Rocket Reels Slot Review 2021

Hacksaw Gaming are back again with yet another addition to their mobile-focused Pocketz series with Rocket Reels!

Ever wished you could leave your earthly troubles behind and jet off on an interstellar crusade across the cosmos? Well in Rocket Reels you can, but is it a small step for slots, and a giant step for slot-kind? Or will Rocket Reels do the opposite of what it intended and bring you back down to earth?

There’s only one way to find out, so let’s grab our spacesuit and hop aboard the Big Win Enterprise as we go travel at light speeds into this Rocket Reels Slot Review

Rocket Reels Base

Rocket Reels Slot Theme

From the introduction of this review to this current section, we seem to have travelled at unprecedented speed, because we’ve already landed on a peculiar planet!

The background shows a rocky planet with low gravity which is evident by the floating rocks, and the overall vibe is that Rocket Reels is a bit barren.

The music is a slow synth song with an alien feel to it which does well to add to the peculiar feel of this planet. Have we crash-landed here? Or are we on a mission to collect other-worldly materials? You decide.

Rocket Reels: Betting and Symbols

Hacksaw Gaming has always been very good at including a wide array of options for all kinds of players with all kinds of budgets.

The lowest option in Rocket Reels is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin. There are numerous different options between the two, so there’s definitely something for everyone here.

When it comes to symbols, it looks like Hacksaw Gaming has done something pretty irregular in terms of symbol hierarchy yet again. All of the low paying symbols are exactly equal in terms of their payout potential, and the same can be said for some of the medium and high paying symbols too.

The symbol to watch out for here is the strange-looking green rock; you’ll definitely know it when you see it. This symbol has the biggest payout potential, so you’ll want lots of these over anything else.

There’s also a Wild Symbol. This substitutes for all symbols except for the Free Spins and Rocket Symbols.

Rocket Reels: The Base Game and Features

What pay ways mechanic could Hacksaw Gaming have used this time around? You guessed it, Cluster Pays.

To form a win, on this 7×7 grid, you’ll need at least 5 symbols to connect horizontally and/or vertically. Rocket Reels is capable of some absolutely unbelievable rewards if you manage to connect 15+ symbols, with a whopping 300x possible if you manage it with the highest paying symbol.

Of course, a good cluster pays game must-have features if it’s to be a viable option in such a competitive market, which is where the multiplier rockets come in.

Rocket Reels The Base Game

Multiplier Rockets

Rocket Reels and its ascension to greatness will depend very much on the ascension of these rockets.

Rockets may land on the reel on any spin, and when they do they’ll ascend and destroy symbols that they pass through. The Rockets will leave behind a trail of multipliers on all symbol positions that it passed through, leaving an overlay ready for when new symbols fall in their place.

If more than one multipliers are part of the same winning cluster, then the multipliers will first be added together, and then multiplied by the total multiplier value.

In the Base Game, you’ll need 3 or more Rockets on the screen to trigger this feature, but in Free Spins, any Rocket will launch.

Different Rockets leave behind different multipliers too.

  • Rocket 1 – 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x Multipliers
  • Rocket 2  – 10x, 15x or 20x Multipliers
  • Rocket 3 – 25x, 50x or 75x Multipliers

The more impressive looking the rocket is, the better multipliers it drops basically. But if you’re lucky you may just witness the enigma that is the UFO.

The UFO appears randomly on spins where Rockets have launched. The UFO beams up a random number of symbols and clears them from the grid. New symbols will then fall in to replace those removed.

The UFO appears in both the Base Game and Free Spins.

Rocket Reels: Free Spins

To trigger the Free Spins in Rocket Reels you’ll need at least 3 Free Spins Scatters.

8 Free Spins are awarded in this mode, and as mentioned, every single rocket will launch as opposed to needing at least 3 in the Base Game.

The Free Spins doesn’t differ much from the Base Game apart from the number of Rockets needed to deliver multipliers, but the potential difference is significant.

Despite how small of a detail it is, the fact that you need only one to deliver a potential full column of multipliers brings new levels of excitement to Rocket Reels.

Rocket Reels Free Spins

Rocket Reels: Bonus Buy

If you want to launch straight into the action and you’re outside the UK, then you can utilise a Bonus Buy option. This is available for 129x your stake.

The RTP when buying Free Spins differs slightly from that of the main game as it increases slightly from 96.20% to 96.34%.

Rocket Reels Bonus Buy

Watch Our Record Win on Rocket Reels!

Jamie thought he’d try out Hacksaw’s new slot but little did he know he’d be flying to the moon and back with a huge win!

Rocket Reels: Our Verdict

Rocket Reels has significant potential with a 10,000x win capability and solid gameplay, even if the cluster pays is a little bit overdone.

Hacksaw Gaming has certainly found a way to make Rocket Reels a slot in its own right despite its similarities to other games, but we’d love to see something else from the provider at this point. Hop’n’Pop, Xpander, Stack ‘Em and Frutz are all brilliant slots, and so is this, but we’d love to see innovation reborn in the form of something other than a cluster pays slot.

On the other hand, they do this kind of thing very well indeed. Each of their Pocketz slots thus far has displayed its own personality, and Rocket Reels is perhaps the best one so far. The excitement that ensues when rockets fly into orbit leaving behind a trail of multipliers has you on the edge of your seat, and if the conditions are right you need only a small cluster of symbols to launch your balance to new heights!

Overall, Rocket Reels is once again predictable in some ways, yet innovative in others. If you’re a fan of this kind of gameplay then there’s no reason why you won’t love Rocket Reels.