The Base Game and Features

Relax Gaming introduces Mega Masks, a slot game that weaves an adventurous narrative into its gameplay. The backdrop is a lush, mysterious setting that immediately immerses players in an environment where ancient masks hold the key to untold treasures.

The base game features a traditional reel setup, but what sets Mega Masks apart is its unique Mega Symbol mechanic. Masks on the reels can fuse together at any moment, creating Mega Symbols that cover large portions of the grid. This mechanic adds an element of unpredictability, keeping players engaged as they eagerly anticipate the next fusion of masks.

The design of the symbols in Mega Masks is a visual delight. Each mask has its own distinct personality, contributing to the immersive atmosphere of the game. Beyond aesthetics, the Mega Symbol mechanic significantly influences the outcome of each spin, providing a dynamic and exciting gameplay experience.

The game also introduces the Masked Symbols feature in the base game. Certain symbols, adorned with vines, spread their influence to nearby positions, potentially creating additional winning combinations. This feature adds another layer of strategy to the base game, giving players more ways to achieve lucrative payouts.

mega masks slot

Free Spins

The Mega Free Spins slots bonus feature in Mega Masks serves as the pinnacle of the adventure, offering players a chance to unveil the full potential of the ancient masks. To trigger the free spins, players need to collect Bonus symbols, creating an exciting buildup of anticipation.

Once the free spins are initiated, the game transforms, and the masks come to life in a spectacular display. The Mega Symbols become more frequent, covering the reels with their vibrant and enigmatic presence. The atmosphere intensifies as the game’s soundtrack evolves, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.

During the Mega Free Spins, the Masked Symbols feature takes centre stage, with vines spreading across the reels with each spin. This not only enhances the visual spectacle but also increases the chances of forming winning combinations. The combination of Mega Symbols and Masked Symbols during the free spins can lead to substantial payouts, making it a crucial element in the player’s quest for hidden riches.

Our Verdict

Mega Masks by Relax Gaming is a captivating addition and undoubtedly one of the more exciting additions to UK slots websites, seamlessly blending engaging gameplay with an immersive theme. The Mega Symbol mechanic and Masked Symbols feature add layers of excitement and strategy to the base game, while the Mega Free Spins feature serves as a thrilling climax to the adventure. With its visually stunning design and innovative features, Mega Masks offers a compelling and rewarding gaming experience for players seeking excitement and riches on the reels.