Miss Wildfire Slot will see us embark on an adventure through the eyes of a madman who has dedicated his entire life to Alchemy, wasting his youthful years in the process.
The mesmerising and hypnotic flames come to life when Edgar Woodart stares deep into the laboratory fireplace, searching for solutions to a life wasted in pursuit in empty and hollow ventures. 

What answers will Edgar find within the flames? And what will you find as you stare into the embers with him?

This New Slot promises to be an interesting instalment from Elk Studios, a studio renowned for quality titles with immensely entertaining mechanics and themes. 

A Friend in the Flames

The theme for this new slot Slot takes us to Edgar Woodart’s laboratory, with books and telescopes in the background.

You can also see the Fireplace that Edgar gazes upon when reflecting about his life, which is the very same fireplace that comes to life, bringing us miss wildfire.

The music portrays a serious tone, which almost sounds a little bit eerie.  

The game and backstory are an interesting concept, but the visuals and audio aren’t anything amazing.

The gameplay hopes to convey a different impression though, with some interesting gameplay to keep the flames burning.

Betting and Symbols 

Betting options are extensive enough to suit every kind of player. The lowest option available here is £/€0.20, and the highest available option is £/€20.

There is a lot of different options in between the two, as well as Elk Studios interesting Bet Strategy mechanic, which changes the stake between spins. 

  • Optimizer – Bets a % of the balance
  • Leveller – Raises after 5 consecutive losses
  • Booster – Raises on loss
  • Jumper – Raises on win

Top Symbols in Miss Wildfire Slot are represented by the Red Crystal, the Flower Cube, and the Water Triangle.

Low paying symbols are represented by A, K, Q, J & 10, and a log which will be integral in both the Base Game and the Bonus, especially when paired with the Miss Wildfire symbol.

Miss Wildfire Slot Gameplay

The Base Game and Features

Miss Wildfire Slot is a 6-reel, 4 row slot with 466 pay lines, and any 3 matching symbols across any of the 466 pay lines will award a win.

Pretty standard stuff so far, but Miss Wildfire likes to turn up the heat a little bit with a couple of different features that can make for an interesting Base Game capable of some nice wins. 

Miss Wildfire

Miss Wildfire may land on the reels at any point, acting as a Wild. When she does land, she’ll start walking to the left of the reels, initiating re-spins.

The re-spins will stop when she walks off the first reel. As well as acting as a Wild, she’ll also have a knock-on effect to the low paying log symbol.

If she comes into contact with any of the Log symbols either horizontally or vertically, then she’ll spread Wildfire which will turn the log symbol into a Wild.

The affect will chain to other logs that may happen to be connected to the log that initially caught fire, so there’s a good chance that a few Wilds may materialise from this.

Regular Wilds will also set alight the Log symbols, but they don’t roam like Miss Wildfire does

Super Miss Wildfire

A Super-hot blue Miss Wildfire also exists within the game.

As you’ve probably guessed, she’s a super variant of the regular Miss Wildfire, and she differs from the regular Miss Wildfire because she’ll keep non-burning Logs sticky throughout the duration of the re-spins.

If a bonus symbol lands anywhere on the reels at the same time as Miss Wildfire, it will be held for the duration of the re-spins giving an increased chance to land the bonus

Both of these features bring a potential to the game that makes it interesting. Elk Studios wouldn’t want you getting burned out before you get to the Free Spins…

Miss Wildfire Slot Paytable

Free Spins

3, 4, 5 or 6  Casino Bonus Symbols will land you the Free Spins in Miss Wildfire Slot, which will award 1, 2, 3 or 4 Miss Wildfire symbols respectively. 

The aim of the Free Spins is to collect the Log symbols, which will upgrade the lowest paying symbol to a log, which makes Miss Wildfire more effective.

Extra Miss Wildfire’s also come with the level up, and big hits can materialise when you level up the low paying symbols to logs. 

Our Verdict 

Miss Wildfire Slot is a game that is rather uncharacteristic of your usual Elk Studio games, but it’s definitely an interesting one to add to the portfolio. 

It’s an oddly interesting experience from Elk, and a nice change from their usual flavour of games that all seem to be alike in some way.

IO, Cygnus Slot, and the Gold series all seem to have a common factor in their gameplay, so it’s a bit of a different direction that keeps things a little bit fresh. 

With the positives do come some negatives though. It’s strange to see 466 Pay lines, and it feels like it’d be a little bit better if they adopted a ways to win mechanic instead.

Also, the game states that collecting logs ‘upgrades’ the symbols, turning them into other logs, but it can be a hinderance if you don’t manage to get a good number of Miss Wildfire symbols, as the Logs are actually the lowest paying symbols. 

Miss Wildfire Slot will be available to play on desktop and Mobile Casinos on the 02/02/2021