Katmandu Gold Slot see’s the adventurer Kane embark on another daring journey to the Nepalese mountains.
Initially looking for a relaxing holiday, Kane was looking to find some inner peace, but old habits die hard as he learns of potential Ancient Treasure within the temple. What kind of surprises await this time?

Katmandu Gold Slot is the fifth instalment in Elk Studios Gold Series, and Kane has certainly been on a few adventures so far.

He’s traversed the Wild West in Black River gold, the swamps of Louisiana in Voodoo Gold, the South American Rainforest in Ecuador Gold, and the Native and Primal Islands in Tahti Gold.

It makes you wonder if Kane finds Treasure, or if Treasure finds him. As usual though, we’re tagging along for another escapade that could well prove to be a lucrative haul.

Inner Peace Can Wait

Inner Peace is important for the soul…but so is treasure, so brush aside the quest for wellbeing and favour financial prosperity instead.

The theme for the game as mentioned is set in the Nepalese mountains, or more specifically outside the gate of the Ancient Temple rumoured to hold unimaginable riches. The visuals look pretty good, and the audio fits really well with a somewhat ancient/tribal vibe.

There may not be tonnes going on visually, but that’s okay, the excitement of the gameplay is more than compelling enough.

Betting and Symbols

Betting symbols in Katmandu Gold Slot are as broad as you’d want them to be, with the lowest option at £/€0.20 and the highest at £/€100, and lots in between.

In classic Elk Style, they’ve also included their unique Betting Strategy options.

Those who have played Elk Studio games before will be more than acquainted with this, but for those who aren’t, it works like this.

  • Optimizer – Bets a % of the balance
  • Leveller – Raises after 5 consecutive losses
  • Booster – Raises on loss
  • Jumper – Raises on win

Top Symbol in Katmandu Gold Slot is our wearied but ever determined adventurer Kane, followed by a Dragon, Cat and Bird.

Low paying symbols are what looks like Fire, Air, Earth and Water symbols, followed by more classic A, K, Q & J symbols. Wild symbols are also present, and these will substitute for all except the Bonus and Ice Climber symbols.

Katmandu Gold Slot Paytable

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines 531,441
Release Date 01/12/2020
RTP 96.20%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Base game and Features

Katmandu Gold Slot is pretty straightforward, utilising the popular ‘ways to win’ mechanic. To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 symbols to connect on consecutive reels, starting from the left-most reel.

You’ll start off with 4,096 ways on any new spin, but these can be increased by landing consecutive wins.


All symbols part of a win will explode and disappear, and new symbols will fall in via an avalanche. Each Avalanche will add an additional row of symbols, which increases the ways to win.

  • 4 Rows: 4,096 ways to win
  • 5 Rows: 15,625 ways to win
  • 6 Rows: 46,656 ways to win
  • 7 Rows: 117,649 ways to win
  • 8 rows: 262,144 ways to win
  • 9 Rows: 531,441 ways to win

Historically, Gold Games have played with up to 262,144 ways as a maximum, but now a 9th row is made possible by the Ice Climber Feature.

Ice Climber

Two or more Ice Climber Symbols will trigger this feature. When this happens, all Ice Climber symbols and all symbols above it will be replaced with other symbols, potentially creating new winning combinations.

If this feature triggers when the row is at 8 high, then a 9th row is added for 531,441 ways to win.

Big Symbols

Super, Mega and Epic symbols may drop onto the reels on any spin, covering a 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 space. This is possible for all low value, high value and Wild symbols.

The big symbols count as the number of 1×1 symbols it covers. For context, this means that a super 2×2 symbol will consist of 4 standard 1×1 symbols.

If there are any empty spaces below the point of which the big symbol lands, then it will be turned into a 1×1 symbol that is the same type as the big symbol.

Expanding Win

Any regular or Wild symbol that is a 1×1 symbol may drop down as an Expanding Win Symbol. The arrows above and below the symbol indicate which direction the symbol will expand in when it’s part of a win.

All symbols along the direction of the arrow will be replaced by the expanding win symbol.

Multiplier Free Drops

3 or more bonus symbols are needed to trigger the Free Drops game.

  • 3 Scatters – 10 Drops
  • 4 Scatters – 15 Drops
  • 5 Scatters – 20 Drops
  • 6 Scatters – 25 Drops

The game can also be re-triggered within the bonus, and the number of spins awarded will be the same as above.

In the Free Spins, all of the exciting features of the Base Game are present here, but with the addition of a Multiplier Feature.

The multiplier will be increased every time a Scatter Symbol lands.

Katmandu Gold Slot is a Bonus Buy Slot, the first Gold Game by Elk that features a Bonus buy. This won’t be available for people in the UK, but for our international audience, you’ll have 2 options here.

The first option will cost 100x your current stake, which will give you at least 3 Scatters and a bonus that starts with a 1x multiplier.

The second option is an enhanced version, which will also give you at least 3 scatters, but you’ll go into the round with a 10x multiplier. This second option will cost 500x your current bet.

Watch us buy a super bonus on Katmandu Gold Slot here

Our Verdict

Katmandu Gold Slot is another stellar instalment in a series of games that has proved to be very popular. There’s a lot of different features at play here, and that’ll please those that are looking for an exciting, unpredictable and volatile experience.

There’re certainly a lot of features here that are reminiscent of some of their other games, but they’ve also kept it a little fresh by changing things up a little bit.

For a start, you’ve got the Expanding Win and Ice Climber Features, and both of these can exponentially increase your winnings, and can go on to create more possible winning combinations and increased ways to win up to a new unprecedented level of 531,441 ways.

All in all, it’s a solid instalment, featuring some of the ingredients that made previous games good, as well as some extras.

Katmandu Gold Slot is available to play on most Online Casinos now!