Folsom Prison Slot Demo Gameplay

Folsom Prison Slot Review 2022

Folsom Prison from Nolimit City has arrived to continue the legacy left by San Quentin in another instalment to throw us into lockdown!

This time around, we’re walking the line at Folsom State Prison among death penalty inmates and pre-trial detainees for what promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Folsom Prison is California’s 2nd largest state prison after the infamous San Quentin. Despite not being the largest, Folsom Prison is infamous for being one of the first maximum-security prisons, as well as the execution site for 93 of the condemned prisoners housed there.

Folsom Prison also has a repute as an unlikely performance hub for the late Johnny Cash, who performed twice at the prison in January 1968 before releasing a live album called ‘At Folsom Prison’, which contained the renowned song, ‘Folsom Prison Blues

Perhaps the musical history of Folsom Prison inspired Nolimit City in their soundtrack? Folsom Prison certainly has a good one, but then again, Nolimit City are always great in this regard. But what about gameplay? Folsom Prison doesn’t beat San Quentin in terms of size but can it outmatch it in terms of popularity?

We know Nolimit City better than to just walk into this expecting a reskin of San Quentin, so it’s safe to say that we’re excited. Escape attempts are commonplace in a prison, yet Nolimit City has a creative gift that makes us yearn for incarceration.

Without further ado, let’s check out Folsom Prison and some of the degenerates imprisoned there, like Shivy Impala, The Fixer, Backstabber, Shankman, and Fresh Meat.

Folsom Prison Base

Check out the Folsom Prison Soundtrack

Nolimit City are renowned partly for their amazing slot soundtracks, and Folsom Prison is no exception. Check out the newest addition to your Spotify playlist with ‘The Folsom’ by Nolimit City.

Folsom Prison Meet your Maker

Folsom Prison – The Base Game and Features

Folsom Prison is a 5 reel slot with 16 – 46,664 ways to win. To connect wins, you’ll need at least 3 symbols to connect on adjacent reels from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

The reel configuration here is 4-6-6-6-4 across 5 reels, but there are several locked positions which are unlocked by special symbols or Cockroaches. Special symbols include Wild, Scatter, xSplit or xWays symbols. If these land, then it will open up a position above or below the special symbol depending on which is closer.

Nolimit City titles always include their converted ‘x’ Features. These ingenious inventions really open up whichever slot they’re featured in, and we’ve recently been treated to a new one, ‘xBet’, or ‘Toast Bet’ as it’s been dubbed in this particular instalment.

Folsom Prison Base Game

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100 (120 with xBet)
Maximum Win 75,000x
Paylines Up to 46,664 Ways
Release Date 14/06/2021
RTP 96.07
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Toast Bet

This option is toggled by clicking the electric switch atop the reels. This increases your bet by 20% in exchange for a guaranteed Scatter Symbol on the second reel. Enabling this option exponentially increases your chance of landing the bonus, but it could come at the cost of Base Game wins, considering how it could act as a blocker for regular paying symbols.

In our opinion, this option is well worth enabling, but each to their own.

The Theoretical RTP when Toast Bet is enabled is 96.03%


xWays symbols can appear anywhere on the reels.

An xWays symbol transforms into a normal paying symbol, revealing 2-4 symbols of the same kind, which increases the number of win ways. xWays symbols open 1 symbol above and 1 below on the same reel.


xSplit Symbols appear only on the central 2 rows on reels 2-5.

These symbols split the entire row they land on, double the number of ways before splitting itself into 2 Wilds. Split Scatters also award an extra spin when triggering the bonus, as well as unlocking additional locked cells. If a split symbol should split a Cockroach Nest, then its multiplier will increase by +1

Folsom Prison Cockroach

Cockroaches may go anywhere in Folsom Prison, but their nest always spawns in the open position on the 3 middle reels (or by emerging from a Scatter Symbol)

Cockroaches have a starting position that is replaced by a Wild before the Cockroach walks above the reels, adding its multiplier to any symbol it passes. If more than one Cockroach occupies the same position, then the position will transform into a Wild. Cockroaches also unlock any locked cell that they pass through.

Cockroach Nest

In bonus modes, the reels may land a Cockroach Nest Symbol.

This is inactive until a Cockroach walks into it, but it will upgrade when it does. The Cockroach Multiplier upgrade can happen 3 times and the levels are 1, 2, 3 and 10.

If the Cockroach holds 2 eggs, it will upgrade a Cockroach one level but also clone one more of that Cockroach for the duration of the feature, but this may only happen once per bonus mode.

Folsom Prison Free Spins

Folsom Prison has 2 Free Spins modes, Walk the Line, and The Chair.

Landing 3 Scatter Symbols in the Base Game will trigger Walk the Line, and 4 will trigger The Chair.

Walk the Line Free Spins

8+ Free Spins are awarded in Walk the Line Spins, and any Scatter Symbol affected by an xSplit awards +1 Spin.

Landing a Scatter in Walk the Line on reel 4 awards +2 Free Spins, or +1 extra of Split. It will also upgrade any further Walk the Line Spins into The Chair Spins.

In Walk, the line, each spins starts with the the centre 2-4-4-4-2 rows open and a minimum of 1 Cockroach per spin.

Folsom Prison Walk the Line

The Chair Free Spins

The rules of The Chair are similar to Walk the Line in the way that you get 8+ Free Spins and +1 for any splits.

The difference here is in the number of rows active and the number of Cockroaches per spin. In the Chair Free Spins, each spin starts with a 4-4-4-4-4 configuration and a minimum of 3 Cockroaches per spin.

Folsom Prison The Chair Free Spins

Folsom Prison Bonus Buy

In typical fashion, Nolimit City has included a Bonus Buy option for players within jurisdictions that allow them.

  • Walk the Line Free Spins – 68x your bet
  • The Chair – 1500x your bet
  • Lucky Draw
    • 99% Walk the Line / 1% The Chair – 82x your bet
    • 80% Walk the Line / 20% The Chair – 355x your bet
    • 50/50 Chance – 784x your bet

The RTP differs depending on which mode you choose.

  • Walk the Line – 96.36%
  • The Chair – 96.31%
  • Lucky Draw 99/1 – 96.46%
  • Lucky Draw 80/20 – 96.20%
  • Lucky Draw 50/50 – 96.33

Meet your Maker

The Meet your Maker screen is one of Nolimit City’s maximum win screens shown only to players lucky enough to hit the maximum win cap.

the Meet your Maker win screen is shown to any player who hits the maximum win of 75,000x

Folsom Prison – Our Verdict

Nolimit City are nothing short of geniuses when it comes to what they can create. Some of it seems inconceivable and confusing because of how brilliantly complex it can be, so there’s a good chance that you’ve read this review and you’re still unsure of what to think, or how it works.

The complexity of Nolimit City slots is something that players have grown to love. The first time you play it, you’ll be studying it to gain an understanding of exactly how it works, and if it kicks off you might be wondering how it happened.

Folsom Prison shares some similarities to San Quentin, but Nolimit City has done a great job in making it stand out as a game in its own right with unique features that makes the differences clear. When news of Folsom Prison broke ground, players were speculating about what might come to fruition…Will it have a bigger win potential than San Quentin’s 150,000x? and will it have even bigger potential than Tombstone R.I.P, the only slot to exceed it with 300,000x potential?

Folsom Prison doesn’t quite measure up to either in terms of potential, but Nolimit City recognises that bigger isn’t always better. A significant sacrifice had to be made in Tombstone RIP to make such a figure possible, which is where their xRIP mechanic came into play. For some, this was too volatile, and the bonus buy was too expensive even for some hardcore players.

Folsom Prison is half as capable as San Quentin with 75,000x as a maximum win, and although it’s lower than both San Q and Tombstone RIP, it’s still significantly more than many slots out there. Other providers dare not to venture into the kind of insane territory that Nolimit City has, but what stands out more than the figure itself is how realistic it actually is.

With every release, Nolimit City titles regularly and quickly hit their max. Putting their money where their mouth is is something that really does add to their games overall appeal, and on release day we don’t doubt that many will be spinning away in the hopes of becoming one of the lucky ones.

Overall, Folsom Prison isn’t quite the beast that San Quentin was, but it’s a meticulous and well thought out beast in its own right and another statement piece from the provider who never fails to impress.