Welcome an extra-terrestrial invasion from the Reactoonz slot!
Reactoonz Slot is a highly energetic and playful slot from Play’n GO with a lot of charm. We don’t quite know why these curious aliens have arrived, or what they want, but we’re glad they’re here.

Reactoonz söpt is the sequel to Energoonz, another game made by Play’n GO that couldn’t be more different.

Play’nGO is one of the leading suppliers in the industry, who boast more releases than anyone else, more tools to support ambitions and consistently high quality in everything that bears their name.

Reactoonz was the start of something special from the Casino Software Provider, and really set the standard for Cluster Pays games going forward.

To this day Reactoonz slot is still highly coveted and widely played everywhere, and for good reason.

This game may seem a little confusing at first, especially to those not too familiar with the format, so allow us to explain…because you’re not going to want to miss out on this one.

Extra-terrestrial Action in the Reactoonz Slot

When you load up Reactoonz you’ll be greeted by a colourful assortment of different characters all sat comfortably occupying a space upon a 7×7 grid.

The theme, of course, is a celestial space theme and is simplistic in the way that the background is simply the void of space. The various aliens are animated and emit the odd blink, or movement or sound, bringing a little life into the game.

The sounds and music are quite cheerful and fun, and it really puts you in the mood for a good time with these friendly little aliens.

Reactoonz Slot Symbols and Betting Options

Reactoonz is a cluster pays slot, which is one of the more fun mechanics out there at the moment. You’ll need 5 or more aliens of the same race joined horizontally or vertically to form a win.

The top symbol is the Pink Alien, then the Green, Orange and Blue. The easiest way to differentiate between higher and lower-paying symbols is that the higher paying ones have two eyes.

Lower paying symbols are represented by all the aliens with only one eye, represented from highest to lowest paying, these are purple, red, green and yellow. Wilds are also present in the game and substitute for all symbols.

Betting options are quite extensive for this one, meaning there’s plenty enough option for every type of player to either take it a little bit easy or go all-in for them bigger hits. Lowest Bet is 0.20, and the highest bet is a huge 100.

Game Provider Play N Go
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 4,750x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 01/10/2017
RTP 96.51%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 7
Minimum Bet 0.2

Reactoonz Slot Paytable

Base Game and Features

As previously mentioned, 5 or more of the same symbols need to connect either horizontally or vertically to form a win. Winning symbols will ‘teleport’ or disappear out of view, and a cascade will occur.

The cascade will cause symbols in the position above the winning ones to fall down to fill their space, and new symbols will appear from the top of the grid to fill their spaces until all positions are filled.

There’s a lot of unique features at play that makes the game more interesting while also giving it more potential.


4 matching symbols adjacent to each other in square shape will automatically form a Gigantoon. These 4 matching symbols will merge into a giant version of their former selves and fill up 4 spaces on the grid.

Wins are then doubled in any winning combination that the Gigantoon is a part of.


One random one-eyed (low paying) symbol will glow, if any of the glowing symbols are part of a winning combination, they will leave 2 Wild symbols behind. Wilds substitute for all symbols.

Quantum Leap and Quantum Features

In the top right of the screen, you’ll see an empty meter. This meter will charge up when winning, and when one bar is full, a random Quantum feature will be added to the queue.

A win on 25 symbols is required in order to charge one Quantum feature. Up to 4 Quantum features can be queued. When the bar is charged for the fifth time, the Gargantoon feature will activate instead.

If no more wins are present, the queued-up Quantum Feature will be used, and wins that result from these will contribute towards the next Quantum Feature or the Gargantoon Feature.

The round ends when all queued Quantum features have been triggered and there are no more winning combinations.

The following Quantum Features can be obtained.

  • Implosion – Transforms 3 to 6 symbols into wilds, and destroys adjacent symbols.
  • Incision – A Wild symbol will spawn into the centre, which will then create two intersecting diagonal lines through the grid. Both lines will show the same symbol, and can even turn into Wild Symbols.
  • Demolition – Destroys all one-eyed (low paying) symbols
  • Alteration – Chooses 1 random one-eyed symbol, all symbols of this type will be transformed into another symbol.

The Quantum features are where Reactoonz really shines. Queueing up multiple features at once can make for some of the most exciting gameplay you’ve ever seen.

Early game, and overall, Implosion and Incision are the best ones, as they’re more likely to help you further your progress on the Quantum leap.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want as many Implosions and Wild Incisions as you can until you get to Gargantoon, Demolition and Alteration can help too.

But less so, and shine better when they’re clearing the board of low paying symbols, or turning them into higher paying ones in anticipation for Gargas arrival.

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Here comes the big guy! Gargantoon is achieved by filling the fifth bar of the Quantum leap meter. When this happens, Garga will teleport from the right side of the screen where he was waiting onto the grid covering a 33×3 space.

Garga acts as a wild and substitutes for all symbols. After appearing as a 3×3, he will divide and move with each cascade. First of all, he’ll become two 2×2 Wilds symbols before finally dividing into 9 individual Wild symbols.

New symbols will cascade from above between each Gargantoon move, which allows for more and diverse wins.

Obviously, you’re going to want Garga to connect as many high paying symbols as possible, as this is where you’ll see the best return.

Our Verdict

Even though Reactoonz is highly loveable, fun and interesting…It is also a next level tilt game like no other. As you can imagine, these Quantum features don’t always come easy, as you’ll need 25 wins to trigger each one.

Seeing that bar a slither away from a Quantum feature, or even Gargantoon is enough to make you want to drop kick your laptop, computer, mobile casino or tablet.

Getting Alterations and Demolitions early on can also have this effect, as it’s pretty unlikely that subsequent Quantum features will happen unless you’re lucky, as these serve as more of a set up for Garga’s arrival.

These same features that ‘set up’ for his arrival, can also do the opposite. Quite often any of these features can trigger wins that quite suspiciously seem to cause high paying symbols to disappear, leaving the little potential for Garga.

Still, I suppose it’s to be expected, Reactoonz is a high volatility game after all. It has a High RTP of 96.51%, so it at least means that a decent proportion of your bets should, in theory, be returned as winnings.

Tilt aside, Reactoonz is an absolute banger of a game. It may leave you disappointed sometimes with some woeful Quantum features. If you enjoy it, you might want to check out the second part of the game: Reactoonz 2!