Space Stacks Slot Review 2022

Dust off your space suits and practice your moon walks, Push Gaming is taking us on a journey to the outer reaches in Space Stacks!

Space Stacks brings forth a new feature that is simply out of this world. Reelbets allows you to split your bet between a selection of Instant Prizes, Bonus round Blocks and the Max Block. With Reelbets, you are in control of how you play.

With up to 10 Blocks to place bets on, the choices you make will open up a whole universe of possibilities to win big in the realm of space. Between the Instant Prizes, Bonus Blocks and Max Block, there’s no telling what wins you will find as you venture through space.

From the legends that bought us our beloved Jammin’ Jars and Fat series, Push Gaming has pushed the boat out once more by delivering a unique and refreshing game that stands out from current portfolio.

Will Space Stacks live up to the hype, or simply bring us back down to Earth? Let’s play on and find out!

Space Stacks Base Game

Space Stacks Gameplay and Features

In this section of the review we will look more in depth at how Space Stacks works. Space Stacks has a total of 10 reels made up of 6 Instant Prize blocks, 3 Bonus blocks and 1 Max block.

Similar to placing bets on Roulette and Blackjack, Space Stacks lets you choose how much you would like to bet using coloured Chips of £/€0.01, £/€0.10, £/€1, £/€10 and £/€100. Once you have chosen the amount you would like to bet, simply click on the blocks you would like to play and your bet will automatically be added to them.

If you reach the maximum block limit, a message will appear on the block telling you that you have reached the maximum bet for that particular Block and no further bets will be accepted. During the betting process, there are multiple buttons available that may come in handy.

  • Bet on All – Sandwiched in the middle of the blocks is a Bet on All button. Clicking this button will automatically place the chosen bet on all 10 Blocks.
  • Undo – Clicking the Undo button will remove the last bet you placed.
  • Clear – Clicking the Clear button will remove all the betting chips that have been applied.
  • Autoplay – Activating the Autoplay button will play a number of rounds in succession once you have chosen the blocks and bets you wish to play. You can stop Autoplay at any time by pressing the ‘Stop Autoplay’ button.

All 10 Blocks present themselves in different ways on the reel set. The Instant Prize blocks display a starting Multiplier value of x2, x2, x3, x5, x10 and x50, but the 4 remaining blocks are labeled Astro, Flip, Apex and Max. The Max block that is positioned on the far right has a maximum Prize value of 5,000x.

Space Stacks Gameplay

Enhancement Feature

Once you have chosen your bets, the round will begin as soon as you press the Spin button. Here you will be introduced to the Enhancement Feature which has the ability to increase 1 or more of the 6 Instant Prize values.

All possible enhancements will appear below the Instant Prize values in Grey. The enhancement feature will randomly select 1 or more enhancements, which are then applied to the coressponding Instant Prize blocks directly above the enhancement. The enhancement feature consists of Multiplier values of x2, x3, x5, x10, x25, x50 and x100 and additional values of +2, +3, +5, +10, +25, +50, +100, +25, +500 and +1,000.

Once the Enhancement feature is complete, a number of coloured blocks and blank tiles will start to drop into each column. This will continue until 1 or more of the 10 reels are filled to the top with matching symbols. If the winning reel(s) has an active bet on it, you will win the respective Prize(s).

Feature Blocks

If a bet is placed on the Astra, Flip or Apex blocks and one of them wins, a special Bonus game is triggered.

  • Astro – Awards an instant prize Wheel with 32 segments. The Astro Wheel consists of Multipliers of x2, x3, x5, x10, x25, x50 and x100 and Instant Prize values of +2, +3, +5, +10, +25, +50, +100, +250, +500 and +1,000, along with a Collect segment. The wheel will continue to spin, collecting Multipliers and Instant Prizes until it lands on the Collect segment.
  • Flip – Is a 6×6 grid with selectable Prize tiles consisting of Instant Prizes between 1x and 1,000x and Rocket symbols. During this feature, you will be given 3 picks. If an instant prize is revealed the remaining picks is reduced by 1, but if a Rocket symbol is revelead, the total number of picks will not reduce. . If a Rocket symbol is revealed for the first time, the total win mulitpliers is unlocked, starting at 2x. Each rocket symbol revealed after this will increase the win Multiplier, up to 100x.
  • Apex – Works in a similar fashion to the base game but with a few differences. During this round, all 6 Instant Prize blocks are fitted with new initial values of x2, x3, x5, x7, x10 and x20. At the start of the round, the Enhancement feature will take place. Once the enhancement feature is complete, symbols will begin to drop into the columns. When a column has been filled, the corresponding Prize is collected and the Apex round continues. When a second column is filled, the corresponding prize will multiply the already collected prize and 3 lives are activated. Each additional symbol that lands will reset the lives meter back to 3. When there is no more lives remaining, the Apex feature will end.

Space Stacks Apex Feature

Space Stacks: Our Verdict

Space Stacks was certainly something different for Push Gaming.

Every other game they’ve made has been a slot, but this isn’t, and it isn’t like a Live Casino game or a Game Show Game either. It’s just a game, but it’s an inviting one at that. The first 6 rows and the multipliers on the higher end are inviting on their own, yet Push Gaming has pushed the boat out with Multipliers, The Astro Feature, Flip, Apex and Max Features.

The Max is what you want, as it simply gives you the highest possible win, but it’s great to watch the Astro, Flip and Apex Feature as they pop off in their own unique way…If you can get them. Maybe we were just unlucky, but when testing Space Stacks we found the higher level features very difficult to trigger. They were perhaps more difficult than they should be to trigger to be honest, but the multipliers that enhance the normal columns does well in keeping the balance relatively level.

If you really dissect it, Space Stacks is another indicator of an ever-changing gambling world. A few years ago you might have found regular 5 reel slots and not much in the way of innovation, but now everyone seems to be trying something new. Crash style games and slots that combine elements of classic slots with new features are everywhere you look, and it makes you wonder, what’s next?

Who knows, Push Gaming have always been relatively innovative anyway, so our predictions on what they might make next is a real shot in the dark.

Overall, we commend Push Gaming for venturing outside of their comfort zone in an attempt to create something different. Space Stacks has the potential to be very popular, and it could perhaps be the start of a new era of Push Gaming titles? Who knows, but we’re excited about it.