Welcome to the Underworld, and welcome to Yggdrasil’s second instalment using their Gigablox framework, Hades Gigablox Slot.
The first game utilising this mechanic was the light-hearted Lucky Neko Gigablox, which featured a happy and carefree theme based upon Japanese Culture. This time, things are getting a little bit darker.

You’re going to have to venture deep into the realm of the dead to get your Gigablox fix this time, and Hades is waiting with some surprises in store.

What possible joy could be waiting in a land home to the God of Death and his hellhound Cerberus? Well, there’s joy in big wins, and Hades Gigablox Slot is certainly capable…but you’re going to have to travel to hell and back to get it.

It’s interesting that Yggdrasil have taken a much darker tone in this instalment, and it’s exciting to weight it up against Lucky Neko, which didn’t fail to impress.

God of the Dead, King of the Underworld

Hades Gigablox Slot is impressive in the audiovisual department. As soon as you load the game, you’ll be greeted with an impressively animated opening, introducing you to Hades himself, and in game, you’ll see him stood beside the reels, conjuring fire from his hands.

The fire of the underworld burns below the reels, with embers floating upwards onto the reels that have been aptly designed to portray death and suffering.

All in all, Yggdrasil have pulled the underworld off really well, and despite the dark and eerie theme, they have lightened it up a tad as Hades himself cracks the odd joke now and then.

The music in the game is a heavy rock tone, which is perfect for a dramatic setting such as this.

Hades Gigablox Slot Gameplay

Betting and Symbols

Betting options cover the needs of pretty much every player. The lowest option in the game is £/€0.10, with the highest option at £/€100. There’re loads of choices in between the two, so there’s definitely a stake for everyone.

High paying symbols are represented by the monstrous creatures of the Underworld…It’d be difficult to even try to explain what the abominations exactly are, but from highest to lowest paying, these are the red, green, purple and blue monster.

Low paying symbols are a little more recognisable, these are represented by Heart, Club, Spade and Diamond. Wilds may also appear as part of a feature in the game, and these will substitute for all symbols except Scatter.

Game Provider Yggdrasil Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 11,129x
Paylines 50
Release Date 22/10/2020
RTP 96%
Mechanics Gigablox
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.1

The Base Game and Features

Hades Gigablox Slot is set upon a 6×6 grid, and it utilises paylines to award wins. To form a win, you’ll need 3 or more matching symbols across any of the 50 pay lines.

Hades Gigablox Slot has some interesting features, the most important of which being the Gigablox feature.


Any symbol may land as a block, which can vary in size up to a 6×6. Gigablox will trigger on every single spin, so there’s a decent chance of connecting these, but the reel it lands on and the size will of course vary.

It’s a really exciting feature, and the prospect of landing a 6×6 symbol further adds to that anticipation. Another exciting feature included is the Hades Wild Hunt Feature.

Hades Wild Hunt

The Hades Wild Hunt is a random feature in which Hades may decide to fight monster symbols. Every monster defeated will turn into a Wild Symbol, and this can result in some great hits if Hades manages to win a fight against a Gigablox monster.

The Hades Wild Hunt will trigger on every single spin in the Free Spins round!

Hades Gigablox Slot Wild Hunt

Free Spins

5 or more Scatters are needed in order to make your way into the Free Spins round…I know what you’re thinking, 5 seems a bit much, but it really isn’t considering that the Scatter Symbol can also appear as a Gigablox symbol.

As mentioned, a Wild Hunt will happen on every spin in the Free Spins round, and to increase the potential even further, a multiplier feature is also active.

Every successful Hunt will add +1 point to the Multiplier count, and Monster blocks are calculated by the size of their symbols.

To contextualise this, this means that a 2×2 block will equal 4 points, which is the number of regular 1×1 symbols held within a 2×2 Gigablox. You’ll need to get a certain number of points in order to increase the multiplier.

  • 10 Successful Wild Hunts – 2x Multiplier
  • 15 Successful Wild Hunts – 3x Multiplier
  • 20 Successful Wild Hunts – 5x Multiplier
  • 25 Successful Wild Hunts – 10x Multiplier.

Hades Gigablox is capable of spitting out wins more ferocious than the monsters in the Underworld themselves as all of these different features work harmoniously to create massive potential.

Our Verdict

Hades Gigablox Slot was exactly the follow up that was needed from the first instalment using the Gigablox feature, and it almost doubles the maximum win that was possible in Lucky Neko with the potential to reach up to 11,129x.

In hindsight, the game isn’t absolutely flooded with features, but the Gigablox, as well as the Hades Wild Hunt Features work together, and compliment each other perfectly to make for some exciting and nail-biting gameplay.

There are some things about the game that may put some off, for example the Free Spins is a little infrequent, but the RTP of 96% means that you can theoretically expect quite a large proportion of bets back as winnings.

The Gigablox Feature as well as the Hades Wild Hunt did seem to hold the balance quite steady at times, which makes it a lot easier when you’re wanting of a bonus.

Hades Gigablox Slot is available yo play on desktop and Mobile Casinos now.