Kingmaker Megaways Slot Review

Big Time Gaming have gone and rolled out the red carpet for their sovereign slot, Kingmaker Megaways Slot

BTG are renowned for their Megaways, however in their own words, they’ve “flipped slots on their head to make an incredible new mechanic” in this regal adventure. 

With the potential for unlimited multipliers, up to 7 icons per reel and 16,807 ways to win, it is certainly possible to turn a peasant into a king!

Kingmaker Megaways Slot Theme

As is expected in a slot fit for royalty, there is a majestic theme throughout – Gold plated symbols, crowns representing the bonus symbols and inspirational background music that intensifies your every spin and makes you feel as if you are sending your men into battle. 

To the left of the reels, you’ll notice that it has been adorned with four flags, one representing each of your kingdoms that you must unite in the new and exciting mechanic. 

It’s an interesting and attractive look, and is certainly fitting for the theme that the game is going for.

Kingmaker Megaways Slot: Betting and Symbols

Betting options are fairly standard for a Megaways with a large range varying from the low end £0.20 to £20.00 per spin, so there is certain to be an option for all budgets. 

The high paying symbols are all based on mythical beasts of olde, with the mighty dragon serving as the top symbol for the game, followed by the minotaur, gryphon, and finally the twin-headed snake. 

The lower paying symbols consist of A,K,Q,J,10,9, and there is also a wild symbol which appears on reels 2,3,4 and 5. This substitutes all but the bonus crowns, and in addition, it also has the potential to span over multiple rows!

Game Provider Big Time Gaming
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines 16,807
Release Date 31/07/2019
RTP 96.65%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility high
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Base Game and Features

Kingmaker Megaways Slot brings all the familiarity and fun of a popular Megaway slot, but with enough of a unique twist to the mechanics that it is separated from the usual crowd. 

In addition to the subject of it being unique, it’s also worth noting that unlike a lot of Megaways, the symbols do not cascade either. 

To start with the basics, all wins pay from the leftmost reel and pay to the left to right on consecutive reels, except for the Crown scatter symbol. A win requires 3 or more consecutive symbols, the exception being the highest paying symbol, the dragon, which only requires 2. 

The twist implemented here is that each four high paying symbols represents a kingdom, and if you get a 5-of-a-kind of any of these symbols, it will add a multiplier that will then be reflected on the representing flag. 

The multiplier begins at x1 for each of the four kingdoms, and this increases with each subsequent 5 of a kind win. There is huge potential here with an unlimited multiplier, as there is no cap on the multipliers that can be earned! This gives the player a real sense of progression and contrary to your muscle memory of slots, you actually don’t want to see the bonus symbols! Yes, you heard that correctly – More on that below….

king maker slot review

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Kingmaker Megaways Slot Free Spins

Kingmaker Megaways Slot free spins feature is triggered when you get 3,4 or 5 bonus symbols anywhere across the board. These award 7, 12, and 20 free spins respectively. 

When the free spins are triggered, it is time to harvest the fruits of your labour! All the multipliers you have earned prior to getting the bonus symbols across all 4 kingdoms are added together, and this will be the starting multiplier at the beginning of your free spins. Throughout the free spins, every spin will also have the Max Megaways, which means as well as your multiplier, you’re guaranteed to be looking at 16,807 ways to win.

That’s not all though! Your multiplier can go up even further throughout the free spins upon any 5-of-a-kind win of any high paying symbols.

Upon concluding the free spins, your multipliers will be reset to x1 and be ready to start anew.

Kingmaker Megaways: Our Verdict

With 16,807 ways to win, the max Megaways offered in Kingmaker Megaways Slot is quite a lot lower than some of its successors, however despite this, it certainly has its own charm and offers an interesting and enjoyable mechanic. 

In true Megaways fashion, the free spin bonus can be a tad on the harder side to trigger compared to other games. Due to the multiplier features being prevalent throughout the base game however, it certainly doesn’t feel like a grind and offers a progressive and enjoyable experience, where you actually don’t want the bonus to trigger immediately so you can stack multipliers. Admittedly, this is a feeling in slots that I am not accustomed too!

Overall, if you are looking for something that is familiar yet has its own unique twist, Kingmaker Megaways is an easy pick. Not to mention the potential to earn some great wins!