MexoMax! Multimax Slot Review 2022

Note: This is an early review of MexoMax! MultiMax. Details, costs of buys and game features may differ from content of this review upon release

Brave adventurers unite for a Mayan quest within an Aztec Jungle in Yggdrasil Gaming‘s latest title, MexoMax! Multimax

Only the bravest of explorers will survive the Aztec jungle but have you got what it takes to unearth the Mayan treasure and make it out alive?

MexoMax! Multimax is a cluster pays slot with striking (and exciting) ties to the likes of Multifly! and Raptor Doublemax, and that can only mean that it’s full of action, and jam-packed with potential.

The target demographic for MexoMax! Multimax is fans of high volatility slots, so if you’re looking for something big, new, and exciting, then MexoMax! Multimax could be the one for you.

Of course, we’ll be checking it out for ourselves first to see if MexoMax! Multimax is as exciting as it looks.

Let’s head deep into the jungle together in this MexoMax Slot Review and uncover the secrets within.

Mexomax! Multimax slot base

MexoMax! Multimax The Base Game and Features

MexoMax! is a 6×6 Video Slot with a Cluster Pays mechanic.

To form a winning combination, you will need to land 5 or more of the same symbol types either Horizontally or Vertically on the grid.

The minimum bet available here is £/€0.20 (£/€0.25 Golden Bet) per spin and the maximum bet available is £/€100 (£/€125 Golden Bet) per spin, with plenty other options in between the two.

Like Mutifly!, MexoMax! features Cascading Reels. Each time a winning cluster is formed, all winning symbols will be removed from the grid and new symbols will drop down via a Cascade. Once a Cascade occurs, there is a chance that more winning clusters will form.

After each dropdown, a Wild is added to one of the empty spaces.

In terms of symbols, the highest paying regular symbol in MexoMax! is the Red Mask, followed by Purple, Green and Blue Masks. Low-paying symbols fall to a collection of Purple, Green, Red and Blue Aztec Tiles which all share the same pay value.

There’s also a Chest Symbol, which gives extra rewards, such as cash values, extra wilds, extra spins or multiplier increases.

MexoMax! Multimax Slot Base Game

Game Provider Yggdrasil Gaming
Maximum Bet 100 (125 Golden Bet)
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 28/07/2022
RTP 96.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility high
Reels 6x6
Minimum Bet 0.20 (0.25 Golden Bet)

MexoMax! MultiMax Multipliers

Every dropdown will increase that reels multiplier by +1x.

The Multiplier is reset after every losing spin or dropdown in the Base Game, but the multiplier is persistent in Free Spins.

MexoMax! Golden Bet

The MexoMax Golden bet allows players to up their stake by x0.25 per bet to double their chances at hitting Free Spins. This does not affect payout values of symbols.

MexoMax! MultiMax Free Spins

To enter Free Spins you’ll need 4 Scatter Symbols, which will award 8 Free Spins.

Landing 5 Scatters awards 12 Free Spins, and landing 6 Awards 18 Free Spins. MexoMax! may also be triggered by landing 3+ Free Spins Symbols within the bonus round, which gives you 4 additional Free Spins.

Multipliers do not reset in Free Spins, which exponentially improves the potential of the game.

MexoMax! Multimax Free Spins

MexoMax! Free Spins Gamble

We knew it was coming, you knew it was coming. The dreaded Gamble Feature that made Raptor Doublemax so unbelievably brutal is here.

Here’s a fun fact for you. Yggdrasil had to actually change the gamble feature of Raptor because it was just too brutal. The first gamble was a 50/50 chance, and the second one was originally meant ot be a 25/75 chance of winning or losing. 

When the slot came out, both gambles were changed to 50/50, but some adjustments were made to the number of spins to make it fair for both parties. 

In MexoMax, you can gamble your bonus for a chance to upgrade your Free Spins once more with a 50/50 chance. However, losing the gamble will result in losing Free Spins entirely.

MexoMax! MultiMax Free Spins Gamble

MexoMax! Bonus Buy

Players within Bonus Buy jurisdiction may buy their way into the bonus.

  • 100x – Buy into Free Spins with 8-18 Free Spins chosen randomly
  • 350x – Buy into Free Spins with the maximum 18 Free Spins

A super buy is quite nice to have, but with any luck, you’ll get the 18 Free Spins at a discounted rate if you’re lucky when you buy the normal bonus.

MexoMax! MultiMax – Our Verdict

It’s great to see another slot with the spirit of Multifly and Raptor DoubleMax, and it’s nice to see a reimagining of these games in a cluster format.

MexoMax! Multimax is potent in both Base Game and Free Spins with multipliers that exponentially enhances your wins, and the grid size is pretty decent, making it very possible for multiple cascades and bigger wins.

There’s a couple of things that we’re unsure about, such as the Golden Bet. To us, it feels like you kind of have to activate these features as a serious case of FOMO sets in if you don’t. Even with it active, Free Spins can be difficult to trigger at times, so the mind boggles at how it would be possibly without the Golden Bet Feature. It’s one of those things where you’re never sure if it’s all in your head, or if it really is a necessity.

Another aspect is the Gamble Feature, which has claimed many a players balance in previous games.

Gamble Features can be so insanely brutal that they send you on a tilt unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Caution should definitely be exercised if you’re planning to use this feature, because you’ll only really have yourself to blame if it goes into the red, and you lose your bonus.

Bonus Buy players have a bit of wiggle room. If you’re not in the mood to tilt your head off with gamble features then you can buy in straight at the top, but sadly it’s a prospect out of reach for UK players.

That’s our main gripes out of the way, and believe us when we say that the things we love about this slot heavily outnumber the things that we don’t.

Graphics, sounds and gameplay are as smooth as they come, and the potential is there with a respectable 10,000x cap.

RTP is pretty good too at bang on 96%. However, watch out for 94%, 90.5% and 86% (cough cough Germany) variants.

Overall, MexoMax! Multmax doesn’t feel quite as volatile as Raptor Doublemax, and it’s not as capable either with half the potential, but it’s a great slot with lots of exciting moments.

If you’re a fan of Multlfly or Raptor and you’ve a certain soft spot for cluster pays games, then MexoMax is a fine choice.