Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Slot Review 2021

Star, Storm and Love are back for the holidays in Play’n GO’s latest addition, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom!

Moon Princess and others within the family like Rise of Olympus and Sisters of the Sun has always been unique and popular titles. There’s nothing quite as mesmerising as watching Star, Storm and Love work together to bring wilds and obliterate and alter symbols, and despite the somewhat ‘weeb-like’ demenour of Moon Princess, we’re unashamedly big fans.

It’s been a while since we saw the original trio, but what better excuse for a get together than Christmas?

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Base Game

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Theme

As you’ve probably guessed, Moon Princess this time around has a heavy influence on the holidays, and the theme reflects it with a winter wonderland and Princesses dressed for the occasion.

Seemingly endless plains of snow fills the backdrop, and delicate music portrays a sense of calmness fitting of Christmas. This being said, our attention is very much drawn to the princesses that sit beside the reels. Moon Princess and it’s Sailor Moon inspiration resulted previously in your very typical anime art style, but this time around they’ve been animated to look a little….strange

Play’n GO undoubtedly see this as an improvement. The character model is much more lively than the originals were, but in our eyes its lost some of anime essence that it was originally made to have.

In terms of sounds, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom is full of satisfying sounds when you form wins, but if you’ve played a Play’n GO game in the UK since the new rules were introduced then you’ll probably agree that they’re a bit quiet.

We’re not sure if every other provider is just breaking the new rules, or if Play’n GO has taken them too literally. All of their games are eerily quiet when you’re not winning an amount above your current stake, and if we’re honest it makes them feel a bit empty. Moon Princess and those alike it isn’t exactly known for huge wins until you can get a bit of momentum going, so don’t expect much in the way of sounds if you’re a UK player.

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Betting and Symbols

Play’n GO are always very good at including a wide variety of betting options for players, and Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom is no exception. The lowest option available here is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin.

There are plenty of options in between the two, so there’s certainly an ideal option for everyone in the betting department.

In terms of symbols, Love, Star and Storm are the highest paying regular symbols in the game. Any combinations of the Princesses also pay, but the payout is half of that of any of a line of any single Princess. A Bell, Heart, Star and Bauble are the low paying symbols.

The Wild Symbol is back as the most fundamental symbol in the game. This symbol substitutes for any other symbol except for the Scatter Symbol.

Game Provider Play N Go
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win
Paylines Fixed 1
Release Date 02/12/2021
RTP 96.2
Mechanics Video Slots
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Base Game and Features

To form a win you’ll need to connect 3 or more symbols horizontally or vertically. Winning symbols are removed, which causes remaining symbols to drop down. Wild Symbols may materialise from winning combinations, which helps in contributing towards further wins and clearing the screen.

Just like the original, Princess Girl Power Features will randomly trigger on any non-winning spin. The next feature to trigger depends on which of the princesses sit besides the reels.

  • Love – Love will convert one set of symbols into another set of symbols.
  • Star – Star will gift 1 or 2 Wild Symbols
  • Storm – Storm removes two sets of symbols from the reels entirely. 

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom is true to the original in many ways, but it’s more similar to Sisters of the Sun than it is the original Moon Princess. The original Moon Princess required wins with any of the princess to set off a trinity feature, but this is handled differently in this Moon Princess, as is the multiplier feature

Mistletoe Feature

Winning on a mistletoe increases the win multiplier by 1. During Free Spins this is doubled.


Unlike the original, you’ll now need a Scatter symbol to trigger the Trinity Feature.

We’re still not sure how we feel about this. In some ways we think we prefer the older method of connecting wins with the Princesses to trigger this feature. This method was used in the most recent instalment Sisters of the Sun too.

During a Trinity, Love, Star and Storm perform their Girl Powers consecutively in one free round. If you clear the grid during a Trinity then you’ll trigger Free Spins.

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom takes another interesting cue from Sisters of the Sun when it comes to clearing the grid. If you clear ALL symbols from the grid outside of a Trinity Feature then you’ll be awarded 50 x your total bet, which is affected by the active win multiplier.

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Trinity Feature

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Free Spins

Before the Free Spins begins you’ll choose 1 of the 3 Princesses. Some offer fewer spins, which means higher risk but more potential.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Storm is now the highest volatile option, and Love is the lowest volatility option.

  • Storm – 4 Free Spins
  • Star – 5 Free Spins
  • Love – 8 Free Spins 

Scatter symbols may appear in Free Spins to provide a top up of spins, with +4, +3 and +2 awarded for Storm, Star and Love respectively. Up to 150 Free Spins can be obtained this way!

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Free Spins

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom Review: Our Verdict

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom will undoubtedly enjoy a warm welcome from fans who loved the original, but if part of your fondness for Moon Princess was down to how it worked, then you may be surprised at how this new instalment seems more like Sisters of the Sun.

The anime theme is very marmite to some people. Some can’t stand the eccentric nature of the immensely popular Japanese animation, but some are absolutely obsessed with it. Either way, we think that people will agree that the Princesses look a little strange in this instalment. We’re not quite sure that the ultra animated rendition of the princesses works too well, but maybe we’re just fond of the original.

When it comes to gameplay, Moon Princess has all of the right stuff to be great, but we still think that players will stand by the original. We said the same about Sisters of the Sun. The potential here may be way better at 15,000x, but there’s just something about it that just doesn’t quite excite us like the first one does.

The Scatter mechanic has its merits, but we still think the older way of doing things was preferable.

Overall, we think fans will enjoy Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom. It’s festive theme will make you feel cheery, and its undeniable potential could make you merry. Just don’t be surprised if you still prefer the first game.