Squid Game: One Lucky Day Slot Review

Encapsulating the intensity and action of the popular Netflix TV series, Light & Wonder are testing our durability in their latest release, Squid Game: One Lucky Day!

Squid Game is a South Korean TV series created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk starring on the popular online streaming platform, Netflix. The series focuses on 456 players who sign up for a secret contest, all of whom are in a struggling financial situation. Players risk their lives in a series of deadly games for a chance to win ₩45.6 Billion in prize funds.

Squid Game first appeared on Netflix in September of 2021, quickly grabbing a lot of international attention. It quickly became the most-watched series on Netflix and the most-watched program in 94 countries, appealing to 142 million households, amounting to 1.65 billion viewing hours in just 4 weeks.

Light & Wonder are keeping the TV series alive by creating a slot with the same amount of suspense and action, yet in the safety and comfort of your own home!

Squid Game One Lucky Day Base Game

Squid Game: One Lucky Day Base Game and Features

Squid Game: One Lucky Day is a 5-reel Video Slot with 40 fixed pay lines. Wins occur when 3 or more of the same symbols land from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.

This slot can be played for as little as £.€0.10 per spin, up to a maximum of £.€10 per spin, with a variety of options in between the two. Squid Game; One Lucky Day has a theoretical RTP of 96.00% and a max win cap of 4,560x.

The highest-paying symbol here is the Squid Game Logo, followed by the Masked Figure, Doll, Guard, and Player 456. Low-paying symbols fall to the Umbrella, Star, Triangle, and Circle. Wilds substitute for all other symbols except Bonus Scatters.

There are no base game features available here, yet there is plenty of action to be had in the Bonus round, where 1 of 3 Bonus Games can be awarded. Keep reading to find out more!

Game Provider Light & Wonder
Maximum Bet 10
Maximum Win 4,560x
Paylines 40
Release Date 27/03/2024
RTP 96.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Mid
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.10

Bonus Scatters

Landing 3 Bonus Scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5 in the base game triggers the Bonus Feature, where 1 of 3 Bonus rounds will be awarded from the following.

Red Light Green Light Bonus

During the Red Light Green Light Bonus, you will be given a choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 Steps in a bid to reach the finish line and enter the Jackpot Bonus round.

Each step has a level of difficulty attached to it in the form of Skulls. If your chosen steps are completed before the Doll turns around, you will be awarded a Bet Multiplier.

  • 1 Step – Awards between 1x and 10x your bet.
  • 2 Steps – Awards between 2x and 20x your bet.
  • 3 Steps – Awards between 3x and 50x your bet.
  • 4 Steps – Awards between 4x and 100x your bet.

The more steps you take, the higher the potential rewards….yet the greater the risk of death. If your chosen steps are not completed and you are eliminated, all Bet Multipliers won before this will be awarded.

Upon reaching the end of the Red Light Green Light Bonus, you will enter the Jackpot Bonus feature. Simply pick a number of mystery silhouettes until 3 of the same Jackpot Prizes are revealed.

  • Frontman – Awards 4,560x your bet.
  • Pink Guard (Square) – Awards 456x your bet.
  • Pink Guard (Triangle) – Awards 45.6x your bet.
  • Pink Guard (Circle) – Awards 4.56x your bet.

Squid Game One Lukcy Day - Red Light Green Light

Glass Bridge Bonus

During the Glass Bridge Bonus, you will need to choose between Left or Right as you move along the glass bridge. An unsuccessful move will see you drop through the broken glass and take you straight into Free Spins. Each successful move will award an additional Upgrade to Free Spins, up to a maximum of 18 moves.

Each awarded Upgrade will enhance your Free Spins round as follows.

  • +1, +2, or +3 Free Spins.
  • Wild Upgrade.
  • +x1 Multiplier.
  • Removal of 1 Low-paying symbol.

Wild Upgrades

  • 1st Upgrade – Falling Wilds – Each Wild symbol that lands will move 1 position down with each spin until they fall off the bottom of the reel.
  • 2nd Upgrade – Walking Wilds – Each Wild symbol that lands will move 1 position from right to left on each spin until they fall off the reel set.
  • 3rd Upgrade – Locked Wilds – Each Wild that lands will lock into position for the remainder of Free Spins.

Tug of War Bonus

During the Tug of War Bonus, a minimum of 1 Wild Reel will be active that can be tugged either left or right per spin. Once the Wild Reel is pulled, it can be pulled again to reveal additional Wild Reels, up to a maximum of 4.

Spins will continue until the Wild Reel is pulled off the reel set from the leftmost or rightmost reel. As they fall, the losing team will leave behind between 3 and 10 Wilds on the reels, ending the Tug of War Bonus.

Squid Game One Lucky Day - Tug of War Bonus

Squid Game: One Lucky Day – Our Verdict

Squid Game: One Lucky Day captures the essence and gripping tension of the iconic Netflix series, offering players a thrilling and immersive experience.

For some reason, slots based on TV series can feel very hit or miss. Perhaps it’s because it specifically caters to a certain fanbase, or perhaps some just do not do them very well. Squid Game: One Lucky Day doesn’t feel like a lacklustre slot in any sense. It feels like they’ve carefully curated it to be quite viable whether or not you’re a fan of the series, and we’d say to give it a chance even if you haven’t seen the series – it may steer you towards some prime TV viewing in the process.

The Base Game of Squid Game: One Lucky Day can feel like its lacking in features, but the three distinct bonus rounds add layers of excitement, and all of them are cleverly designed to reflect key elements of the show.

In conclusion, we think Squid Game: One Lucky Day is an excellent choice for fans of the series, and perhaps even those that haven’t seen it.