Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure Slot Review 2024

Snorkels at the ready, folks, and make a beeline for the briney as we’re off on another aquatic adventure in Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure from Light & Wonder!

Industry behemoth Light & Wonder are the brains behind this contribution, which does things a little differently than most other games in the well-stocked (overstocked?) fishing category.

One immediately noticeable difference from the sea of competing titles is the breed of fish used to front the game.

For now, bass have had their day in the sun, ousted by an assortment of far more diminutive finned creatures, including, predictably, the goldfish, joined by a Red Fish and a Green Fish.

Fish of such small proportions are not known to inhabit the deepest depths of the ocean, but that’s seemingly where we find ourselves to kick off this marine-based mission as bubbles float harmlessly towards the surface and plants sway gently on the seabed.

The colour scheme adopted is vivid without being overbearing, accompanied by a low-key jazz number plucked straight from the 1960s. Such a tranquil picture often points to a medium volatile math model, and that’s exactly what we get, while max wins clocks in at 1,000x the bet. It’s fairly evident Light & Wonder didn’t have hardcore spinners in their midst upon this evidence.

Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure Base Game

Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure Base Game & Features

Digging deeper below sea level, Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe is arranged over an unconventional 5-reel, 6-row game panel accommodating 50 paylines while three goldfish bowls, central to the slot’s bonus offering, sit idly above the grid. A payout is triggered when 3 or more matching symbols land on a winning line starting at reel 1.

Awarding 1.5x your stake for combinations of 5, those three fish act as the premiums; fish food, a turtle and a fish net serve as the mediums, with J-A playing card ranks making up the rest. Occupying 2 rows at a time, Wilds operate in the usual way by replacing all symbols bar scatters.

Fish may land partially or fully in view up to 4 rows high, and only two different kinds can show up at any one time.

Nothing overly fishy about the game’s main features, where we have Free Spins, Multipliers, and Jackpots waiting to be reeled in.

Fishing slots are all the rage in 2023, inviting keen keyboard anglers to cast out in the hopes of reeling in a monster fish, usually in the form of a bass, collecting prizes in the process. Marking a departure from convention, no actual fishing goes down in Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure.

Instead, as insinuated by the title, the game is all about supplying the adorable little critters with the nourishment they need to survive amid the unforgiving depths.

Game Provider Light & Wonder
Maximum Bet 30
Maximum Win
Paylines 50
Release Date 25/10/2023
RTP 89.56% (RTP Varies)
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Mid - High
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.20

Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure: Free Spins

And the fish in this game get hungry – so it’s your job to feed them! To that end, Feeder Symbols two rows high in colours of red, green and yellow may land fully or partially in view. Catch one in full view, and its corresponding fish above the reels may fatten up, possibly smashing out of its bowl and triggering the Fish Bonus.

Land a pair of full-size feeder symbols together to land the bigger prizes, depending on the triggering symbol/s.

It’s possible to bring Multiplier Coins displaying values from 1x – 40x into play, while Bonus Spin Coins may boost your spin haul by up to 4 spins. In addition, look out for the injection of 6-9 Wilds onto the reels for a veritable fish-feeding frenzy!

As mentioned, your Free Spins Bonus package differs according to the triggering symbols, as follows:

  • Red Fish Bonus awards 6 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Bonus Spin Coins
  • Green Fish bonus awards 8 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Wild Coins
  • Gold Fish Bonus awards 10 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Jackpot Coins
  • Red and Green Fish Super Bonus awards 14 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Bonus Spin Coins + Wild Coins
  • Red and Gold Fsh Super Bonus awards 16 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Bonus Spin Coins + Jackpot Coins
  • Green and Gold Fish Super Bonus awards 18 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Wild Coins + Jackpot Coins
  • Extreme Bonus awards 24 Free Spins + Bet Multiplier Coins + Bonus Spins Coins + Wild Coins + Jackpot Coins

If that’s not enough, Gold Fish Feeding Deluxe also dangles four rather juicy Jackpots for players to reel in.

Exclusive to the Gold Fish Bonus, Red and Gold Super Bonus, Green and Gold Super Bonus and Extreme Bonus, the MINI, MINOR, MAJOR, or GRAND Jackpot awarding 10x, 25x, 100x, or 1000x respectively will be paid out when its corresponding Jackpot Coin lands.

Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure Free Spins

Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure: Our Verdict

Light & Wonder is a true pillar of the iGaming world, boasting a game repertoire that spans the vast virtual realm to countless gaming halls in the States.

And so, backed by years and years of experience with resources to fall back on that most studios can only dream of, you’d think their production values would rival those of a movie studio, at least on par with some of the other industry heavyweights.

However, there remain niggling concerns that a lot of the provider’s work, including this, feels underwhelming from an audio-visual standpoint, lacking the polish you’d expect from a true industry titan and cheapening Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure as a result.

Or maybe we’re just nitpicking, spoilt too often by graphically stunning creations from the likes of Fantasma Gaming, Relax Gaming, and Hacksaw Gaming, among others.

Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure does score points for its unusual reel layout comprised of 5 reels and 6 rows, which is a format you don’t see every day and which provides a fairly refreshing change.

And fair play to Light & Wonder for flipping the theme by tasking players with feeding the fish en route to the slot’s biggest prizes, as opposed to hooking them by way of a fishing rod. Keeping even the most demanding anglers happy, the release comes suitably loaded with features at every turn. The colossal-sized Wids, abundant Free Spins offering tons of variety, and four headline Jackpots add depth to the gameplay, ensuring an entertaining experience from one spin to the next while also amping up the charm factor.

We wouldn’t recommend this title if you’re seeking a high-octane game fishing adventure, but for something more quaint to pass the hours, Gold Fish Feeding Time Deluxe Treasure does hold a measure of appeal.