Kenneth Must Die Slot Review 2024

Oh Nolimit City, what have you done this time?

Our favourite non-conformists are making waves once more in their kinkiest creation yet, and the result is intriguingly disgusting and absolutely hilarious.

Say hello to Kenneth Must Die, Nolimit City’s latest to turn heads and evoke controversy. While others rest on their laurels with their generic fishing slots, Nolimit City is busy cooking up something more depraved. Kenneth Must Die tells the story of a man who looks like the epitome of regular to his peers. With a beautiful doting wife, cherished children and a flashy motor to round it all off, nobody would question or imagine that Kenneth has some demons in his closet.

Looks can be deceiving, and beneath the facade of suburban bliss lies a labyrinth of morally ambiguous secrets.

We’re not sure you’re ready to find out what Kenneth gets up to, and if we’re honest, we’re not sure we are. His ‘companion’ in crime is none other than our friend Beefy – even the iron gates of San Quentin cannot contain his forbidden fantasies.

Kenneth Must Die - Base Game

Kenneth Must Die – Base Game

Kenneth Must Die Base Game & Features

Kenneth Must Die is a 5-reel Video Slot, conveying a reel configuration of 2-4-4-4-2. The minimum bet available is £.€0.20 per spin, up to a max bet size of £.€100 per spin, with multiple options in between the two.

Kenneth Must Die has 5 High and Low-paying symbols available, each fitted with 2 interchangeable images. The highest-paying (Kenneth) symbol produces wins of up to 2.5x your bet for a 5-line winning combination. Wins occur when 3-5 identical symbols land from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, across 480 active Win Ways.

Kenneth Must Die has a theoretical RTP of 96.04% and an ‘Extreme’ Volatility rating. Nolimit City has also included lower RTP variants of 94.09% and 92.05%. In addition, Kenneth Must Die has a glamorous max win cap of up to 69,000x your bet.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x - 69,000x
Paylines 480
Release Date 07/05/2024
RTP 96.05% - 94.09% - 92.05%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.20

Big Balls Multiplier

Below the main reel set is a special row dedicated to special symbols that come in from the right. At the start of each spin, the special row receives an incremental Big Balls Multiplier.

The first symbol receives a x1 Multiplier, followed by a x2 Multiplier for the second, and so on. Symbols will split as per their respective Big Balls Multiplier.

An Avalanche feature only occurs when the symbol(s) on the special row is part of a win. Winning positions on the special row will become occupied by the symbols to the right. Each new symbol’s Big Ball Multiplier will be incremented by +x1 on the highest existing Multiplier of the special row.

Kinky Hookup

Kinky Hookup triggers when Kinky Kenneth and Kinky Wife symbols appear on regular reels. Once active, all symbols on the shortest path will transform into Regular Wife, Kenneth, or Wild. All base game wins before Kinky Hookup will be awarded first, followed by Kinky Hookup wins, if any.

Gimp Transform

Landing exactly 2 Gimp symbols will automatically trigger Gimp Transform. Once active, Gimp symbols will transform into xWays, xNudge, Wild, Kinky Kenneth, Kinky Wife, regular Kenneth, or regular Wife. Gimp symbols will also respawn to their original positions in case of an Avalanche.

Gimpier Transform

Gimpier symbols appear on Reel 5 only and can transform into one of the following symbols; Kinky Kenneth, Wild, or Kinky Wife. Gimpier symbols will respawn back to their original positions in case of an Avalanche.


xWays symbols appear only on the special row, transforming into regular-paying symbols when they hit. Between 2 and 4 symbols of the same kind are revealed, increasing the number of ways to win.

If more than 1 xWays symbol hits, each one will reveal the same symbol and size. Each symbol revealed on the special row will receive a Big Balls Multiplier.

xNudge Wilds

Special xNudge Wilds will always nudge upwards until they reach the top of the reel. For every nudge, the Win Multiplier increases by +x1. While nudging over a regular Wild symbol, the xNudge symbol receives an additional +x1 Win Multiplier per Wild symbol.

Multiple xNudge symbols on the same reel will have their Multipliers added to the Win Multiplier. Sticky xNudge Wilds reset the position beneath it to its original size. xNudge symbols that land on the special row will receive a Big Balls Multiplier.

Kenneth Must Die - xNudge Wild Win

Kenneth Must Die – xNudge Wild Win


The xHole feature activates when an xHole symbol lands in the centre position of the main reel set. Symbols from the main reel set are pulled in and spat out in random directions, with split symbols in sizes of 2-8. If an xNudge Wild appears, it changes size and Win Multiplier. After this, the xHole symbol transforms into a Wild.

All winning symbols (including Gimp, Gimpier, Wild, xNudge Wilds, Kinky Kenneth, and Kinky Wife) are sent back to their original positions. Gimp and Gimpier symbols will receive a Multiplier for their split symbol size.

xHole symbols will not pull Sticky Wilds or xNudge Wilds into the centre during a Bonus Game. In addition, it will not pull Gimp symbols if there are 3 or more in view.

Kenneth Must Die - xHole Feature

Kenneth Must Die – xHole Feature

Nolimit Booster

Before or after a game round, the Nolimit Booster can be activated for an additional 70% of your current bet. Once active, a Gimp symbol is guaranteed to hit on the second reel.

Additional options are also available to those outside the UK. These are as follows:

  • Feature xWays – Guaranteed xWays for 6x your bet.
  • Feature xNudge – Guarantees 1 xNudge Wild for 20x your bet.
  • Feature xHole – Guarantees 1 xNudge Wild, and an activated xHole symbol may land 1 of 3 times for 200x your bet.
  • Feature xHole – Guarantees 1 xNudge Wild and 1 xHole symbol for 588x your bet.

Bonus Buy

  • 8 Beefy Spins – 65x your bet.
  • 9 Beefier Spins – 240x your bet.
  • 10 Beefiest Spins – 6,469x – 6,969x your bet.
  • 1 Beefiest Spin – With a guaranteed xNudge Wild (969x your bet.)
  • Lucky Draw #1 – 69%, 30%, or 1% ( 181x-185x your bet.)
  • Lucky Draw #2 – 0%, 31%, 69% (2,169x-2,320x your bet.)

Max Win Choice

Kenneth Must Die is the first slot of Nolimit City’s to offer a Max Win Choice. Before any game round, players can choose a max win cap of 10,000x or 69,000x their bet. The lower max win of 10,000x increases the probability of the following features:

  • xHole symbols
  • xNudge symbols
  • xWays symbols

Beefy Spins

Landing 3 Gimp symbols during the base game triggers Beefy Spins, awarding 8 Beefy Spins. During this round, Big Ball Multipliers do not reset, and regular Wilds that hit will remain sticky on the reels.

Landing a Gimpier symbol will upgrade your current Free Spins mode to Beefier Spins, awarding an additional +1 Free Spin. Furthermore, landing a Gimpier symbol while an xHole symbol is active will upgrade the Free Spins round to Beefiest Spins, awarding an additional +2 Free Spins.

Beefier Spins

Landing 3 Gimp symbols and 1 Gimpier symbol during the base game triggers Beefier Spins, awarding 9 Free Spins. This round works in the same manner as Beefy Spins, however, Gimpier and xNudge symbols that hit will remain sticky on the reels. Activating an xHole symbol will upgrade your current Free Spins mode to Beefiest Spins, awarding an additional +1 Free Spin.

Beefiest Spins

Landing 3 Gimps, 1 Gimpier, and an xHole symbol in the base game triggers Beefiest Spins, awarding 10 Free Spins. In addition to Beefier Spins features, an xHole symbol will appear in the centre position at the start of each new spin.

Kenneth Must Die - Beefiest Spins

Kenneth Must Die – Beefiest Spins


Nolimit City started on a righteous path to creative originality a long time ago, and along the way, they’ve proven more than once that they’re the top dogs. Kenneth Must Die makes a bold statement – nothing is off-limits. Their name says it all, but nobody could quite comprehend how far Nolimit City would take it.

Kenneth Must Die is a sensory overload from its shocking visuals to its masterful audio, and beneath the lube, leather, gag balls, chains, and deafening screams lies a game that has all of the markings of a Nolimit City great. It’s hard to see past the shocking aspect of it, we know, but Kenneth Must Die’s gameplay has a complexity and allure that only Nolimit City are capable of pulling off.

The Max Win Choice gives players options that were not available in previous games, and it opens it up to players with different preferences. Nolimit City’s extreme volatility is both a turn-on and a turn-off depending on if you tilt towards glory and hope or a conservative, risk-averse approach, and Kenneth Must Die caters to both in one game.

Elsewhere, Kenneth Must Die employs proven Nolimit City features and all of them exponentially increase the appeal and potential. While on the subject of potential, the maximum wins here is 10,000x the bet or 69,000x the bet, depending on the options chosen by the player.

Overall, Kenneth Must Die is offensively brilliant. It’s a tale that no others dare to tell, with potential that few others can match. The audacity of its theme and its depth of gameplay combine to create an experience that is both provocative and compelling. Remember Kenneth Must Die as the slot that moved the benchmark on what a slot can be.