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Rabbit Royale Slot Review 2024

Rabbit Royale from ELK Studios is here and it’s time for war. The oppressive farmers have pushed their luck for too long and the rabbits will only tolerate too much. Poison and Traps have felled more than a few rabbits, but retaliation is imminent and the rabbits are armed to the teeth.

Pitchforks and traps are no match for bazookas, after all, so let’s witness retribution at the hands of the baddest bunnies in what looks to be an explosive instalment from one of our favourite game providers.

ELK Studios most recently brought us the amazing Pirotes, which took us on an adventure with some fun-loving parrots in the Carribean. The Rabbits in Rabbit Royale are fun-loving too, but they’ve got a taste for carnage instead of rum.

Rabbit Royale Slot

Rabbit Royale – The Base Game and Features

Rabbit Royale takes us to more familiar territory when compared to a slot like Pirotes, with 259 connecting paylines instead of a quirky ‘pac-man’ mechanic.

To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel. The highest paying regular symbol in Rabbit Royale is the ghastly looking old woman with the meat cleaver, but keep an eye out for some of Rabbit Royale’s more exciting symbols and features.

Wild To Carrot

If a Wild symbol contributes to a win, then it reveals a carrot with a random value. The transformation will happen after the win is paid, and only if there is at least 1 Rabbit Symbol in view.

Carrot symbols are blockers, but all rabbits in view will individually collect the value of the carrot. A Respin is then awarded.

Rabbit Respins

Rabbit Respins are awarded when a carrot collects a Rabbit or faces off with another one.

When Rabbits are adjacent to each other, they’ll pay each other their value.  The respins will continue as long as rabbits continue to collect carrots, or face off.

Rabbit Royale Rabbit Respins

Rabbit Royale – Free Spins

Free Spins are triggered with at least 3 scatter symbols, with more symbols offering up a better bonus round

  • 3 Bonus Symbols – 3 Free Spins and 1 Rabbit on the first free spin
  • 4 Bonus Symbols – 4 Free Spins and 2 Rabbits on the first free spin
  • 5 bonus symbols – 5 free spins and 3 Rabbits on the first free spin

3 or more bonus symbols during the bonus round will offer up additional spins, and rabbits. The number of spins and rabbits is determined in the same way as when the bonus was initially triggered. A single bonus scatter during free spins will give +1 spin.

In the bonus game, Rabbits are persistent on the reels between spins, regardless of whether or not they face off of collect a carrot value.

Rabbit Royale Slot Free Spins

Rabbit Royale – Bonus Buy X-iter

The X-iter bonus buy feature is available to those outside of the UK

  • Bonus Hunt – 1 Spin with more than double the chance to trigger the bonus game. Costs 2x the bet
  • Rabbit Respins – 1 Spin with a guaranteed rabbit and carrot. Costs 10x the bet
  • Double Trouble – 1 Spin with at least 2 rabbits and a carrot. Costs 25x the bet
  • Bonus – Guarantees entry into the bonus game. Costs 100x the bet.
  • Super Bonus – Guarantees entry into the super bonus with 5 Free Spins and 3 Rabbits. Costs 500x the bet.

The RTP for all X-iter game modes is 94%.

Rabbit Royale – Our Verdict

Rabbit Royale has the makings of a quality ELK Studios slot, but we’re not sure if we love it quite as much as Pirotes, or the infamous Gold Series.

In the Base Game you’re kind of ignoring the regular symbols as you look out for Rabbits and Carrots, and in the Bonus Round you really need some momentum if you’re to see results. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which Rabbit Royale can get moving, even if you did just get 3 Free Spins and one rabbit.

We tested it ourselves and we certainly had a few stinkers along the way, but the Wild to Carrot feature triggered quite frequently, and it wasn’t totally uncommon to land another rabbit to boost the potential.

To really see what it’s made of, you’ll need those Rabbits to face off to impart their values upon each other. Big things can happen when they do, but it’s frustrating when they don’t.

Carrot collections and one rabbit isn’t quite enough, and it’s easy to wonder if 3 Free Spins is fair sometimes. We initially wondered about the lack of generosity when it came to spins, but it proved us wrong a few times, and respins certainly improve the longevity of the bonus. The simplicity of getting those Rabbits together with some good values behind them is all you need for some decent hits, and if you have a few rabbits on screen then it can be absolute carnage.

At its best, Rabbit Royale is capable of up to 25,000x, which makes it an attractive prospect on its own.

Overall though, we’ve a feeling that Rabbit Royale won’t be as popular as some other recent ELK Slots, but it’s a great game if the momentum is there.