Misery Mining Slot Review 2022

Misery Mining from the famous Nolimit City brings us back to the mines in a Fire in the Hole xBomb sequel with even bigger potential, and an even more important quest.

How far would you travel, dig and descend for the perfect cold one? Few things in life measure up to the euphoric taste of an ice-cold beer, and our dwarven friend in Misery Mining knows it.

Misery Mining takes us along for the ride as we bear witness to one angry dwarf and his life mission to find the ultimate beer. With unwavering dedication and tunnel vision, absolutely nothing is going to stop this dwarf from getting the liquid gold that he so desperately desires.

Nolimit City has been more than impressive in recent months and years, with smash hit after smash hit that brings unprecedented win potential, mind-boggling features and a lot of laughs. Almost everyone sits in anticipation of what Nolimit City might do next, and although Misery Mining is loosely related to Fire in the Hole xBomb, you’d be mistaken in thinking that you know what to expect.

In this Misery Mining Slot Review, we’ll be descending deep into the mines in search of the illustrious federal beer reserve.

Misery Mining Slot Base

Misery Mining Slot Theme

Misery Mining shares a lot of visual similarities to Fire in the Hole xBomb, which is expected, given the theme.

In the background, you’ll see all of the things a miner needs to make his descent, such as pickaxes and lanterns. A few barrels hug the wall of the mine too, but make no mistake, these are to be filled strictly with beer, not gold.

Visual aesthetics and sounds are always spot on in Nolimit City titles, and Misery Mining is certainly no exception

Misery Mining Slot: Betting and Symbols

Over in the betting department, we have many of the same options that we present in previous Nolimit City titles, with options that start from as little as £/€0.20 per spin.

On the higher end of the scale, you can choose £/€100 per spin if you’re feeling daring, but there are plenty of smaller options between the min and max if not.

In terms of symbols, there’s a baffling number of them in Misery Mining if you take into account the special symbols.

In the interest of simplicity, the regular paying symbols are the Miner, Rat, Whisky, Compass and Pipe. Low paying symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack & 10.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 70,000x
Paylines Up to 823,543 Win Ways
Release Date 15/03/2022
RTP 96.09% / 94.05%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 7x7
Minimum Bet 0.2

Misery Mining Slot In Action!

Check out this video of Misery Mining showing its potential!

Misery Mining Review: The Base Game and Features

Strap yourselves in, because Misery Mining is as innovative and mind-boggling as you’d expect from a Nolimit City title.

To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 symbols to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most active reel when the grid is 3×3, more spaces open up as the wins accumulate, and at its maximum ways, Misery Mining is capable of an unreal 823,543 ways to win.

Misery Mining Slot Base Game

Collapsing Mine

The Misery Mining play area is 7×7 in total, but it’ll start with a 3×3 open area.

To increase the ways, you’ll need to move the barrier one step via an xBomb, which we’ve seen before in other Nolimit City games.

Exploding an xBomb in the centre reels will move all barrier positions exactly 1 step.

Collapses are triggered by these conditions:

  • Winning Combinations
  • xBomb explosions when no win is present
  • If none of the above has occurred during a game round, and there are less than 3 scatters present, the scatters will transform into non-wild xBombs and trigger explosions.

Winning combinations are removed from play before triggering the next collapse, which makes all symbols fall downwards, leaving empty spaces for new symbols to fill their place from above.

xBomb Wild Multiplier

In Misery Mining, the xBomb Wild substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol.

The xBomb feature is one of the later ‘x’ mechanics to join the Nolimit City games, but it’s a very welcome one indeed due to its formidable potential.

Exploding xBombs removes adjacent symbols except for Scatters, Super Scatter and other xBomb symbols. They also increase the win multiplier by +1 for the next collapse.

Adjacent barriers to the xBomb move one step in the opposite direction, and as mentioned, if it’s in the centre then all positions will move one step.

xBomb symbols explode regardless of if it’s part of a win or not.

xBomb Mining

The xBomb mining feature may come as a bit of a saving grace during an unfortunate game round where the Scatters are less than the 3 required to trigger Free Spins, or if no wins or xBomb Wilds are present.

In this feature, any scatters present on the screen turns into non-Wild xBombs. This will move barriers, increase the multiplier by +1 and cause a new collapse.

This is a really handy feature. It has the potential to start a chain of events that would have otherwise been a non-winning spin.

Misery Free Spins

Misery Free Spins can be triggered with 3 Scatters on their own or with 1 or 2 Super Scatter Symbols as well.

Misery Free Spins is triggered with a 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 reel area open, depending on how many scatters/super scatters landed.

Misery Free Spins gives you the option to choose between Mouse Mode, and Rat Mode, which offer different volatility and win potential.

  • Mouse Mode – 8/10/12 Spins
  • Rat Mode – 3 Spins. Activating Coin Wagons or Super Scatters resets spins to 3.

Misery Mining Mouse Rat Mode

In the top row, there are enhancers for each spin, sort of like what we’ve seen before in Fire in the Hole xBomb. There’s Coin Wagons, Multipliers, Bombs, Super Scatters, Bag, Chest, Rat or Dwarf.

Enhancers are activated when a Scatter or Super Scatter lands on the reel below the enhancer, except the Rat Symbol. Super Scatter symbols have multipliers that affect all enhancers activated by this symbol, and enhancers can be activated multiple times in a single spin by landing several scatters on the same reel.

Misery Mining Free Spins

Coin Wagons

5x, 10x, 15x, 25x, 50x and 100x values. When activated, the value of the coin wagon is added to any of the side collector chests closest to it, and it updates with the total win. Coin Wagons resets the number of spins to 3 in Rat Mode


x3, x3, x4 or x5 Multipliers. Activating Multiplier enhances over Super Scatter symbols increases the multiplier on the Super Scatter for the rest of the bonus game. Multipliers also multiply any values collected by enhancers that are activated by a Scatter Symbol


If activated, the bombs drop down to where the activating scatter is and explodes, opening up the surrounding 8 positions adjacent to it. If the bomb goes off in the centre position, then the bomb will explode in all positions except side and bottom collector symbols.

The bomb blows up blocked positions and activates collectors in the side columns and bottom row


The Bag collects all values held by scatters and values from any open side collector chest closest to it. It also updates the total win with the collected value and adds this value to the value of the Scatter that activated this feature


Collects all values held by Scatters in the reel area and values from any open side collected within a distance of 3 reels


The Dwarf will stick on the lowest triggering Scatter. It collects all values in the reel area and values from any open side collect within a distance of 3 reels for the current spin and all remaining


The Rat only appears on enhancer reels 1 and 7. When the Rat lands it will walk down over the collects on the same reel, adding all of the values it passes to an unopened collector chest before opening it. If already opened, it will go to the bottom collector

Super Scatter

Appears on reels 2 and 6. If activated, it’ll jump to a random position in the active reel area. In mouse mode, it adds +2 spins and in Rat Mode, it resets the number of Free Spins to 3

Misery Mining Bonus Buy

As per usual, Nolimit City has included a bonus buy option for those able to utilise such features.

  • Misery Free Spins – 66x
  • Misery Free Spins + 1 Super Scatter – 250x
  • Misery Free Spins + 2 Super Scatters – 1000x
  • Misery Free Spins Lucky Draw – 439x
    • 1/3 Chance of landing 3 Scatters
    • 1/3 Chance of Landing 3 Scatters + 1 Super Scatter
    • 1/3 Chance of Landing 3 Scatters + 2 Super Scatters

Bonus Buy RTP

The RTP will change depending on which bonus buy an option you decide to choose.

The Regular Return to players in Misery Mining is 96.00% – 96.09%, but the bonus buys RTP differs.

  • 3 Scatter Misery Free Spins – 96.41% – 96.47%
  • 3 Scatters + 1 Super Scatter – 96.61% – 96.72%
  • 3 Scatters + 2 Super Scatters – 96.77% – 96.85%
  • Lucky Draw – 96.62% 96.69%

Le Grand Jaune

Le Grand Jaune, or ‘The Big Yellow’ if Google Translate hasn’t done us dirty, is the most desirable screen in the whole of the game. If you see this, it means you’ve hit the maximum win, which is 70,000x, by the way.

Nolimit City titles always but their money where their mouths are too. The maths behind their games is so incomparably insane that if they weren’t capped they’d probably be millionaire makers.

This is probably why they’re able to hit their maximum win so frequently. Well…Once in 60 million rounds.

Misery Mining: Our Verdict

Misery Mining speaks volumes to us beer enthusiasts and gives us an inspiring story about one man ready to dig to the ends of the earth for the perfect cold one, and it’s a great slot too.

We weren’t too sure on what to expect when we learned that Misery Mining was a Fire in the Hole xBomb follow up, but we were pleasantly surprised with how diverse it actually is in comparison.

There are absolutely tonnes of features in Misery Mining, and each and every one of them will leave you in awe and confuse you at the same time. Those in desperate search of beer and innovation will find exactly what they’re looking for in Misery Mining, but those with a fondness for simplicity might want to look elsewhere lest they find themselves completely confused.

Misery Mining becomes clearer as you play it what it’s all about. It’s hard to contextualise it into words on how exactly it works. Some things you just need to see for yourself, and you’ll definitely want to see this one for yourself.

Misery Mining is capable of some monstrous wins, with 70,000x possible. If history tells us anything, then it’s just a matter of time until this win cap is achieved.

Overall, we’re fully impressed once more with just how Nolimit City managed to dream up such a perfect concoction of confusion, excitement and potential once again.