Yggdrasil have returned with their much anticipated sequel to the original and captivating Valley of the Gods game. We’ll be re-visiting the alluring and mystical desert in a bid to unlock the secrets it holds.

Valley of the Gods 2 Slot promises much of the excitement that the original was renowned for, as well as a fresh design. Will the Desert hold unimaginable riches, or is it just a mirage?

Yggdrasil have a vast portfolio of games, and along with it many years of experience in the Casino Software Providers industry, bringing quality games to the market since 2013.

As well as the original Valley of the Gods, they’ve brought other amazing games such as Wild Pops, Lucky Neko, 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor and many many more.

Into the Valley

Valley of the Gods 2 is a completely New Slot, but obviously it stays in theme with the first game, keeping its Egyptian theme. In the background you can see Palm Trees, and what looks like a Temple, and behind that, the Pyramids.

The music has a subtle but relaxing Egyptian harmony, but really isn’t anything that noteworthy. The overall theme and music is forgotten once you gaze upon the unusual reel setup though.

Much like the first game, the reels have a 3-4-5-6-7-8 formation, each of which has scarab symbols that act as blockers until you win. The left also has 3 modifier metres, which will come into play later in the game as you destroy these blockers, but more on that later.

Betting and Symbols

Yggdrasil have implemented, as always, a vast variety of betting options to choose from. The lowest available bet is a mere £0.10 per spin, with the highest available option at £100.

As always, there’s a lot in between them, and plenty enough for every player to find the stake right for them. Valley of the Gods 2 has 4 high paying symbols, and 6 low paying ones.

The high paying symbols are represented by Anubis, the God of Mummification, Horus the Sky God, Sobek the God of Crocodiles, and Bastet, the Goddess of domesticity, among other things such as Cats and Fertility.

Truly the whole crew of Egyptian Deity are present. Low symbols aren’t quite as exciting, but I suppose they never are, these are represented by A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9.

There’s also a Wild symbol in the game, but it isn’t part of the regular game, instead it’s activated in the game feature.


Valley of the Gods 2 Slot Gameplay

Base Game and Features

Valley of the Gods 2 has variable reels with up to 33 slot positions. 3 or more winning symbols from left to right form a win, as the game works on a ways to win system. The game will start off with a standard 240 ways to win.

Opening up these ways to create more possible winning ways requires you to remove blockers up to a maximum of 20,160 ways. During regular spins, 16 slot positions are covered by the scarab symbol.

These are not active but can be destroyed when winning combinations occur. Each winning symbol will release a white scarab that will destroy one of the blockers.

If all blockers are destroyed, then white scarabs will turn into red, yellow or blue scarabs which are collected for the feature. Destroying all of these blockers will activate Win Multipliers, Wild Reels and Extra lives.

Extra Lives

Once all of the blockers are destroyed, you will be awarded 1 Extra Life. Scarabs will emerge from winning red coloured symbols and will be collected towards the extra lives feature.

Lives can be increased by 1 for every 5 scarabs collected. Lives can also continue to be collected as long as you continue collecting scarabs.

Lives trigger respins on losing spins, and each time the feature is activated 1 life is spent. When a winning combination does not land and no lives remain, the respins will end.

Wild Reel

Once all of the blockers are destroyed, scarabs will emerge from winning purple and green high-paying symbols and will be collected towards the Wild Reel Feature.

1 Wild reel is added to the reels for every 5 yellow scarabs collected and will persist in place until it is used as part of a win or respins end.

You can continue to trigger Wild Reels as long as you continue collecting yellow scarabs. The Wild will cover the whole reel, which is more commonly referred to as a ‘Stacked Wild’

Win Multipliers

Once all of the blockers are destroyed, scarabs will emerge from winning blue symbols and will be collected towards the Win Multiplier Feature.

You can increase the multiplier by 1 for every 5 blue scarabs collected, and you can continue collecting multipliers as long as you continue collecting blue scarabs.

New Multipliers from respins will be added after the win is awarded, so you may benefit from this on the next spin. The current multiplier is displayed within the blue orb on the left of the screen.

Valley of the Gods 2 Slot Bonus

Our Verdict

Valley of the Gods 2 is a great tribute to the first game, and is sure to be just as popular. All of the features complement and go hand in hand with each other, each contributing in their own way in your quest for those big wins.

The process towards collecting these features can come to fruition off of any normal spin, as collecting consecutive wins to remove the blockers is the way to get them.

It’s interesting and fun to watch, as every winning spin in the base game will trigger a respin, giving you the chance to remove more of these blockers.

The game is medium/high volatility, which is a perfect medium for those who are looking for something with the potential to pay big, while trying to avoid the maelstrom of broken dreams that some extreme volatility games can produce.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Yggdrasil games, the original game, or just an Egyptian theme in general, then you’ll love what Yggdrasil have produced here.

This Slot is available to play on desktop, and can also be played on Mobile Casinos.