Tikipop Slot Overview

Yggdrasil partners AvatarUX return with another exciting instalment in the PopWins series with TikPop Slot.

TikiPop Slot promises all the action that you know and love, with an enticing new theme, absurd potential and undeniable excitement.

TikiPop is the 5th instalment in the PopWins series.

First, we had PopRocks, then WildPops, CherryPop and most recently, BountyPop. Each of their games use the same mechanic, but each of them vary quite differently in potential.

PopRocks still holds the title for biggest potential win with a whopping 72,188x capability. PopRocks wasn’t necessarily the best though, it’s going to be quite hard to beat the masterpiece that is BountyPop, but Avatar UX are going to try anyway!

An Epic Tribal Adventure

TikiPop Slot has an incredible design when compared to some of the previous PopWin games.

TikiPop Slot features a dense Jungle background, as well as tribal music to create an immersive theme. The Symbols and reel design themselves also deserve a mention, which have been designed brilliantly and fit well with the theme of the game.

Some may say that the PopWins series had a somewhat humble beginning with Pop Rocks and WildPops, but the truth is that the design quality of these games have always been top notch.

Betting and Symbols

Bet settings once again cover a wide array of different options, ranging from £/€0.20 at its lowest to £/€50 at its highest. There are plenty of different options in between too, so there is definitely an ideal option for all

High paying symbols in Tikipop Slot are rather aptly represented by Tiki Symbols. The highest paying symbol is a Golden Tiki Symbol, but it may only appear in Free Spins. Other high paying symbols are the Blue, Purple, Green, Orange and Pink Tiki symbols.

Low paying symbols are represented by A, K, Q & J,

Game Provider AvatarUX
Maximum Bet 50
Maximum Win 32,000x
Paylines 243 - 33,615 Ways
Release Date 22/02/2021
RTP 96.10%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Base Game and Features

TikiPop Slot utilises a ways to win function, much like the previous games did. It also pays from left to right, and right to left.

As standard, the ways to win on any new spin is 243, but it will increase as you form wins thanks to the PopWins mechanic.


Each winning symbol will pop and replace the symbol by 2 more, increasing the height of the reel.

This repeats as long as there are more wins, and the maximum height that the reel may reach is 5 in the Base Game, and 7 in Free Spins.

The reel will only increase in height if there is a winning symbol on that reel.

TikiPop Slot Gameplay

Base Game Multiplier

If the reels are fully increased to their maximum height of 5, then a fixed 2x multiplier will apply to all wins until there are no more winning combinations.

Free Spins

Some of the older games awarded Free Spins when the reels reached their maximum height, but TikiPop Slot uses Scatter symbols like Bounty Pop did.

3 or more are needed in order to progress to the Casino Bonus round.

  • 3 Scatters – Level 1, 7 Spins
  • 4 Scatters – Level 2, 11 Spins
  • 5 Scatters – Level 3, 15 Spins

The Reel Configuration will be randomised, so you’ll start with one of the following set ups

  • 4-3-3-3-4
  • 4-4-3-4-4
  • 4-4-4-4-4
  • 5-4-3-4-5
  • 5-5-5-5-5

Free Spins in TikiPop Slot will start at 1x but will increase by an increment of +1 for every win. If all reels reach their maximum height, then the increment will increase to +2 for every win.

Reels will be evened out on every new spin, with all reels decreasing to the height of the shortest reel.

You may also be awarded additional spins in TikiPop Slot, which is achieved when the Reels reach their maximum height of 7. This awards 2, 3 or 4 extra Spins

Gamble Wheel

If you triggered the bonus with 3 or 4 Scatters, then you’ll have the chance to gamble for the maximum 15 Spins.

  • Level 1 – Gamble chance is 50/50 to be awarded a Level 2 Bonus with 11 Spins
  • Level 2 – Gamble chance is 50/50 to be awarded a Level 3 Bonus with 15 Spins

TikiPop Slot Gamble Wheel

There is no Guarantee on the Spins, even after a successful gamble to level 2. Landing in the ‘No Win’ zone will take you back to the Base Game.

Bonus Buy

Players outside of the UK can utilise a bonus buy option for 100x your current stake. The Spins can also be gambled up to a Level 2 or Level 3 Bonus for 11 or 15 Spins just like if you landed it naturally.

Our Verdict

The PopWins series shows no signs of slowing down, with constant improvements as the series progresses.

The game is highly volatile with massive win potential of up to 32,000x, which may not be as much as some of the older PopWins games but is still formidable.

The visuals and design for this one can really be praised, with a flawless take on a Tiki design. It just goes to show how much emphasis Avatar UX put into the quality of build.

TikiPop have taken a different direction to the Bronze, Silver and Gold wheel that was present in BountyPop, which was a little bit more suspenseful than the increasing multiplier, but it works just as well.

Overall, another solid PopWins game. TikiPop Slot is definitely something to look forward to, offering dynamic gameplay and exciting prospects.

TikiPop Slot is an upcoming game that will be available to play at most New Casinos from 22/02/2021.