Sea of Riches Slot Review

Ahoy! and prepare to set sail with iSotBet’s first entry into the world of Cluster Pays with the swashbuckling, buccaneer adventure that is Sea of Riches Slot!

iSoftBet promise that the sea won’t be calm, so brace, man the cannons and be prepared to fire them in a slot with multiple modifiers and something they’re calling Stormin’ Free Spins.

It’s surprising that iSoftBet have only just arrived with a Cluster Pays Slot, they’ve been popular for so long now.

It’s not like iSoftBet haven’t been busy though, having recently introduced a Aztec Gold: Extra Gold Megaways, Neptune’s Fortune Megaways and Book of Cai Shen.

As we prepare to set sail with iSoftBet, we look to the open sea with hope that iSoftBet can make a compelling cluster games, and determination to go down in history is pirate legend, with all the plunder to ourselves!

Sea of Riches Slot has some attractive looking features, which is a must for a Cluster Pays game, so let’s dive in and see what Sea of Riches has to offer.

Sea of Riches Slot Theme

Sea of Riches Slot has a tropical theme, with an island background which shows barrels floating in the water.

God forbid the rum has washed ashore, that’d be heart-breaking for any Pirate worth their cutlass.

Overall it all looks pretty serene, but it’s merely the calm before the storm, as you’ll be out on the violent waves as you hold on for dear life in the Free Spins.

Turning the attention to the play area, you’ll notice a 6×6 grid, with a compass at the top right, and a pirate on the left.

The bottom right reserves a place on screen for the modifier charger, which will serve to award reel modifiers as the gameplay progresses.

Sea of Riches Slot: Betting and Symbols

At this stage, limited information about Sea of Riches are available, but we know that the lowest option available will be £/€0.20, with the highest bet yet to be announced.

Going by previous iSoftBet instalments, the highest be could well be upwards of £/€20, but being their first Cluster Pays, and due to the nature of Cluster Pay games, this could be upwards of £/€100.

As for symbols in the game, the most illustrious and desirable symbol is the red gem, which serves as the top symbol for the game.

15 of these connecting together will pay 150x! Fit for a pirate indeed.

Game Provider iSoftBet
Maximum Bet
Maximum Win 2,416x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 07/04/2021
RTP 96%
Mechanics Cluster Pays
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.2

Sea of Riches: The Base Game and Features

Sea of Riches is a cluster pays slot set upon a 6×6 grid.

To form a win, you need to connect 5 matching symbols either horizontally, or vertically.

In true Cluster fashion, winning symbols in the base game will contribute towards reel modifiers. This is called the Captains Compass.

Sea of Riches Slot Base Game

Captain’s Compass

Every win will charge the compass. When a full charge is released, a reel modifier will trigger. These features are commonplace in Cluster Pays games.

  • Rolling Rum –  1-3 Barrels will transform between 3 and 6 symbols into the same symbol
  • Musket Mayhem –  5-12 symbols wil be shot and removed from the reels
  • Cannon Blast – 1-3 Cannonballs will be fired across the reels, removing an entire row of symbols in the process
  • Swarm O’ Parrots – A swarm of parrots will attack the reels, removing from 10-15 symbols in the process.

All of these features will contribute to charging the Compass up to its maximum level, which gives Stormin’ Free Spins at 48 charges

Sea of Riches Slot: Stormin’ Free Spins

During the Stormin’ Free Spins, lightning may strike, which can hit the compass up to 3 times.

When the compass is hit, the win multiplier increases for each strike, which increases the multiplier for that spin.

Stormin’ Free Spins has the potential to go up in levels, with the help of the Treasure Map.

Sea of Riches Slot Free Spins

Sea of Riches Slot: Treasure Map

Map piece symbols will fill the treasure map, and you’ll be taking to the next level if you connect all 25 pieces.

Each of the 4 levels available will have a different modifier. This is called the Wild Seas.

Sea of Riches Slot: Wild Seas

The Wild Seas modifier may be triggered randomly on any losing spin, which will add extra Wilds onto the screen.

These modifiers are the Kraken, Storm, Whale and Ghostship

  • Wild Kraken – A Kraken will emerge from the sea to strike the reels, turning 5-10 symbols wild in the process
  • Wild Storm – A Wild tornado will sweep across the reels, turning 3-9 symbols wild 
  • Wild Whale – A Giant Whale will splash a pattern of 5 symbols onto the reels
  • Wild Ghostship – The Ghostly Galleon will appear on screen, which will add from 2-5 Wild Multipliers to the reels. 

Sea of Riches Slot: Our Verdict

iSoftBet are hitting the ground running in their first entry into the Cluster Pays world.

With tonnes of features, modifiers, a great theme and great statistics, there isn’t much to complain about with Sea of Riches.

The Wild Sea modifiers offers so much excitement, and the game has the potential to hit a nice 2,416x at its maximum potential.

The maximum win isn’t huge by any means, but the game has medium rather than high volatility rating.

Free Spins frequency isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible, with the Stormin’ Free Spins coming in on average once every 221 Spins.

If you love cluster pays slots, and you love pirates, then Sea of Riches might just be the game for you, with lots to offer and lots to experience.

Sea of Riches Slot is an upcoming iSoftBet game that will be available to play on most new casinos from 07.04.2021