The Goonies Slot Review 2024

The Goonies Slot is a new slot from Blueprint which revisits the same design as Ted with some interesting twists. The Goonies Slot is based on the Steven Spielberg film from 1985 featuring 4 children on a adventure to get One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure.

Slot Mechanics/Features

This has the familiar Blueprint feel of features with some new twists. As normal you can get random features or a bonus feature.

Let’s start with the random feature called One-Eyed Willy’s Riches which is randomly activated by the skull above the play button turning green.

However just like a typical Blueprint this can trick you and not activate either. Once activated you are presented with 3 Keys and it the key you choose may have the following feature:

  • Truffle Shuffle Wilds – Wilds can go on the reels turning various positions wild for one turn.
  • Mikey’s Hidden Riches – Any of the reel(s) can be turned into a wild reel.
  • Data’s Colossal Symbol – 3 reels next to each other are turned into one Colossal Reel of 3×3.
  • Mouth’s Lucky Coins – A random number of gold coins appear on each reel. Once the reels have stopped all the gold coins will turn into on mystery symbol.
  • One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost – A larger bonus symbol is added to each reel to give a better chance to trigger the bonus.
  • Sloth’s Win Spin – Guaranteed to give a big winning spin by changing symbols.


Bonus Game Yes
Free Spins Yes
Autoplay Yes
Multipliers Yes
Wilds Yes
Jackpots No
Megaways No
Bonus Buy No

The Goonies Slot Features

There are also two additional random modifiers which can trigger on any spin which will turn a loosing spin into a winning one. A scythe can appear which will reset the reels into a win and a cave will collapse to reveal a win also.

The normal bonus is triggered by 3 or more bonus symbols which will take you a wheel to spin which bonus will be chosen for you, these are:

  • Fratelli Hideout Bonus – Pick a key to reveal one of three possibilities: CASH ADD, HIDDEN TUNNEL or COLLECT. Cash Add will add a cash amount to your win and Collect will stop the bonus. However, if you get Hidden Tunnel the player can trigger any of the other 5 additional Bonuses.
  • Skeleton Organ Bonus – The player is given the choice of many organ keys to press. If a character is selected it will multiply (by what is shown) the bet and add to total. An Upgrade symbol will increase the payout of all the characters whilst 3 keys will open the door to an additional feature. Hit three skull and crossbones and all your lives will go and you end the feature.
  • Super Sloth Free Spins – A new set of reels will appear which have symbols of the Fratelli family on them. If during any spin the Super Sloth symbol lands it will turn all the Fratelli symbols all to the top symbol. At the end of the free spins you have a chance to get some extra free spins, One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure Bonus or collect to end it.
  • Goonies Go Wild Free Spins – After the first spin, one of the symbols will become wild. At the end of the free spins you will be given some Copperpot Doubloons which can give Extra Spins (up to 5 with all the Goonies wild), One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure (feature) or Collect which will end the feature.
  • Inferno Free Spins – At the start of each spin the Inferno will move across the reels from right to left turning between 1 to 3 reels wild. At the end it will give a wheel which can give Extra Spins (Retrigger), One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure (feature) or Collect which will end the feature.
  • One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure – Collect 5 Bonus symbols or to land it will trigger it. The values will spin then stop awarding that win, this will continue until the booby trap is triggered.

Like all these types of Blueprints the feature can be gambled until either Mystery Win is hit or the top feature is awarded. A little change to this is that on some occasions the gamble will turn into super gamble when spun, guaranteeing a win. Be warned the odds of winning are not always as shown on screen (i.e. not 50/50).

The Goonies Slot Bonus

What to look for

The bonus has a lot of potential at all levels, however you will notice that the lower levels are harder to hit that potential than the top level. Its based very much like similar other best slots like Ted, Paws of Fury, King Kong Cash etc.

The biggest wins are in the One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure which can easily give wins of 100x – 500x on it. However, there is great potential in most of the features too. With so many bonuses available in this game it can be hard to say where the best one is.

The game feels like a Mid-High volatility slot with the potential to easily get 100x to 500x but also with the right setup up to 1000x. There are a lot of teases and lots of things can happen at any time however, I feel like this slot like another new Blueprint are harder to bonus and harder to get the higher features.

Whether this is true or not will be seen after a while but is our first impression of the game.

Final Thoughts

This is a Blueprint slot at its best, there is so much to like about it and this is the best of its kind since Ted came out. The teases however are full on in this game, more so than normal or seems so. This will delight a fan of the Film and Blueprint slots and will be the hate of anyone who does not like Blueprints.

Graphics and Sounds are spot on and stick to the theme amazingly well. The range of features are well balanced and interesting especially with the new twists of the end trigger bit. This is everything you want a slot to be for it to be entertaining. It was hard not to keep playing it!

I expect this slot to divide opinion but as we like Blueprints it’s going to be a thumbs up here and expect to see a lot of it on stream!!!