Syncronite Splitz Slot puts a particular emphasis on art and class, and introduces their brand new Splitz mechanic. Syncronite is all about staying in sync with reels and splitting symbols that will present massive ways to win and big wins to match.
Syncronite has been described as a game for the true casino lovers, with premium design and great sound effects.

If you’re more of a slot purist that shuns the eccentric and wacky themes, then Syncronite Splitz Slot might be a game you’ll want to check out.  Let’s head to the casino with Yggdrasil’s brand-new game Syncronite, which is available now!

The Classy Casino

Syncronite Splitz Slot has gone for an elegant theme this time around, focusing on a more classic and glitzy style, which is inspired by casinos in the Art Deco era that boomed in Paris and across Europe in the earlier 20th Century.

Yggdrasil have strived to recreate an experience that would have been felt if you were spinning away in the 1930’s in Paris, and they’ve certainly pulled it off well.

The Art Deco and Paris inspiration may not be obvious to many, but the touch of class and elegance certainly shines through.

They’ve also included music that has ambient sound to further compliment the theme, as well as an upbeat Jazz tune to get you moving when you start spinning.

Overall you can see what they’ve gone for, and they’ve done it well, but there’s nothing particularly jaw-dropping about it.

Syncronite Splitz Slot Gameplay

Betting and Symbols

Betting options for Syncronite Splitz Slot range from £/€0.10 to £/€20 per spin, which is generally more than enough to cover the needs for most players, even high rollers.

There’s a lot of options in between the two, and bets can be displayed in real money values, or coin value if you prefer to play this way.

The Casino inspiration shines through again through the symbols in the game. You won’t be able to miss the highest paying symbol, which is a big, dazzling Diamond. Bells, Cherries and Dice make up the other high paying symbols.

Which is a nod to an older era of gaming, and poker chips with card suits make up the low paying symbols.

Game Provider Yggdrasil Gaming
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 64,000x
Paylines 729 - 21,168
Release Date 24/11/2020
RTP 96%
Mechanics Splitz
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.1

Syncronite Splitz Features

Usually we like to title this one ‘The Base Game and Features’, but Syncronite Splitz Slot doesn’t actually have a bonus round, so you can’t really call it a Base Game if there isn’t anything else.

Regardless, Syncronite Splitz Slot does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

To start off with the basics, Syncronite Splitz Slot is a ways to win game, which means that to form a win, you’ll need 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels, starting from the left-most reel.

The ways can vary, depending on how many symbols you have on each reel, but it’ll range from 729 – 21,169.

Syncronite Splitz Feature

Synced Reels

Every spin, at least 2 reels will synchronize, causing them both to land mirror images of each other in terms of the symbols they present.

This can vary from 2 – 6 synced reels, and needless to say that synchronising all 6 can result in some seriously impressive wins. These wins can be made even more impressive by the new Splitz mechanic introduced for the first time in this game.

Splitz Symbols

Splitz symbols may land on the reels, and they can be split up, revealing up to 8 symbols. All splitz in one spin will present the same symbol, and these can only land on synchronised reels.

This can exponentially increase the ways to when they split, and this is what makes the 21,169 ways possible. Imagine for a moment the scenes if 6 reels synchronised and a Splitz symbol landed on each!

Our Verdict

Syncronite Splitz Slot does a lot of things right, and the game does have some massive potential, with wins possible of up to a staggering 64,000x.

Despite doing a lot of things right, there’s a couple of very important aspects missing from Syncronite Splits Slot.

For one, there’s no Casino Bonus feature at all, and some may argue that it doesn’t need one with the possibility to synchronise every reel on a normal spin, as well as the Splitz symbols, but it still feels a little hollow without one.

The other thing is the fun factor, perhaps directly correlated to the fact that there’s no bonus, but it can get extremely boring quite quickly.

Twin Spin Megaways comes to mind when you play due to the synchronised reels, but that game does have a bonus round, making it seem like a much better option.

Syncronite Splitz Slot is available to play on desktop and Mobile Casinos now.