Trolls Bridge 2 Slot Review

Everyone hates trolls, unless they’re funny, interactive and willing to pay you money for your time. We’re talking about Trolls Bridge 2 Slot, a sequel to one of the most successful slots from Malta-based Yggdrasil.

Being a sequel, this game has made plenty of improvements to the original versions. The graphics are beautiful and advanced. There are more paylines and bonus features while the four trolls in this game are more rewarding.

Ready to give Trolls Bridge 2 Slot a shot? Start by reading our extensive review below.

Trolls Bridge 2 slot review

Trolls Bridge 2: Overview and Betting

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot is a video slot with five reels and 25 paylines. It has an above average RTP of 96.7% and countless in-bonus features. You can play the game free of charge through its demo mode. But if you want to make money in this game, prepare to spend between 10p to £100. If you’re a high roller, you can also increase the stakes to £140 by activating the Golden Bet option.

With that in mind, Trolls Bridge 2 Slot works like a regular video slot. Winning means landing paying symbols, usually three to five symbols. For example, poker cards like diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades payout between 10x and 40x your stake.

Trolls payout at better rates. So, these are the symbols you mainly want to look out for: the red-haired troll pays out between 50x and 250x your stake.

Entertain Trolls for Rewards

The Trolls in this game are ugly and scary. But that’s not a reason to fear them. They like attention and can reward you generously when they land on three to five symbols. Sometimes they can be mean-spirited. But still, they throw bonus stones at you.

The bonus rocks can help you win real money, often with multipliers of 2x to 5x your stake. The biggest reward you can get from the trolls is a cash prize worth 2500x your stake. You can also win free spins, mainly after triggering at least three skull symbols.

Three symbols earn you three spins while four and five skulls lead to four and five spins respectively. While the spins are few, they come with up to 18 cards that hold more rewards. You receive three, four or five cards for placing minimum bets.

If you activate the golden bet option, you get four, five or six cards during the bonus round. So, what do the cards hold? You can get more free spins; symbols upgrades or multipliers. If lucky, one of your cards could also earn two extra cards.

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot Compatibility

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot is a beautiful video slot from one of the leading software providers in the industry. Naturally, it had to come in a mobile-friendly design. Lots of people play slots through mobile devices, after all. The game runs on all major devices.

As such, all you need is to find a mobile-friendly casino. Then you could play Trolls Bridge 2 Slot on your iOS or android device. Keep in mind the bet sizes and prizes don’t change no matter what device you use. If you want to play the golden bet game, you can play it on your favorite smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Besides multi-device support, Trolls Bridge 2 provides you with a decent chance of winning. Not many games have as many in-bonus features as this slot. They appear left, right and center, increases your odds of landing real money wins and free spins.

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot Theme

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot is a Fantasy game with a dark theme centered on scary-looking trolls. In fact, it takes a darker theme than the original version, whether t’s the skulls, the monsters or overall theme of trolls that kill their victims and embellish their castles with their victims’ skulls.

Despite that, it’s more popular, better-rated and higher paying. The only reason you might want to play the original Trolls game is for nostalgia. Otherwise, the sequel comes with many better features than the original. This includes the soundtrack, which is dramatic enough to keep you in suspense throughout your gaming experience.

Where to play Trolls Bridge 2 Slot?

Yes, you can play Trolls Bridge 2 for real money at Yggdrasil casinos. The game has a small minimum betting limit of 10p although it lets you increase these limits for a maximum of £100. Enabling the golden bet feature increases your limits for a maximum of 40%.

Can I Play Trolls Bridge 2 Slot free of charge?

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot features a demo mode, allowing you to play the game free of charge for a limited amount of time. While you can’t win money playing the slot for free, you can use the chance to learn more about how it works. What’s more, you can gauge your experience and determine whether to play it for real money or not.

Trolls Bridge 2: Mobile Experience

Trolls Bridge 2 Slot is a mobile-friendly game. You can play it on your iOS or android device stress-free. But you’ll need to play it on a mobile-friendly casino too. It could be an app or mobile website. If the casino is mobile compatible, then you’ll enjoy Trolls Bridge 2 Slot as well.