Gargantoonz Slot Review 2024

Dr Toonz is back with a brand new experiment he’s been working on in Play’n GO’s latest addition to the ‘Toonz’ series, Gargantoonz!

Dr Toonz has managed to create a collection of small one-eyed Gargantoonz, the first of its kind. This nutty professor is conducting a series of experiments on this lucky bunch of googly-eyed Gargantoon and introducing them to the Reactoonz society.

Taking us on a trip down memory lane, Gargantoonz brings back the loveable Alien symbols seen in Reactoonz, Dr. Toonz, and Gigantoonz before this, but with a few tweaks to gameplay that will certainly blow your mind.

Join us as we venture into Dr. Toonz’s weird and wonderful world of wacky creations!

Gargantoonz Base Game

Gargantoonz Base Game and Features

Gargantoonz is a 7×7 Video Slot with a Cluster Pays mechanic. Winning combinations are formed when 5 or more of the same symbols land either Horizontally or Vertically to each other.

The minimum bet available here is £.€0.10 per spin and the maximum bet available is £.€100 per spin, with plenty of other options in between the two. Gargantoonz has a theoretical RTP of 96.20% and a max win cap of 7,000x.

In terms of symbols, the highest-paying regular symbol here is the Red Alien, followed by Pink, Green, Yellow, and Blue Aliens. Low-paying symbols fall to smaller Blue, Purple, Red, Green, and Yellow Aliens with one eye. Wilds substitute for all High and Low-paying symbols.

Each time a winning combination forms, all winning symbols will be removed from the grid, making room for new symbols to drop down from above via an Avalanche.

Game Provider Play N Go
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 7,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 30/11/2023
RTP 96.20%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 7x7
Minimum Bet 0.10


During gameplay, a one-eyed Alien symbol is chosen at random to fluctuate with each new spin. If a fluctuating combination forms a win, 1-2 Quantum Wilds will be added to random positions where a symbol was removed.

However, on any non-winning spin, between 4 and 8 Quantum Wilds can be randomly added to the grid.

Experiment Charger

Also during gameplay, when no Experiments are ongoing, each winning cluster will fill the Experiment Charger. When the Experiment Charger is fully charged, an Experiment is randomly selected after all winning Avalanches are complete.

If this Experiment is successful, another Experiment will follow, until all 3 sections of the Experiment Charger are filled. If not, the Experiment cycle will end and reset with the next spin.

At the start of an Experiment, special Wilds are added to the grid, and all existing Wilds transform into the same type of Wild. As an Experiment continues, only Wilds charge the Experiment Charger with their symbol values, where 40 symbols are required to charge up the charger in this state.

Overcharging the Experiment Charger by an additional 40 symbols will increase the Gargantoonz Multiplier by +x1. Each Experiment available will deliver the following Modifier.

  • Gamma Ray Burst – Adds between 7 and 9 Wilds to random grid positions. Winning Wilds add up the number of symbols in the cluster before removing and counting all instances of the same symbols. All other removed symbols are counted once even if there are multiple winning clusters with the same symbol type.
  • Black Hole – Adds between 4 and 6 Wilds to random grid positions. Winning Wilds count the symbols in their cluster and remain on the grid until there are wins. At the end of all Avalanches, Wilds will collect all Horizontally, Vertically, or Diagonally adjacent symbols, charging the Experiment Charger. Three or more Wilds in the same cluster will trigger their effect, leave the grid, and charge the experiment charger.
  • Supernova – Adds between 3 and 5 Wilds to random grid positions. Winning Wilds count the number of symbols in their clusters, remaining on the grid if there are wins, and step diagonally on each new Avalanche if possible, but they don’t always intersect. Wilds will move 8 steps in any direction, collecting symbols in their path, and leave to charge to the Experiment Charger. Three or more Wilds in the same cluster will trigger their effect, leave the grid, and charge the experiment charger.

Gargantoonz Supernova Feature

Gargantoon Charger

During gameplay, each successful Experiment will charge the Gargantoon Charger, making the Gargantoon evolve.

The Gargantoon Charger will start with a Multiplier value of x1 that is relevant to the Gargantoonz feature. Each overcharged Experiment will add +x1 to its Multiplier. If all 3 Experiments are successful, the Gargantoonz Feature will trigger.

Gargantoonz Feature

Once the Gargantoonz Feature is active, it will play out in 3 steps. First of all, 8 1×1 Gargantoon Wilds will appear on the grid and remain to merge even if they take part in any winning clusters.

Secondly, all 1×1 Gargantoon Wilds will merge to form two 2×2 Gargantoon Wilds, which occurs after all wins are counted but before the next Avalanche. These will also remain to merge on the grid after all wins are paid.

Last but not least, both 2×2 Gargantoon Wilds will merge into a giant 3×3 Gargantoon Wild, which occurs after all wins are counted but before the next Avalanche triggers. This 3×3 Wild will then be removed with all wins it is part of.

Each Gargantoon Wild will appear with an appropriate Multiplier, but only a single Multiplier is applied to wins if there is more than 1 Gargantoon Wild in a cluster.

Gargantoonz Gamma Ray Burst

Gargantoonz: Our Verdict

Gargantoonz is a very anticipated release as a part of a series that took the gaming world by storm, but the popularity of the Toonz series wasn’t always as prominent.

It’s interesting how the ‘toonz’ series had a bit of a slow start—energoonz was there, doing its thing, but it wasn’t until Reactoonz hit the scene that players really started to catch on. It’s like Reactoonz was the catalyst that set the series on fire, and since then, it’s been a non-stop thrill ride with Gigantoonz and Dr Toonz joining the party.

Now, Gargantoonz steps up to the plate, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s like the culmination of everything the series has been building towards. The familiar gameplay is there, but it’s sprinkled with new and exciting features that keep players on the edge of their seats.

While Gargantoonz might not skyrocket to the same heights of popularity as Reactoonz, it’s still a fantastic addition to the series. The potential for significant wins is there, and players will undoubtedly be drawn to the game for that rush of excitement.

It does the family proud. It’s a great ode to the series, a nod to where it all began with energoonz, and a testament to how far the ‘toonz’ have come since Reactoonz first hit the scene.