MonkeyPop Slot Review 2022

MonkeyPop from AvatarUX is taking us to Japan for the 10th instalment in the PopWins series…Tenth! Let that sink in for a moment…It doesn’t seem too long ago that we were introduced to the series by PopRocks.

Avatar UX seemingly already have number 11 lined up with their next release, RagingPop. The PopWins series seemingly has no end, and even we ourselves were somewhat tired with the concept at one point.

It just seemed like the PopWins series had nothing else to offer, but then Lollipop came along to surprise us with a take on the series that was almost unrecognisable from those before it.

Will MonkeyPop be the same? or is it returning to the roots of the PopWins mechanic with typical gameplay?

We’re excited to find out. Join us in this MonkeyPop Slot Review and let’s see how the newest instalment fares.

Monkey Pop Gameplay

MonkeyPop Demo Preview

Check Out MonkeyPop in action!

MonkeyPop Slot Theme

In our opinion, MonkeyPop is the best looking in the series with its exotic and cultured Japanese artwork.

Avatar UX has done a terrific job in creating a really immersive world for players looking to head east with traditional and soothing Japanese sounds and art. Some of the PopWins slots failed to grab the attention of players due to their timeworn typical themes, but MonkeyPop really does stand out.

If we didn’t know better and we landed upon MonkeyPop by accident, then we’d certainly feel that it warrants a spin based solely on its interesting aesthetic

MonkeyPop Slot: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in MonkeyPop are very typical and very accommodating. There’s a low option of £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest bet option is a whopping £/€100 per spin. There are lots of different options in between the two, so there’s certainly something for every kind of player here.

In terms of symbols, it’ll come as no surprise to learn that Monkeys take the top spot as the highest paying symbols in MonkeyPop. It’s not evidently clear which is the best, but you all you really need to know is that Gold is the best symbol. In fact, all of the other high paying symbols have identical values.

In terms of low paying symbols, we’ve got typical Ace, King, Queen and Jack Symbols. Special symbols include the Wild symbol, which substitutes for all except the Scatter Symbol, and the Scatter symbol itself which serves to trigger Free Spins and upgrade symbols in the Free Spins round.

Game Provider AvatarUX
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 5,787x
Paylines Up to 33,614 Ways
Release Date 12/05/2022
RTP 96.50%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

MonkeyPop: The Base Game and Features

MonkeyPop features up to 33,614 Win ways. To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 symbols to connect from left to right or from right to left on adjacent reels.

The PopWins mechanic should be no stranger to most of you by now, and if it’s not then you’ll know the significance of this feature. For those who aren’t familiar, here’s how it works.

Monkey Pop Gameplay 3


Each winning symbol pops and is replaced by 2 symbols, which increases the reel height.

This is repeated as long as winning combinations continue to form. In the Base Game, the reels can reach a maximum of 6 symbols tall, but this is increased to 7 symbols in Free Spins.

Base Game Unlock

MonkeyPop has an exciting feature called the Base Game unlock.

When all reels are unlocked during the Base Game (maximum height reached) then a random amount of the Low Paying symbol is removed from the reels before the player is awarded 2 Free Spins.

The unlocked multiplier starts at 1x, 2x or 3x, and an additional 1x or 2x multiplier is added to the Multiplier counter on each spin.

MonkeyPop Free Spins

To trigger Free Spins, you’ll need at least 3 bonus symbols during the Base Game.

The reel height will begin at 3, 4 or 5 symbols tall in Free Spins, and this can now be increased up to a maximum of 7 symbols high.

The progress of unlocking the reels does not reset between spins as it does in the Base Game, but reels will reset to the height of the shortest reel.

Free Spins Unlock

Beofre Free Spins starts, you’ll encounter a Reward Reel screen.

On this screen, four rewards are randomly drawn from a reel. Here are the rewards

  • Starting Free Spins – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10
  • Starting Ways – 486+, 2048+ or 6250+
  • Starting Multiplier – 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x
  • Multiplier Growth – +1x, +2x, +3x, +4x or +5x

Bonus Collection

Monkey Pop has a bonus collection feature that triggers when all reels are unlocked.

2 Additional Free Spins are awarded to the total spin counter, and a random number of Low Paying symbols are removed from the reels for the duration of the round.

MonkeyPop Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK can utilise a bonus buy option, which gives players 3 choices.

  • Bonus Buy – Buy the Free Spins for 125x
  • Bonus Buy Plus – An improvement on the original Free Spins for 250x
  • Bonus Buy Max – An extended version of Free Spins with higher possible rewards than both previous versions for 400x

Bonus Buy is not available at all bet levels.

MonkeyPop: Our Verdict

MonkeyPop can be a great slot worthy of the PopWins name that has become so popular, but it also has the least potential of any that came before it, with a 5,787x maximum win cap.

This could be a dealbreaker for some. The potential for some of the other PopWins games is astronomical, and while not all of them actually put their money where their mouth is, the prospect could be enough for some players alone.

In terms of features, MonkeyPop has a couple of little features which stands it apart from other PopWins games, but it’s not exactly a huge change. It sort of has us asking the question…Should Avatar UX move on now? Evidently not. RagingPop is yet to come, so if you’re tired of the series then brace yourself for another instalment, even after this one.

MonkeyPop certainly excels in some regards, like design. Out of all of the PopWins games, we certainly think this looks the best. Perhaps we’ve just got a soft spot for Asian culture and the exotic themes that come with it, so many may disagree on this point.

Overall, MonkeyPop certainly isn’t to be underestimated even if the win potential is lower than those before it. MonkeyPop is extremely capable, visibly gorgeous and innovative