Wheel Of Wonders Slot Review

Push Gaming have returned with something rather Unique with their New Slots, Wheel of Wonders Slot. We’re exploring Ancient Wonders to uncover mysterious and illustrious relics where the Gods themselves reveal hidden treasure.

The game is a twist on an Egyptian theme, which has proven time and time again to be a popular choice among Casino Software Providers and players. This time, we’re focusing on Mesopotamian Mythology.

Derived from the word Mesopotamia, from the ancient words of “Meso” meaning between or in the middle, and “Potamos” meaning river, or simply put, Between Rivers.

Wheel of Wonders promises to be highly dynamic, which will evolve as the game plays, bringing features not seen before and increasing ways to win to help you on your journey to uncover hidden secrets.

Nothing but excitement and wonder await as we venture into this game, and the potential that it promises will leave you in awe.

I don’t think anyone has anywhere better to be than exploring the worlds earliest civilisation, so let’s jump in and immerse ourselves in history.

Wheel of Wonders Slot Theme

Wheel of Wonders is proof that Push Gaming have an eye for detail. Ruins and Palm trees with Pyramids and seemingly endless plains of Desert fill the backdrop with the Reels are set upon an ancient looking structure, which is initially 6×3 in size.

The Sounds of the game are quite subtle at first, but it picks up with the action as wins start to come in. When it get’s going, the visuals and the sound come together for a dramatic experience.

Wheel of Wonders Betting and Symbols

Push gaming have once again implemented a wide number of options for players to choose from for their stake.

The lowest option starts off at a meagre £/€0.10 per spin, for those who prefer to carefully dust off the ruins with their archaeologist brush.

For those who want to dig right in, there are many higher options available with the highest being £/€100 per spin.

There are 12 symbols in the game. The highest 3 paying symbols are the mythical Lion, a Bird and a Serpent. Middle paying symbols consist of a Lions Paw, a Jug, an Axe Head and a Wheel.

Low paying symbols are keeping with the theme with A, K, Q, J symbols portrayed in what might be a cuneiform script.

There is also a Wild symbol present, which is called the Sargon Wild, portrayed by the Golden Sculpture of a God, which substitutes for all other symbols.

Game Provider Push Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 47,233x
Paylines 729 - 46,656
Release Date 12/11/2020
RTP 96.50%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.1

Wheel of Wonders Slot Paytable

Wheel of Wonders: The Base game and Features

Wheel of Wonders is used utilising variable pay ways. Starting off at a standard 729 ways to win, 3 symbols will need to match adjacently from left to right to form a win.

The number of Pay Ways are calculated based on the number of positions available on each reel, and additional positions can be unlocked by winning.

Whenever a win occurs, a new position is added to any of the 6 reels, each time an additional position is added, the pay ways are recalculated.

At the start of any new spin, any additional positions unlocked will be removed and the game will revert to the standard 729 ways for the next spin.

The game also features cascading reels, meaning that any winning symbols will be removed, and new symbols will fall in via a cascade giving the chance to win multiple times on one spin.

Wheel of Wonders: Ancient Wheel Feature

The Ancient Wheel feature is a wheel that will award random prizes.

This is unlocked by completing a row of additional positions, which as mentioned is unlocked by winning. The Ancient Wheel will store until a non-winning cascade occurs, at which point the wheel will trigger.

There are 3 different wheels to unlock.

  • Level 1 – This feature is awarded when the first row of Additional Symbols is completed (minimum 6 positions) and the prizes can range from a 1x – 5000x Bet Multiplier, 2x-10x total win Multipliers, or the Restore, Embellish or Transmute Feature
  • Level 2 – Awarded when a second row of additional symbols is completed (minimum 12 positions) and the prizes can range from a 1x – 5000x Bet Multiplier, 2x-10x total win Multipliers, or the Restore, Embellish, Renovate or Transmute Feature.
  • Level 3 – Awarded if both Level 1 and Level 2 features are stored at the same time, and the prizes can range from a 1x – 5000x Bet Multiplier, 2x-10x total win Multipliers, or the Restore, Embellish, Renovate and Transmute Feature

These may sound a little confusing, but here’s a breakdown of that the features do below…

Wheel of Wonders Ancient Wheel Prizes

  • Embellish – The most common symbol type on the reel will be converted to a symbol of a higher tier that is also present on the reel.
  • Renovate – Each Low Symbol on the reel is converted to a random mid-range or high paying symbol.
  • Restore – An amount of Additional Positions will be randomly added above current positions, where new symbols will cascade into the newly available positions.
  • Transmute – A number of symbols on the reels will be converted to Wilds.
  • Total Multiplier – An amount will be awarded equal to the total win multiplied by the amount shown on the wheel.
  • Bet Multiplier – An amount will be awarded equal to the current bet amount multiplied by the amount shown on the wheel

So far, there’s a LOT of action to be had in this game with its multiple number of different features. Huge wins can occur from each of these, so it’s hard to say which is the best, but you’ll certainly enjoy trying them all out.

Wheel of Wonders Feature

The Wheel of Wonders Feature will be awarded when all possible Additional Positions have been added to the reels.

The Wheel of Wonder has 3 levels, and the level awarded is dependant on whether an Ancient Wheel feature is stored when it triggers.

  • No Ancient Wheel stored – Level 1 Wheel of Wonders
  • Level 2 Ancient Wheel stored – The feature is replaced by a level 2 Wheel of Wonders Feature
  • Level 3 Ancient Wheel stored – The feature is replaced by a level 3 Wheel of Wonders Feature

A Win Multiplier will be awarded during the Wheel of Wonders feature, and this is determined by the result of the Wheel of Wonders feature

There is a chance to Upgrade the result from the Wheel of Wonders Feature by landing on the arrow, which will upgrade the available Multipliers on the wheel. The Multiplier from this is carried into the Free Spins round.

Free Spins

5 free Spins are awarded and a Win Multiplier from the prior Wheel of Wonders feature is applied. Pay ways will increase to 46,656, giving the game it’s maximum potential to bring in those big hits.

The Wheel of Wonders can re-trigger during the Free spins round, depending on how many winning combinations occur. There are 3 levels of re-trigger

  • If more than 5 wins occur, a Bronze re-trigger will initiate, awarding 2 additional Free Spins
  • If more than 9 wins occur, a Silver re-trigger will initiate, awarding 3 additional Free Spins
  • If more than 15 wins occur, a Gold re-trigger will initiate, awarding 5 additional Free Spins

As well as the extra spins, an additional multiplier on top of the one you already have can be enhanced, further opening the potential for the remainder of the Free Spins.

Wheel of Wonders Slot Free Spins

Where to Play Wheel of Wonders Slot

Wheel Of Wonders will be available to play on most Online Casinos UK on the 12/11/2020.

Our Verdict

Push Gaming have made what promises to be an iconic game with unfathomable potential. We’ve already seen the type of potential Push games can bring with the likes of Jammin Jars and Mystery Museum. Wheel of Wonders just takes it up a notch.

The game can be immensely complicated to understand at first, but that’s only because it has a multitude of different features available, all of which bring their own flavour and potential to the game.

Push Gaming have clearly meticulously planned this game, it definitely wasn’t inspired by the mechanics of another game, thrown together and reskinned to create an experience we’ve seen before.

But rather a unique one that is sure to etch itself in the memory of players as an all time great.

Push Gaming boast a colossal maximum win of 47,233x, but also has extreme volatility making it a great feat if you manage to get anywhere near it.