Pop Slot Overview

Australian Developer Big Time Gaming are back again with Pop Slot, which is another addition to their 4 reel slot games.

Albeit Pop Slot doesn’t look as sweet, or even edible like Donuts or Chocolates was, but you’ll still want to sink your teeth into this one.

There’s no fluffy prizes to be won here, Pop is a different kind of carnival with prizes that far exceed those available at your conventional Carnival. Here, prizes of over 60,000x are available.

With prizes like this, the profit/loss ratio of the Carnival must be dismal – bad for them, good for us. They’re probably recouping some of their losses by charging extortionate prices at the Donut stand anyway.

But is Pop really capable of such things? and what can we expect from the third instalment in BTG’s ‘4 reel series’?

In this Pop Slot Review, we’ll be breaking down the core aspects of the gameplay, as well as statistics, to see if Pop can in fact Bang instead.

A day at the carnival is always a great time, and now the Pier, the Ferris Wheel and the Donuts stand is at your fingertips.

Pop Slot Theme

Big Time Gaming have done an incredible job with the theme in Pop.

The backdrop shows a carnival that runs along a seaside pier. To the right of the screen, you’ll see a beautiful and picturesque sunset, and to the left, you’ll see a loving tribute to Big Time Gaming’s first game, Donuts, with a Donut Stand with the same logo.

The Ferris Wheel in the background is lit up with neon lights as it spins around slowly, and the reel design is great with a classic carnival style theme.

The sounds of the game range from a silly but classic carnival theme tune to the hustle and bustle of thrill seekers in the background, laughing and chatting as they explore what the Pop Carnival has to offer.

Big Time Gaming have always done a nice job with their game visuals.

It’s one of the areas where their expertise in the world of Online Slots really shines.

One of the great design features of the games is how the reels move, with symbols that roll downwards and balloons that float upwards.

It makes sense when you think about it, but it’s strange to see reels that look like they move in 2 different directions.

Pop Slot is certainly a game you can count on if you’re looking for a little bit of serenity with that sunset.

It’s definitely light hearted, and among a plethora of games out there with fiery and dramatic themes and gameplay, it’s a nice change of pace.

With a thumbs up on the theme, we look to statistics like RTP, gameplay, and the the betting options available with Pop Slot

Pop Slot: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Pop cater to all kinds of different budgets, with options as low as £/€0.10 per spin. The highest option available is £/€20 per spin, but there is lots in between if you prefer something in the middle of the two.

The stakes available may vary by casino, so there’s a chance this could fluctuate depending on where you play.

The top symbols in Pop are represented by balloons, with the highest paying symbol represented by the purple balloon.

Following on from the purple balloon is the red, blue and green balloons, and low paying symbols are represented simply by A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9.

There is a Wild, which will substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter. This is the rainbow style balloon.

The highest paying symbols may not be as instantly distinguishable like they were in donuts, which made it obvious that purple was the most desirable, but you’ll easily be able to see the hierarchy of these in the pay table, as well as their values.

Game Provider Big Time Gaming
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 66,960x
Paylines 256 Ways
Release Date 29/03/2021
RTP 96.54%
Mechanics Pop
Volatility Low
Reels 4
Minimum Bet 0.1

Pop Slot: The Base Game and Features

Pop is situated on a 4×4 reel set up, and there are 256 ways to win in total.

As was the case in Donuts and Chocolates, to form a winning combination, you’ll need 3 premium symbols, or 4 low paying symbols in order from left to right to form a win.

It can be a little weird at first when you connect 3 low paying symbols and they don’t win, but at least high paying symbols connect with only 3.

New to Pop, winning symbols in the game will ‘pop’ which will create something BTG are calling a reaction.

With Reactions, each winning symbol will be replaced by either a Scatter, a Balloon, or a Wild.

Because of this, subsequent winning combinations are possible, which can create some good base game hits if you get a chain of reactions going.

Wild symbols in the game appear on reels 2 to 4 only, so you won’t see this on the first reel. It may however, reveal a multiplier.

Multipliers of up to 4x can occur in the base game, and wins are multiplied by the displayed multiplier for each Wild that substitutes a win. So you’ll absolutely want as many multipliers as possible in a winning way!

The Base Game seems like it’s a lot of fun, with some good potential. As is the case with most Online Casino games though, the real fun to be had lies within the Free Spins

Pop Slot Gameplay

Pop Free Spins

3 or more Scatters in Pop Slot will award 12 Free Spins.

In the Bonus round, each of the 16 positions has a multiplier, which will persist, with the possibility to increment as the Spins progress.

Every time there is a win with a Balloon or a Wild, one or more of the positions on screen will have their multipliers increase.

3 or more Scatter symbols during the Free Spins will cause a re-trigger, which will net you 3 additional spins & an increase in one of the multipliers.

Multipliers will apply to the balloon symbols and Wilds only. The wins are multipliers by the multipliers displayed on EACH balloon and Wild, so each individual multiplier really counts.

The Pop Slot bonus has some serious, serious potential, with wins of over 60,000x possible. This far exceeds the wins possible in Donuts, and is about the same as what Chocolates is capable of.

Whether or not these figures can realistically be reached remains to be seen, but it’s good to know that Pop is a very capable game nonetheless.

Pop Slot Free Spins

Where to Play Pop Slot

Pop Slot will be available to play at Real Money Casinos, with a release due in March 2021. Pop will undoubtedly make it to some of your favourite Casinos that are host to BTG games, including Party Casino and Unibet

In fact, Pop will be available to play at most New Casinos when it launches!

Pop Slot Review: Our Verdict

Pop is a great addition to Big Time Gaming’s portfolio, and a worthy successor to Donuts and Chocolates.

Pop is capable of some absolutely monstrous hits given the right conditions, with wins of over 60,000x available. As mentioned, whether or not this is realistically possible in the real world remains to be seen.

Despite the potential it has, it’s hard think that Pop will be as big as Donuts is. Donuts was the first in a unique series of games, and its still a very popular game today. This nostalgia factor and the proven test of time will be hard to beat, but even if they werent trying to beat Donuts, they’ve still come up with something that’s highly playable with a light-hearted theme.

You’d think that the potential difference between Pop and Donuts would be enough for Pop to take the lead, but if that was the case, then Chocolates would have been infinitely more popular, but it wasn’t.

The RTP for Pop Slot is decent too, which sits at 96.54%.

Somehow, its become sort of accepted among the community that 96% is the anchor point between a decent RTP and a bad RTP. For those who pay close attention to such a statistic, you can rest easy knowing that Pop’s RTP is above this mark.

With high volatility too, Pop will be sure to please those who find their thrills from games with a higher rating, but don’t go expecting that 60,000x win to come easy.

Overall, you can’t really fault BTG for this one. It’s a dependable addition to their 4 slot series, and it’ll be interesting to see if they continue with it, or if this is the finale.