Gold Digger Mines Slot Review 2022

Join our favourite happy-go-lucky prospector, Gold Diggin’ Gus, as he enters the Mine in search of some glorious golden nuggets while attepmpting to dodge the dreaded TNT, in iSoftBet’s explosive new release, Gold Digger Mines!

Gold Digger Mines is iSoftBet’s first ever ‘Mines’ release, a very uncomplicated Pick and Click slot where the goal is to unearth golden nuggets in order to increase your Multiplier, all while treading carefully as to not detinate the deadly TNT explosives. We may just be showing our age, but Gold Digger Mines reminds us of a once popular desktop computer game called Minesweeper. Although Gold Digger Mines and Minesweeper are different in many ways , they both have a tendency to leave you quite frustrated when you blow yourself to smithereens.

The more successful picks you make, the higher the Multiplier will climb, but golden nuggets become harder to track down and the TNT Mines are much more likey to steal your hard earned Gold. Paying homage to one of iSoftBet’s more popular titles, Gold Digger Mines is a thrilling, fast-paced gaming experience, topped with a drop of frustration, where players can choose their own Volatility, grid settings and bet size.

Gold Digger Mines brings together the much-loved design and theme of the original Gold Digger slot, while delivering a whole new style of Gameplay that’s fitting to the modern slot player. Each round offers even more excitement and the option to Cash Out during any stage.

Gold Digger Mines Base Game

Gold Digger Mines Betting Options and TNT Mines

Gold Digger mines is rather unconventional when compared to your average slot. In fact, Gold Digger Mines isn’t even a slot, strictly speaking.

In Gold Digger Mines you select a bet option, and below it you select how many mines you want active. Your total bet does not fluctuate depending on how manhy TNT mines you choose, but the potential payout will.

The maximum cash bet that you can choose in Gold Digger Mines is £/€300 per play, and the maximum number of TNT mines is 15.

Gold Digger Mines Features

Gold Digger Mines is played ona 5×5 grid which consists of 25 squares in total.

Behind each space is either a Gold Nugget, or a TNT mine. If you uncover a Gold Nugget then you’ll increase your winnings, but if you uncover a TNT mine then the round is over.

Each time you uncover a golden nugget you’ll have a choice on whether you want to keep picking, or cash out. Cashing out adds the total winnings to your balance and TNT mines will make you lose any accumulated prizes so far. Gold Digger Mines offers no safety level, if you choose wrong, you’re out and your prize is gone!

How many mines you choose will determine how many picks you’ll get. You’ll get less picks with more mines, but the prizes are higher, and more picks with less mines in play. Again, the remaining number of picks is optional and you can cash out whenever you like.

Gold Digger Mines Maximum Win

Gold Digger Mines shows you the maximum possible win that you can reach with your current bet/TNT set up.

If the maximum win is reached, then no more picks are available and you’ll cash out.

If you choose the maximum number of mines and the maximum bet of £/€300, then you’re looking at a maximum potential payout of £/€61,200.00.

Gold Digger Mines Base

Gold Digger Mines: Our Verdict

Gold Digger is an infamous iSoftBet release, and we’ve recently been treated to Gold Digger Megaways to quench our insatiable thirst for Gold Digger action.

What do we think of Gold Digger Mines? It’s extremely fun, albeit unconventional. Gold Digger Mines is very resminscent of the classic game, Minesweeper, though without the logic that went with it.

Gold Digger mines certainly won’t display a number like Minesweeper does to give you hints on how many surrounding bombs there are, so it’s really just luck of the draw.

In some ways you wonder if Gold Digger Mines could be taken advantage of if you choose a low number of mines, but Murphy’s law swiftly reminds you that ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’.

For a while you feel like you’ve beat the system, but the prizes are so low when the number of TNT’s are low that you’d need to go on rather long runs with no TNT symbols to make significant profit.

Gold Digger Mines can be extremely exciting if you decide to up the ante a bit, and dangerous too. It’s very tempting to push on for extra nuggets when you’re on a bit of a streak, but the euphoric highs come with crushing lows if you ruin you streak and dissipate your profit so far with a wrong pick.

Overall, Gold Digger Mines isn’t really a slot, but we appreciate the innovative attempt at something new by iSoftBet, and we’ll certainly be having a bash ourselves.