Kiss My Chainsaw Slot Review 2024

Kiss My Chainsaw Slot from Nolimit City takes us to a sleepy town where an innocent night out takes quite a turn for two party-loving ladies. Take note girls, hitching a ride home isn’t the best idea.

There are almost definitely a few movies on why hitchhiking is a bad idea. Still, stranger danger is a lesson our inebriated protagonists learned the hard way when they crossed paths with none other than Chainsaw Larry.

While the alcohol was flowing, Chainsaw Larry was out to satisfy his own cravings. Many find pleasure in the simple yet refreshing smell and taste of beer, but Chainsaw Larry has more of a bespoke desire.

He finds his Friday night fix in the form of fear, and tonight he’s going wild.

Witness despair, fear, and evil in Nolimit City’s new murderous release!

Kiss my Chainsaw Base Game

Kiss My Chainsaw Slot – The Base Game and Features

Kiss My Chainsaw is a 5-reel slot with a 4-4-4-4-4 reel configuration, but it can reach 5-5-5-5-5. It has from 178 to 259 connected win ways, and to form a win you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel

Winning combinations will be destroyed, which causes the remaining symbols to tumble down, and new symbols to fall into empty spaces for possible further wins.


Wild Symbols can land on reels 2-5.

Wild Symbols come in 3 forms, a normal Wild Symbol, a Charged Wild Symbol, and a Chainsaw Larry Symbol.

When a Charged Wild symbol is part of a win, their gas can reduces but the multiplier doubles for the next win until they are empty. The Chainsaw Larry Wild only appears in Chainsaw Larry Spins.


Scatter Symbols can only land on reels 1, 3, and 5.

Burnout is triggered by landing exactly 2 scatters on the same row. Once all winnings are considered, Burnout will destroy all symbols including the 2 scatter symbols, allowing new symbols to fall into place.

The Ride Free Spins

3 Scatter Symbols on different rows will activate The Ride Free Spins. 8 Free Spins are awarded, and an extra row is added to make the reel area 5×5.

In the Ride Free Spins, Charged Wilds can reach up to 4x before it gets destroyed. 2 Scatter Symbols will award +1 Spin, and if they’re on the same row then Burnout is triggered.

Landing 3 Scatter Symbols will award +3 Free Spins and activate Chainsaw Larry Spins

The Last Ride

The features of the Last Ride are the same as The Ride, but with a guaranteed Scatter Symbol on reel 5.

Kiss my Chainsaw The Ride Free Spins

Chainsaw Larry Spins

An extra enhancer reel is added in Chainsaw Larry Spins, and the symbol payout is upgraded.

Chainsaw Larry appears in this mode in the form of a jumping wild, jumping to a new position on each spin on reels 2-4. If Chainsaw Larry jumps on a character symbol, the win multiplier is increased by +1.

Chainsaw Larry will reveal the enhancer symbols on the same row it lands, triggering one of the following enhancers:

  • Smiley – +1 Spin
  • Lucky Feet – Causes Chainsaw Larry to move to a different row and a random position, leaving behind a regular Wild Symbol. If Chainsaw Larry moves to a position with a charged Wild, the Afterburner feature is triggered which doubles the symbol multipliers on the same row. If it jumps on the initial Charged Wild, all symbols on the row become x4. If jumping on an x2 Charged Wild, all symbols become x2.
  • xSplit – The xSplit will double all multipliers between the xSplit and Chainsaw Larry Symbol. Each split character increases the win multiplier by +1

Kiss my Chainsaw The Final Ride Free Spins

Kiss My Chainsaw Slot Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK can use a Bonus Buy Feature.

  • The Ride66x the bet. 96.34% RTP
  • The Last Ride155x the bet. 96.48% RTP
  • Lucky Draw111x the bet. 96.03% RTP
    • 50% Chance of The Ride
    • 50% Chance of The Last Ride

End of the Road

The End of the Road is reached when Kiss My Chainsaw reaches its maximum 10,900x win.

Poor girls, or rather, poor Chainsaw Larry. Larry seemingly has the edge but in the end he gets what he deserves, and our lovely hitchhikers emerge victoriously empowered.

Kiss My Chainsaw Slot – Our Verdict

Kiss My Chainsaw has that Nolimit City edge that we know and love, and the innovative spin too.

It’s sure to draw some controversy as Nolimit City slots often do. 2 vulnerable girls hitching a ride with a seemingly nice gentleman before he cuts off their foot will put an easily offended audience into trigger mode, but don’t worry, Chainsaw Larry gets what he deserves in the end. Many won’t see it, however, because only the max win of 10,900x reveals Larry’s untimely but deserved demise.

If you knew nothing about the game and you loaded it up, you’d guess right away that it’s a Nolimit City title,  and a slot with the Nolimit City sticker is often enough to give it enough appeal to draw attention before you even find out anything else. The question is, how does it compare to some of their other work?

Nolimit City has created many of what most consider to be the very best, but Kiss My Chainsaw doesn’t quite stand out as legendary. The win potential is good by many standards, but it’s a lot lower than what we’ve seen before. Many head over to Nolimit City City for a chance at hitting the big one, which is why San Quentin and others with astronomical figures became so renowned. Also, the base game in Kiss My Chainsaw can be pretty stale at times. Unlike many other Nolimit City titles, Kiss My Chainsaw feels rather dull in comparison.

If huge win potential and plenty of features is what you’re after, then you’re better off ditching the damsels for a night in maximum security. If, however, you’re looking for something new from a provider that continues to draw attention and innovate, then Kiss My Chainsaw is definitely worth a visit.