Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot Overview

Welcome to the new NetEnt slot, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot, where pots, pans and knives go flying across the kitchen when Gordon has had enough of your incompetence.

Being a chef is a high-pressure environment, and things need to be perfect. That’s even more true for Gordon’s kitchen. Can you withstand the pressure? And is Gordon Ramsay Hell’s kitchen slot a medium rare, or well done game?

Whether you’re the blue team or the red team, get ready for a cook-off

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot Theme

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot grabs your attention from the get go, with a loading screen showing Gordon giving you that scary, stern look, while shrouded by fire.

You might notice the wings and mistake them for those of an angel, but upon closer inspection, they’re actually knifes.

Better be on your game in the kitchen.

‘Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen’ is the words Gordon Ramsay utters as you enter the game, and when you do, you’ll notice a suave eatery, with each side of the reel displaying a colour that is relevant to a red and a blue team.

The commentary supplied by Gordon Ramsay himself is a nice touch, giving fidelity to a branded game that a lot of others do not have.

Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot is extremely extensive, maybe even too extensive.

On the low end of the scale, the smallest bet size is £/€0.20, and on the high end, you’ve got a massive maximum bet of £/€400.

We can’t imagine many people, if anyone, will utilise this maximum bet available, but it’s there.

High paying symbols unsurprisingly take the form of some of the fine cuisine on offer at Hell’s Kitchen.

The top symbol is a rather delectable looking Beef Wellington, followed by a Burger, Cocktail, and Desert. Wild symbols are present too, substituting for all except for the Scatter Symbol.

Game Provider Netent
Maximum Bet 400
Maximum Win 1,000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 25/03/2021
RTP 96.07%
Mechanics Fixed Pay Lines
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Base Game and Features

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot is a 5-reel game that utilises 20 pay lines, with all of them active always regardless of stake.

The wins available for connecting symbols all the way across is okay, but it needs a little bit of seasoning. Thankfully, Gordon is no stranger to the herbs and spices needed to make the Base Game a little more tasteful, and as a result, we have the Ramsay’s Wild Feature.

Ramsay’s Wild Feature

Ramsay has had enough of your ineptitude, and it’s time to show you how it’s done.

In this feature, Gordon may randomly, and rather dangerously, launch cutlery and other utensils at the reels, creating 5 – 7 Wilds on random positions on the reels in the process.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Gameplay

Team Challenge Free Spins and the Order Up Feature

The Team Challenge Free Spins and Order Up Feature go hand in hand with each other.

This is where you’ll pick your team for a fierce cooking challenge.

To land this, you’ll need at least 3 Scatter symbols in the Base Game, which are represented by the man himself Gordon.

3 Spins will net you 10 Free Spins, and 4 will give you 15.

Before the Free Spins start, you must choose either a Red or a Blue team.

1 to 3 of the Order up features are activated on each spin, which are colour coded red and blue multipliers or Team Wilds. These apply to the respective teams that they share a colour with.

In the Team Wilds Feature, 3 to 8 Wild symbols may appear randomly on the reels.

At the end of the Free Spins, the team with the biggest total win is the winner of the cooking competition.

If the winner of the cooking competition is your team, then you’ll progress to the Gordon’s Bonus Game Feature

Gordon’s Bonus Game

A series of menus appear on the screen which hold random prizes of 2x, 3x or 5x.

Picking 3 of the same multiplier will bet your prize. The total win from Gordon’s Bonus Game is the sum total of all the prizes, multiplied by the multiplier that you uncovered 3 of.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Bonus

Our Verdict

Branded games often fall short, such as Peaky Blinders, which was a million miles away from being as exciting as the actual series was.

But Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot is a little bit different, offering up lots of different features, and exciting bonus game, and another bonus round if your team is victorious.

The game has a High RTP at 96.07%, but low variance means that only up to 1,000x is available, which might not excite those who like their games a bit more volatile.

Overall, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot good fun, with some entertaining aspects due to it’s branding and presence of the legendary chef.

It’s something NetEnt can be proud of, and we don’t think they’ll be on the receiving end of Gordon’s sharp tongue for how palatable Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot is.

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Slot is an upcoming game, which will be available to play on 25th March 2021