Propaganda Slot Demo Gameplay

Propaganda Slot Review 2022

ELK Studios have returned and with them comes their latest slot, Propaganda.

The name of Propaganda seems to suggest a shift into the political realm on ELK’s part. After all, the word itself relates to the dissemination of information to influence the mind of the people in a manipulative way. The word itself is latin for ‘Propogate” or “Spread”.

A quick search of the word ‘Propaganda’ online brings up many an image of wartime posters, and a quick glance at Propaganda Slot gets you thinking.

ELK hasn’t stepped into the political world in a pronounced way like Nolimit City tend to, opting instead for a world entirely of their own creation. Of course, we’re unaware of if Propaganda loosely relates to any real world events, but it’s certainly a sight.

When you first load the game you’re met with a dismal looking checkpoint and creatures that loosely resemble humans trapped within the confines of a wall. This in itself wouldn’t be as striking if not for the utopia behind the wall and how unobtainable it looks for those prevented from reaching it.

We’ve sparsely spun Propaganda yet and yet we’re fully invested in this world and all that it has to offer. Join us in this Propaganda slot review to learn more about ELK’s very interesting new slot.

Propaganda Base

Propaganda – The Base Game and Features

Propaganda is a 6 reel slot with dropping symbols and a cluster pays system.

To form a win you’ll need to connect at least 5 symbols together horizontally and/or vertically. Winning symbols disappear, causing a cascade of new and exising symbols from above to fill the empty spaces, which may result in more wins.

There’s also a multiplier in the Base Game. The multiplier is equal to the number of symbols within a winning cluster. This multiplier is applied to any subsequent wins, and the multiplier will continue to grow with each cluster. The multiplier is reset on the next spin.

Cluster Slots are somewhat of an acquired taste for many. Some can’t stand them, and some love them and the chaos they’re capable of.

Many do them right, and others just can’t grasp the kind of features needed to make them a success.

If we know ELK, then we’ll bet on a fair few features to make Propaganda as successful of any of their other slots.

Propaganda Base Game

Wild Generation

Every winning cluster generates a Wild symbol that appears in one of the empty spaces left behind by the winning symbols.

This increases your chances of further hits.

Multiplier Wilds

Multiplier Wild symbols that contribute to winning clusters multiply the winning amount of their respective clusters before the total multiplier is applied.

Wild Strike

The Wild Strike feature will randomly turn regular symbols on the board into wild symbols, or multiplier wild symbols.

Propaganda Super Wild Strike

Propaganda Free Spins

Propaganda Free Spins is triggered with at least 3 scatter symbols. 7 Free Drops are awarded.

The multiplier from the Base Game will persist into Free Spins if there were any winning clusters on the same spin as the bonus trigger.

You can get more spins in Free Spins by landing flag symbols.

Propaganda Super Bonus

To get a Super Bonus, you’ll need at least 1 Super bonus symbol when triggering the bonus.

The Super Bonus is very similar to the regular bonus game, except there’s a guaranteed Super Wild Strike on every free spin. Super Wild Strikes randomly replaces symbols with Multiplier Wilds.

Flag symbols are also present in the Super Bonus to award extra spins.

Propaganda X-iter Bonus Buy

Players can utilise a bonus buy feature with Propaganda.

The infamous X-iter bonus buy brings with it many features with a range of costs to suit the player

  • Bonus Hunt – A symbol drop with more than double the chance to trigger the bonus game at the cost of 2x the bet
  • Wild Strike – A symbol drop with a guaranteed Wild strike at the cost of 10x the bet
  • Super Wild Strike – A symbol drop with a guaranteed Super Wild Strike at the cost of 25x the bet
  • Bonus – Guarantees entry into the bonus game at the cost of 100x the bet
  • Super Bonus – Guarantees entry into the Super Bonus Game at the cost of 500x the bet. Each spin has a guaranteed Super Wild Strike. Costs 500x the bet

Propaganda Slot – Our Verdict

Propaganda is a striking ELK Studios slot that is as thought provoking as it is fun.

One of the shining aspects of it is its design, and the very idea of it. ELK are as imaginative as it comes; perhaps even more imaginative than almost everyone else when it comes to creating an interesting immersive world for players.

The dismal situation in which the people of Propaganda find themselves in is a tale of struggle, yet there’s hope just beyond the horizon. Utopia awaits beyond the monitored and observant watch of the bleak world, and you’re just rooting for them to break through the gates to reach it. 

Some might argue that we place too much of our praise on the theme when gameplay is all that really matters, but we don’t think that’s true. First impressions matter, and Propaganda grabs your attention straight away. Curiosity gets the better of you and you just want to spin and see what it’s all about, and ELK Studios does well in delivering with gameplay as interesting as the world they’ve built.

If you really dissect it, it’s all quite simple, yet they’ve effectively used the cluster pays mechanic and Wild features for a thoroughly effectual experience. Momentum will be key, so there’s certainly a few disappointing moments here and there, buy as a whole it’s a very exciting experience.

At its best, Propaganda is capable of up to 10,000x, which is very much in line with their other games. We’d like to see ELK go a little further with something that just blows everything else out of the water, but it’s hard to do so without undermining some of their other games.

Overall, Propaganda is as much a piece of art as it is a game. For us, it was thoroughly enjoyable at every level.