Sinbad is back and he’s looking as crisp as ever in a revival of an old Quickspin game, Sinbad Slot.
We’re heading to the Middle East for an adventure with fictional sailor Sinbad as we voyage onwards in search of riches.

Randomly stacked reels, Free Spins, an Ape Bonus, a Roc Bonus and a Snake Bonus await for you in a game that sounds pretty diverse.

But does the excitement of these features and the superb graphics fall flat when you look at the win potential? Quite possibly, the low volatility nature of the game and small pay out potential may rule the game out entirely for those who seek high volatility adventure and massive pay outs.

A first glance of the statistics shows us that Sinbad is nowhere near as latent with potential like some of the rest of their portfolio is when it comes to win potential.

Let’s look at Sinbad Slot, the features and the stats to see what it can do.

Sinbad Slot Theme

The Slot Theme for Sinbad Slot shows off how far Quickspin have come over the last few years with some clean and crisp graphics.

In the background you’ll see a rather scenic picture of a harbour in the middle east as the sun goes down. Rather fitting, seeing as Sinbad was a sailor himself.

The story of Sinbad isn’t quite as notorious as the story of Aladdin, but nonetheless it’s still a pretty famous tale. The theme kind of makes you excited to venture around the world on a voyage with Sinbad. In this particular voyage, we’ll be trying out all of the features that the Sinbad Slot has to offer, but before we sail over to the features, lets dock at the port for a quick check on the betting options and symbols…

Sinbad Slot Betting and Symbols

The betting options in Sinbad Slot cover a wide variety of options. The lowest option is £/€0.40 per spin, and the highest option is £/€80 per spin. With plenty in between, there should be more than enough option to cover the needs for most players. That being said there are a fair group of players who play exclusively on a £/€0.20, so there may well be a lot of people who disregard the game on that alone.

Looking to the symbols in the game, the highest paying symbol is the Wild, which pays 12.5x for a line of 5.

Following on from the Wild is the medium paying symbols, which is represented by various character symbols. Low paying symbols are the White, Purple, Green, Turquoise and Orange Diamonds. The pay outs for symbols are pretty bad, which highlights how low potential Sinbad Slot is.

Game Provider Quickspin
Maximum Bet 80
Maximum Win 748X
Paylines 40
Release Date 23/03/2021
RTP 97.07%
Mechanics Fixed Pay Lines
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.4

Sinbad Slot: The Base Game and Features

Sinbad Slot is a 5 Reel Slot with a 3-4-4-4-3 setup and 40 pay lines. There is a fair amount of pay lines, so this sort of makes up for the low pays, but not massively so, especially when 12.5x is the highest paying line.

To connect a win, you’ll need at least 3 matching symbols to connect from left to right along any of the 40 lines.

The Base Game of Sinbad Slot is pretty uneventful, with the exception of a feature that chooses a random symbol to appear as a stacked symbol on every spin, with the exception of the Wild symbol and the Scatter. It would have been a much better feature if the Wild was a symbol that could land.

Apart from that, Sinbad Slot is pretty uneventful until you get the Free Spins.

Sinbad Slot Base Game

Sinbad Slot Free Spins

3 Scatter Symbols are needed on reels 2, 3 and 4 to trigger the Free Spins. 3 Scatter Symbols will also pay 2x your bet.

You get the choice of 3 different bonus features in Sinbad Slot.

Sinbad Slot Free Spins

Snake Free Spins

Snake Free Spins will give 12 Spins.

The feature within this bonus will trigger when a snake symbol appears anywhere in view on the first and last reel. The Snake will slither onto the remaining reels, leaving Wilds in its wake. This is the option with the lowest volatility.

Roc Free Spins

The Roc Free Spins will give 10 Spins.

In this feature, you’ll collect Diamond Progress Scatter Symbols, turning regular symbols into Wild symbols for the remaining spins. Collecting 7 diamonds will award 2 extra spins, and 2 extra spins will be given once again for 11 diamonds.

Ape Free Spins

7 Free Spins are given in the Ape Free Spins.

Any time the Ape appears, he’ll leave one or more Wild symbols behind which are locked in position for the remainder of the bonus.

Where to Play Sinbad Slot?

Sinbad Slot is yet to be released, but it will be available to play from 23.03.2021 at most New Casinos!

Sinbad Slot will also be able to play at your favourite Casinos like Unibet and Party Casino.

Sinbad Slot: Our Verdict

The concept, design and idea behind Sinbad was a good one, but the game just doesn’t have too much to offer.

The Visuals, sounds and design are all perfect, living up to what you’d expect from a Quickspin title, but it’s hugely let down by the gameplay

The maximum win calculated in Sinbad Slot over 1 billion spins was 748x, which is nowhere near anything like the potential on offer for other Quickspin titles today. If low volatility games are more your thing, then Sinbad could well be a viable option for you. But for everyone else Sinbad Slot just doesn’t really have anything attractive enough to consider it.

The RTP is at least pretty good, at 97.07%, which is considerably higher than a lot of other games, so you can at least hope that the majority of your bets are returned as winnings. As for anything higher than that…maybe, but nothing significant.

The fixed pay lines doesn’t open the game much for a lot of connections. It feels like Sinbad would have been a lot better as a ‘ways to win’ game.

Quickspin should stick more to what they were doing with games like Hammer of Vulcan, Crown of Valor, and Dinosaur Rage, which are all much better reflections of how enticing a Quickspin game can be.