac symbol on reel one, and a Goblet Symbol on any other reel. 5 Free Spins are triggered in this mode.

This feature is a little bit more familiar. Drac will move to collect the vials, and once you collect a certain amount you’ll be awarded extra spins and an upgraded Drac.

  • When Drac is 1×1 – 5 Goblets upgrades to a 2×2 Drac symbol and awards 4 additional spins
  • When Drac is 2×2 – 5 Globlets upgrades to a 3×3 Drac symbol and awards 3 additional spins
  • When Drac is 3×3 – 3 Goblets upgrades to a 4×4 Drac symbol and awards 2 Additional Spins
  • When Drac is 4×4 – 2 Goblets increases Drac to his maximum size of 5×5 and awards 2 additional spins.

If you’re acquainted with previous slots in the series, you’ll know that this can be a tall order sometimes. You’ll need plenty of goblets and lots of momentum to keep upgrading the Drac Symbol, but there’s at least some extras.

As mentioned, Drac transforms briefly into another symbol, including bats. When he’s upgraded, the number of bats awarded will be equal to the number of spaces taken by Drac, so a bigger drac symbol means more bubbles popped.

  • 1×1 Drac – 1 Bat or Paying Symbol
  • 2×2 Drac – 4 Bats or Paying Symbols
  • 3×3 Drac – 9 Bats or Paying Symbols
  • 4×4 Drac – 16 Bats or Paying Symbols
  • 5×5 Drac – 25 Bats or Paying Symbols

The Coffin Feature also does its job tremendously in Free Spins, as it now may also award extra spins or more goblets.

Drac may not be Wild like the Rabbit or Santa was in previous games, but the trade off for a revealing symbol or the more important bats more than makes up for it.

Fat Drac Free Spins

Fat Drac: Our Verdict

It’s very evident how much better Fat Drac is than others in the series.

Fat Rabbit and Fat Santa holds a special place in our heart, but compared to Fat Drac they’re just not as exciting. Some may argue that it’s worse because Drac is a revealing symbol rather than a Wild, but this just can’t be true when you think about the Bat Feature that goes hand in hand with Fat Drac.

When Dracula is of a larger size, the Bat Feature has the potential to be the star of the show. A maximum 5×5 Drac revealing 25 Bats will put you on the edge of your seat as you watch it collect all 7 of the prizes on screen before it refills so it can collect the rest, and the Coffin Feature that helps you in both the Base Game and Free Spins really does a lot to give the bonus more potential than previously possible.

Of course, this is a ‘Fat Series’ slot, so getting all the way up to that 5×5 can still be a tall order. When compared to before though, it just feels like there’s a lot here to make it much easier.

The win potential of Fat Rabbit was decent, and Fat Santa did well to improve on it, but Fat Dracula blows them both out of the water with a maximum win capability of 50,000x!

Overall, Push Gaming may well have done enough to make Halloween our new favourite holiday.