Coming quickly after BTG’s Monopoly Megaways comes Royal Mint. After the popular reception Lil’ Devils Heartstopper feature, Royal Mint Megaways Slot will also include a version of a Heartstopper feature giving something advanced over the normal feature. Based on a theme of Bank with the familiar coloured BTG style gems come a straightforward looking slot theme.

Royal Mint Megaways Slot Theme

A layout like Opal Fruits with a top reel and bottom reel, the first and last reel can have up to 7 symbols while the 2-5 reels can only have a maximum of 5 due to the top and bottom reel.

The graphics are clean cut which is good for a simple design and easy to see however the music is awful and can make you mute this slot quickly. As mentioned, this is Opal Fruits with the extra of a Heartstopper feature so people who like BTG will be very familiar with the layout.

Royal Mint Megaways Bonus

Royal Mint Megaways Bonus and Features

There are two features to look out for, the more short-term normal bonus and the longer-term bonus the Heartstopper.

The normal bonus is triggered by 4 scatter symbols spelling out the work ‘MINT’ and each scatter after that will add 4 extra spins. The scatters will not appear in the top and bottom reels except in the bonus.

The standard bonus will start with 12 spins with the multiplier standing at 1x which then increases by 1 for each win. During these free spins, 3 Gold Bars on either top or bottom extra row will award extra spins and will be added on at the end of that spin.

If during the normal game it spells out the first three letters (scatter) MIN then doesn’t hit the 4th, it will create a gold bar which is collected in two side bars. Once you have collected 40 of these gold bars it will trigger a Heartstopper feature which is the same as the normal feature except it starts at x2 and every win will increase the multiplier by 2 which is double the normal.

Game Provider Big Time Gaming
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 40,000x
Paylines 117649
Release Date 12/02/2020
RTP 96.48
Mechanics Megaways
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.2

What To Look For

This is an obvious slot which a majority of potential remains in the Heartstopper feature. This feature can quickly reach high multipliers which then can give insane hits of easily over 1000x if not 10,000x with the right hit.

This means that the normal bonus can feel weak at times and as it’s not easy to trigger can put a lot of people off. Also, to collect 40 gold bars can take a considerable amount of time and spins, so this is a mammoth task and money.

Apart from that the slot lacks any other route of potential or gameplay and will simply be considered a one-trick pony as such.

Royal Mint Megaways Big Win

Final Thoughts – Royal Mint Megaways Slot

As you can gather from previous comments there is not too much to praise about this slot which feels like an inferior version of Opal Fruits and Lil’ Devil. The slot interface as in the graphic and sound are nothing special and are quite bland.

The bonus is simple and feels nerfed for the sake of the potential of the Heartstopper. The Heartstopper which holds the Golden Bonus as such takes a painful time to achieve and can be a very bitter experience if you get a bad one, which trusts me happens more than you would expect.

Overall, it’s not easy to bonus and playing it can be like watching paint dry. To make this worse there isn’t anything new as this type of game already exists however it will appeal to some BTG fans. Personally, I don’t think it’s a great example of BTG creating something different with their own Megaways licence.