Lucky O’Mega Slot Review 2021 

Dust off those lucky horseshoes and get ready to receive the luck of the Irish, as we head over the rainbow with Lucky O’Mega from Microgaming partner, Gong Gaming!

Lucky O’Mega has pots of Gold waiting to be won, Mini, Mega and Major jackpots up for grabs and those cheeky Leprechaun Scatters waiting to pay out.

We cannot wait to see what’s waiting for us over the rainbow, as we dive in to take a closer look at what Lucky O’Mega has to offer!

Lucky O'Mega The Base Game

Lucky O’Mega Slot Theme

First impressions of this slot aren’t exactly exhilarating, and we don’t think it will appeal to all. As expected with this type of slot, the background is in Ireland’s famous Green colour with the infamous lucky Clover symbols throughout.

Sound effects are catchy and joyous which sets the tone for the overall theme, giving the audience an all over ‘Luck of the Irish’ feeling.

The slot itself is nicely presented, although there is not a lot visually in terms of layout to feast your eyes upon, we can appreciate the effort that has been put into the quality of Lucky O’Mega.

Although the bar is set high when it comes to slots, Lucky O’Mega has its own unique qualities that may appeal more to players that have a soft spot for a classic or retro experience.

Lucky O’Mega Betting and Symbols 

Lucky O’Mega offers a variety of betting options, If smaller stakes are your go-to then this slot offers a minimum bet of £0.20 per spin, and for those who prefer a ‘High risk, High reward’ stake, Lucky O’Mega offers a whopping max stake of £220 per spin. With plenty of other options in between, there’s plenty to choose from in Lucky O’Mega.

As we draw our attention to symbols, we can see more of that same Irish influence with Four Leaved Clovers, Pipes, Hats, Mushrooms and Acorns, are you feeling lucky yet?

There are also special symbols such as Wilds and Scatter Symbols, which serves to heighten the potential even more, more on that below.

Game Provider Gong Gaming Technologies
Maximum Bet 220
Maximum Win £/€248,600
Paylines 20
Release Date 13/09/2021
RTP 95.23%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Lucky O’Mega The Base Game and Features 

Lucky O’Mega is a 5 reel slot with 20 fixed pay lines. Forming a win requires you to connect 3 or more symbols across any of the fixed pay lines, starting from the first reel. 

A simple theme has seemingly translated into simple gameplay with the way in which Lucky O’Mega functions, and although it seems pretty average in terms of looks when it comes down to gameplay Lucky O’Mega shows off by giving us frequent wins here and there.

We all enjoy a slot that offers a feature or two, and Gong Gaming has provided us with both Cashpot Respins and Lucky O’Mega Jackpots, these are a welcome addition to gameplay that everyone will enjoy.

Lucky O’Mega Scatter Collection 

Lucky o’Mega has a Scatter collection feature which awards cash rewards depending on how many scatters you land. At the lower levels this isn’t too exciting, but as you climb the rewards become even more formidable.

  • 3 Scatters – 1x
  • 4 Scatters – 2x
  • 5 Scatters – 3x
  • 6 Scatters – 5x
  • 7 Scatters – 10x
  • 8 Scatters – 20x
  • 9 Scatters – 30x
  • 10 Scatters – 50x
  • 11 Scatters – 100x
  • 12 Scatters – 200x
  • 13 Scatters – 300x
  • 14 Scatters – 500x
  • 15 Scatters – 1000x

You’d certainly feel as if you’ve been bestowed with some of that Irish luck if you manage to get to those upper levels.

Lucky O'Mega Scatters

Lucky O’Mega Cashpot Respins

To activate this feature you will need to land 6 or more cash pots, once in play, you are given 3 respins. Each time a cash pot lands within the reels your spins are reset back to 3.

With this feature, you have the opportunity to get your hands on one or more of those Mini, Mega and Major Jackpots!

Once Cashpot Respins are complete, all Cashpots accumulated are yours for the taking.

Lucky O’Mega Jackpots 

Again this feature has been seen a few times in slot games similar to this but it’s definitely oh so welcome, during gameplay you will come across the Jackpot reel on the left far side of the screen, all 3 Jackpots requires a certain amount of symbols to land in one spin and in the order stated to reign in the rewards! 

  • Mini – 3 Symbols
  • Mega – 4 Symbols
  • Major – 5 Symbols

All Jackpots have their own unique amounts to be won depending on your stake.

Lucky O’Mega – Our Verdict

Gong Gaming has proven that even the most classic of slots can still be fun, although there is not a lot going on in terms of creativity, it shines bright in its own way with exciting features and Irish roots.

If you’re partial to an ‘Old School’ style slot then this will be right up your street, however, looking at Lucky O’Mega as a whole in this instance the Cashpot has come up half empty. 

Things don’t look amazing on the RTP front either at 95.23%, which is a little bit below average. In terms of maximum win capabilities though, Lucky O’Mega is technically very capable with a maximum win potential of £/€248,600. 

All in all, your opinion on Lucky O’Mega will depend entirely on what type of gameplay you prefer. If you see yourself as a more modern slotter who appreciates complex features and overwhelming graphics, then Lucky O’Mega probably isn’t for you.