Mental Slot Review 2024

Few dare to go as far as Nolimit City in pushing the boundaries with something new, innovative, wacky and weird. This time, they’ve taken it to the next level, some may even say that they’ve taken it too far.

To tell you that Mental x9999 is not for the faint of heart would be a massive understatement. We’ve all delved within a world of horror via slots with werewolves, vampires, zombies and more, but they’re often portrayed in a way that sheds some light on it with cartoony graphics which gives them a more comedic spin than anything else.

If you thought you knew horror, then think again, and be prepared to feel interested, uncomfortable, conflicted and shocked all at the same time as we step into the dreary world that Nolimit City have created, which takes place within an asylum.

Fire Frames, Enhancer Cells and Dead Patient Features tells you but a mere snippet about the content within this slot, but it speaks volumes about its demeanour.

Prepare yourself for a slot like no other, and turn back now if the horrors within are too much to handle. Mental will undoubtedly leave an everlasting impression on all of us as something so brash that we can seldom believe our eyes as we play it, but whether or not the impression will be a good one remains to be seen.

Let’s head to the Asylum together in this Mental x9999 Slot Review. Try and keep your head as we enter this world of horror, but don’t be surprised if it unravels instead as you meet the patients who have long since lost their marbles.

Mental Slot Base

Mental Slot Theme

A first glimpse of Mental is all that’s needed to see just how dark this slot is. Disturbing, terrifying and spine-chilling are just a few words that could be used to describe this slot, but even they don’t do it justice.

In the background you’ll see one of the derelect and unwelcoming rooms of the asylum with a light that flickers on and off, which further contributes to an already uncomfortable experience. None of what we’ve said so far has even touched on the frightening symbols on the reels, which range from eyes, brains, lungs, skeletons and patients named only by number.

The sounds of Mental do not do anything to alleviate the feeling of uneasiness. If anything, it adds to it. Creepy music and the subtle distant screams of patients confirms just how messed up Mental X9999 really is.

Overall, it’s brilliant. Who else but Nolimit City has the minerals to go this far to stand out? Despite its ominous and horrifying manner, it reels you in like a good horror movie. What’s going to happen next? What lies further within the walls of a building that you wouldn’t step foot in for love nor money? It’s so unconventional and we may not sleep easy going forward, but we’re definitely involved.

Mental: Betting and Symbols

Nolimit City always cater to the masses with the betting options in their slots, and Mental is no different. You’ll find betting options as low as £/€0.20 per spin and as high as £/€70 per spin, and with plenty in between there should be nobody who feels left out in this regard.

When it comes to symbols, the Patients are the highest paying symbols in the game. Patient 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 may have had a name once upon a time, but it disappeared along with their sanity long ago. In your conventional slot, lower paying symbols would by your card suits, but not here. Lower paying symbols in Mental are organs, with Eyes, Brains, a Heart, Lungs and a Skeleton.

Special Symbols also exist to help activate some of Nolimit City’s infamous xWays, xSplit and xNudge Features, and there are plenty of features to experience in Mental.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 70
Maximum Win 66,666x
Paylines 108+
Release Date 31/08/2021
RTP 96.08
Mechanics xNudge, xWays, xSplit
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Mental: The Base Game and Features

Mental is absolutely packed with features. If you thought San Quinten was hard to understand, then think again because Mental is insane, pun intended.

To start off simply, Mental is a 5 reel slot with 108 ways to win by default. To connect a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on consecutive reels, starting from the left-most reel.

On it’s own, the potential when connecting symbols all the way across is quite low, but if you know Nolimit City as well as we do you’ll understand that things can change in a heartbeat via the incredible and innovative features.

Mental Slot Base Game

Fire Frames

First up is the Fire Frames. On any spin, 1-13 positions on the reels are randomly turned into Fire Frames. Thereafter, any symbol that lands within these frames are split into 2 parts. Even on it’s own, this greatly improves the potential by increasing the winning ways.

This one is really quite simple. All you’ll want here is maximum Fire Frames, and a high paying symbol within each of them that connects all the way for a win that was previously impossible via the default 108 ways to win.

Dead Patient Feature

Eagle Eyed players would have undoubtedly noticed the x9999 text that accompanies the name of this slot. Max win perhaps? Not a chance. It’s actually much better than that.

The Dead Patient Feature gets activated when there are 2 Dead Patient Symbols on screen.

These reveal one of the Patient Symbols, and a Random Multiplier. This Multiplier can be x5, x10, x15, x30, x50, x100, x200,x500, x1000 or a whopping x9999.

It’s hard to believe, but its true. High paying symbols can actually have an x9999 multiplier, which would result in an absolutely huge win if you connect with it. It’s crazy to even fathom how this is possible, but it is, and we’d be incredibly excited to see this pop off.

Enhancer Cells

At the bottom of reels 2 and 4 you’ll notice 2 boxes labelled 1/4 and 1/6. These are the Enhancer Cells.

To activate the first one you’ll need 4 Fire Frames, and to activate the second you’ll need 6. Each of the Enhancer Cells can reveal one of the below:

  • Patient Symbols – One of the 5 High-Paying Patient Symbols are revealed
  • Dead Patient – Regular Dead Patient Symbol revealed
  • xWays – Reveals 3 symbols of the same kind, expanding the reel height and win ways in the process
    • This may reveal any symbol except for the Scorpion, Spider and Dead Patient Symbols
    • Always Reveals the Same Symbol
  • xSplit – The xSplit splits one symbol on each reel, doubling the symbols in the process. The xSplit symbol itself will turn into 2 Wilds
  • Wild – Regular Wild Symbols
  • xNudge Wild – The xNudge Wild will always nudge to become fully visible. Every time this nudges, the multiplier increases by +1
    • If there are several multipliers, then they’ll add together for a total Wild Multiplier

As you can see, some of ours and your absolute favourite Nolimit City features have made their anticipated return in Mental. They’re extremely proficient in making these features fit every game they’re featured in, and they feel very at home in Mental where they can contribute towards absolutely massive wins.

Mental Slot xNudge Feature

Mental Transform

To trigger the Mental Transform Features, you’ll need to land a spider symbol on reel 2 or 4 in the Base Game.

The Spider Symbol will then transform into an xWays, xSplit, Dead P patient, Wild or Patient Symbol

Free Spins

It wouldn’t quite be Nolimit City without more than one Free Spins round to look forward to. This has become commonplace in their slots; East Coast vs West Coast had West, East and Coast to Coast Spins, and Infectious 5 xWays had Lock n’ Load, Toxic Hazard and Mayhem mode.

It’s seemingly true that Nolimit City have long since abandoned the idea of a single Free Spins round, and Mental x9999 is no exception to the rule with Autopsy, Lobotomy and Mental Free Spins

Autopsy Free Spins

Autopsy Free Spins serves as the lowest level Bonus in Mental. To get this, you’ll need 3 Scorpion Scatter Symbols and you’ll get 8 Autopsy Free Spins.

In this mode, up to 5 positions on the reels randomly gets a Fire Frame for each spin of the feature. Once landed, the Fire Frames will persist throughout the feature.

If you’re lucky, you may even see a Spider Symbol which upgrades the game to Lobotomy Free Spins, which is somehow more desireable despite how painful it sounds. Upgrading from here turns the remainder of the Spins to Lobotomy Spins and awards 1 extra Spin.

Mental Autopsy Free Spins

Lobotomy Free Spins

Lobotomy Free Spins can be obtained via 3 Scorpion Symbols and 1 Spider symbol in the Base Game, or by upgrading from Autopsy Free Spins. 9 spins are awarded in this mode, and it’s a lot more action-packed than Autopsy Free Spins.

Each Scorpion or Spider Symbol with a Fire Frame will award an extra spin during this feature, and in addition to this the Spider Symbol is sticky, triggering the Mental Transform features on each and every spin.

The Dead Multiplier Feature is key here, but it’s a little complicated to understand. Thankfully, Nolimit City have cleared up any confusion with a thorough explanation of how this works.

‘The highest ‘Multiplier’ from each Dead Symbol is collected with its ‘Count’. Count signifies the number of a particular Patient symbols revealed. For example: If 3 Patient-1 symbols are revealed with Multipliers x5, x10 and x15 respectively then Patient-1 would get collected with Multiplier:15 and Count:3. Once collected, the Dead Multiplier would be transferred to their respective Patient symbols based on the Count when a new collected Patient symbol appears on the reels. For example: If Patient-1 has a Multiplier:15 and Count:3, first 3 occurrences of Patient-1 gets x15 Multiplier. Every time a Dead multiplier is transferred to a Patient symbol, the Count decrements by 1. Dead multiplier does not transfer to a symbol revealed from Dead Patient symbol.’

The first few times you see this feature you’ll feel like a new slot player once more. No idea whats going on, but you’re hoping its good, and it can be. The Lobotomy Free Spins is significantly more capable than the Autoposy Free Spins, but neither are as capable as the Mental Free Spins.

You can get to Mental Free Spins via an upgrade too. To get here you’ll need 2 Spider Symbols to upgrade.

Mental Lobotomy Free Spins

Mental Free Spins

Mental Free Spins can be obtained from the Base Game by landing 3 Scorpion symbols and 2 Spider Symbols, and 10 Spins are awarded.

In addition to the features seen within the Lobotomy Free Spins, Mental Free Spins will see both Spider Symbols as sticky symbols, and each will trigger Mental transform features on each spin. In Mental Free Spins, the Dead Multiplier Count for the Patient symbols will not decrement when it transfers to a patient symbol, but it will keep building up when new Dead Patient Symbols are revealed.

Mental x9999 Mental Free Spins

Mental Bonus Buy

Nolimit City have once again included a Bonus Buy Feature, which will be available to those outside of the UK.

  • Autopsy Free Spins – 80x your bet
  • Lobotomy Free Spins – 230x your bet
  • Mental Free Spins – 1000x your bet

There’s also a random option, which is available for 232x your bet. This gives you a 50% chance of getting Autopsy Free Spins, a 40% Chance of getting Lobotomy Free Spins and a 10% chance of getting Mental Free Spins.

This is Mental

This isn’t a feature per say, but more of a screen reserved only for the most mental among us who manages to get the maximum win.

You’ll see this screen if you reach the maximum pay out of Mental, which is a whopping 66,666x. Fitting indeed.

Mental Slot Review: Our Verdict

Mental Slot is serious, serious business. If you’re the type of person with a dark fascination for all things horrific, then Mental might just be for you. Up until now, you may think that you’ve seen a dark theme before through the likes of other games that try their hand at horror, but playing this makes you release how light-hearted they actually are.

If anything, Mental might be just too much for some people. If you’re squeamish then you definitely won’t appreciate the depiction of those of unsound mind or the organ symbols that replace the low paying suit symbols. You may even find yourself feeling a little uncomfortable, it’s certainly not a slot you’d like to fire up when you’re in bed before you go to sleep.

It may not sound like it, but all of this is a good thing for Nolimit City given that it’s exactly the kind of vibe they were striving for. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, and despite how disturbed you may be when you see it, you can’t help but respect Nolimit City for being so brazen.

Feature wise, Mental absolutely does not disappoint with a multitude of features that absolutely screams potential. Nolimit City have utilised all of their tried and true features in a magnificent way here, and it all comes together for a slot capable of a massive 66,666x. RTP doesn’t look bad either at 96.08%, but some markets may get a 94.20% version.

The volatility of this one is extreme. You can theoretically expect a 100x win in 1 out of 831 spins, Free Spins in 1 out of 216 Spins and the maximum win in 1 out of 18 million spins…So don’t expect to see the ‘This is Mental’ screen any time soon.

Overall, Mental is just how Nolimit City describe it. It’s unsettling, but it’s brilliant in every way.